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In a Bulls Eye

Meet Carlos the Fourth. He is a 6 month old Dexter Bull. And he arrived yesterday at the farm. He will never be a big bull but he sure will be a sturdy one. He is long legged, bright, well trained and very friendly (which… Continue Reading “In a Bulls Eye”


There is not enough of it.  Sleep that is. This is yesterday’s sunrise through the fog. The air temperature was so unusually cool. But warmer temperatures are on the way. So we will be cutting the next load of hay on Monday. I will… Continue Reading “Sleep”

black calf in the black night

Last night I decided that I would begin the process to wean Naomi completely from her mother. So instead of letting her back with her mother in the evening I left her in her corner pen with  walls that come up to my chest… Continue Reading “black calf in the black night”