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black calf in the black night

Last night I decided that I would begin the process to wean Naomi completely from her mother. So instead of letting her back with her mother in the evening I left her in her corner pen with  walls that come up to my chest… Continue Reading “black calf in the black night”

Cabbages and cows

Naomi is growing into a lovely big well fed  calf. Already she is chewing on grass and when she comes into the barn during the hotter hours of the day she also chews on cabbage leaves and grated apple and carrots. Such a well fed calf.… Continue Reading “Cabbages and cows”

Fabulous Friends and the tiniest Christmas Story. Just for laughs!

Before your teeny tiny story.  We need to do our homework! First,  I must say Thank you to Darling Jess from the Mist who gives me awards and advice about sheep feet, Mama is still the same but these things take time. I may… Continue Reading “Fabulous Friends and the tiniest Christmas Story. Just for laughs!”