Cabbages and cows

Naomi is growing into a lovely big well fed  calf. Already she is chewing on grass and when she comes into the barn during the hotter hours of the day she also chews on cabbage leaves and grated apple and carrots. Such a well fed calf. This is the kind of foods my cows eat at milking time.  I am training her mother to eat green leaves at milking time but she is slow to agree. She is not like Daisy, who loved her vegetables. We have actual plantings of kale and cabbages and pumpkins specifically for the  milking cow and her handmaidens.
 naomi dutch belted

But she is a pretty well fed mother cow. She is not complaining.

cow and calf

Freya and Hazel are also growing beautifully. Their field is beginning to look a bit like a junk yard with all the odd play things that they are collecting.

la mancha goats

Sheila does not like it to be hot neither does she like to play but she does like cabbages and ..

sheila the big fat pig

she LOVES her wallow. pigs- in mud

The kunekune wallow is a much more cultured affair. I did not get a shot but Tane was caught out in the rain yesterday and his long coat literally pinged up into masses of curls. We were twinnies.  With all this rain the whole farm is turning into a wallow.

pigs wallow

Chive Blossom Vinegar.

chive blossom vinegar

Just cut as many chive blossoms as you can find, pack the jar full. Pour over white wine vinegar.  Use a good vinegar – it does make a difference.  Infuse for about two weeks, strain and it is wonderful in your favourite dressing.  Many people use the opened flower, but I like to use the tight buds. It gives a cleaner brighter taste.  And look at the colour after only one day.

We had piles of rain yesterday and last night and more on the way. So because we cannot get into the gardens Our John suggested that we might take Federico to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is close by. It has tours and I am taking camera house.  I have always loved his work so I am all in favour of taking a few hours off to go touring.

And then tomorrow Federico is going to make an Argentinian Sunday lunch for us. He has agreed to let me document it for you as it sounds delicious. Plus he is going to show us the gaucho chimichurri.  I love it when the farm guests take over the kitchen!  And we will all get the recipes!

Sometime this weekend i also hope to load up the Bobbies (beef steers) on the other side and bring them back to the Dairy Mistress Paddock. It is heaving with good fattening feed.  First though, this water needs to drain away. The Bobbies like cabbages too.

Have a lovely, lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



33 Comments on “Cabbages and cows

  1. Everybody likes a cabbage and that is very good. I like leftover cabbage mixed with leftover potatoes and fried. In uk its called bubble and squeak

  2. I bet that plastic bucket in the goat field hides a whole network of escape tunnels… or a ladder!
    Argentinian Sunday lunch sounds good – will it be beef barbecue? 🙂

  3. I can’t wait until I have some chive blossoms to try that vinegar. How nice to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house. An Argentinian dinner sounds wonderful I can’t wait to see the gaucho chimichuri I bet it will be amazing. Enjoy!

  4. Gosh, Miss Naomi is getting to be quite a young lady already. Not much left of the wobbly big eyed baby she was in this strong, energetic, playful little heifer. She knows the Farmy balanced diet is good for her, that’s clear. If you get a chance, I’d love to see Tane’s curls!

  5. Have always used my chive blossoms to flavour and ‘prettify’ the seasonal salads – thanks a million for the vinegar advice: that will be grand next season. Loved FLW and have seen that famous one of his in Chicago . . . is the one close to you on one of the Wiki photos? And Naomi has really put a growth spurt on !! [Am off not to bed but for the first of 21 nights of watching Giro d’Italia: here it means staying up until 3am every night till end of May and walking around ‘stupid’ all next day but is so worth it . . . and the Italian spring countryside is just perfect . . . will travel up and down the whole country watching the peloton of handsome eye candy!!].

  6. I had the idea that the chive blossom vinegar is also pickled chive blossoms. I’ll bet it would be delicious served with Japanese rice and seaweed as a condiment. Di

  7. Lovely photos today Miss C. Simple and clean and direct. Perfect I’d say.

  8. Chive blossom vinegar is delightful in taste and colour. I’ve made it 2 or 3 years now and sometimes give a small jar to friends as an early Christmas present. For those new to making it, make sure you keep it in a dark cupboard or the colour will fade right out. I don’t think it affects taste, but the colour is part of the fun, especially if you are cooking with friends and make the dressing in front of them.

    You are going to have a wonderful weekend between FLW and the special meals. Enjoy every minute.
    Chris S in Canada

  9. Beautiful, beautiful Naomi. This appears to be her third collar, so she is definitely growing up. She looks so healthy and strong. And the goats! They too are looking grand. I am envious of the Frank Lloyd Wright House tour. The Arts and Crafts era of architecture is my favorite. John gets many kudos for that idea. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the recipes for an Argentinian lunch. Yum! Empanadas are divine. Here, in the mexican bakeries, they are made with pumpkin or sweet potatoes. Now, I am hungry. Enjoy!

  10. That Naomi is so charming. I’m still wondering how you caught her sniffing or looking for a kiss from Ton. How did you manage that?? And the picture of mother and daughter is so endearing. I am reminded of Daisy at full gallop. Nothing is cheerier than seeing cows gamboling unless it’s goats playing.

  11. We have been gorging on kale salad lately (chock full of shredded kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, etal) – that chive vinegar blossom vinegar would sure top it off. I will try it. 🙂

  12. What a great story and beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You must be fairly close to me, where in PA are you? I am thirty miles north of pgh. Lovely blog!

  14. Chives blossom vinegar, that sounds great. I don’t have enough chive blossom to try. Maybe just a tiny container.

  15. Sheila and her wallow. She probably placed an order for tons of rain so the entire farmy could be her wallow. It’s nice to have help in the kitchen–especially on Mother’s Day. Have a good one! Can’t wait to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

  16. The title today reminds me of Alice in Wonder Land.

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