Black Tulips

A steady pace kept us going all day.  The Cadet and The Architect  worked solidly on their projects. The gardens are clearing. Plants are being planted in anticipation of more rain. Many bedding plants were transplanted into the gaps discovered in the flower garden, herbs and cabbages and cucumbers planted in rows.  For some reason we have piles of cabbages in the gardens this year but cabbage is a superfood!

Yoghurt made, cheese made, dough started for today’s pizza – fish cakes and chimi churri (which evidently was devised by cowboys  (gauchos)  in Argentina) – and I make it wrong – it should be chopped not made in the food processor: it is the same with pesto – for last nights dinner. tulip

And the only photograph I took was of my favourite almost-black tulip which I  need to dig up and divide and replant.  It was that kind of day.  I LOVE days in the garden and the fields are growing so fast the calf is getting lost in the grass.

So, you see …  a good day was had by all and a late evening getting everything back in its proper place.

And now I will make a mess again and then tidy it up again but we are all so WELL FED!

Have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm





30 Comments on “Black Tulips

  1. Love the exoticism of your black tulips . . . only have one pot but wait for them to begin blooming each spring! Make a lot of chimichurri and pesto: to the best of my knowledge the sauce from Argentina is usually chopped but generally I have been taught to make most of my pestos in a blender . . . at least the basil ones ? As long as it tastes yummy and it would with fresh herbs straight from the garden 🙂 ! Good night Miss C 🙂 !

  2. These are my favourite tulips – I had a long trough of them at the old house. Thanks for your beautiful photo reminder.
    Weary of administrative online mayhem, I have nevertheless doggedly succeeded in everything I set out to do today.
    Have a(nother) great day.

  3. Yesterday you wanted kisses and today you post Two-lips! 😆 Life sounds wonderfully busy yet calm on the farm. May it continue for many a long day!

    • Oh, that’s sounding Freudian. So what is the theory here? Lacking in or too much of? hehehe
      Yes, sounds like no time to worry about what Dr. Freud would have to say… so just carry on and love the two-lips and Naomi’s kisses 🙂
      And thanks for my morning smile!

  4. Exquisite tulips – I miss spring bulbs here, where it never gets cold enough to chill them down. No apples, pears, cherries or peaches for much the same reason… So I’m loving all the spring flower photos I’m seeing in Blogland just now, both bulbs and fruit tree blossom.

      • I could do that for bulbs in pots in the house, but not a drift of daffodils or tulips in the garden… But yes, for hyacinths and jonquils and paper whites, I use the fridge. It means we get European spring flowers in our autumn, in time for Easter and Mother’s Day.

  5. Oh, please post your recipe for chimi churri…. I have tried unsuccessfully to make it like the Cuban restaurants in Miami. It is either just ‘flat’ or too sour. (I do love sour things and over do the vinegar much of the time)

    We had 1 Cuban eatery in Dallas and I so loved going there for their flank steak with chimi churri and fried plantains. Sadly, with the downturn of the economy it closed in 2009 and I have been without one of my favorite meals for a very long time.

    Storms crawled through Texas last night….. lots of winds, hail and tornadoes….may all who have been dealing with the storms this week be well and safe!!!

  6. Pesto is traditionally made in Italy in a mortar and pestle. I would not have the patience! Food processor it is :*)

  7. That is a typical Spring day—-busy, busy, busy. Too busy to carry around a camera.

  8. The tulips are gorgeous. And I hate to be so “convenient” about things, but I make my pesto in the chopper and it turns out just fine! And my Italians eat it with no complaint.

  9. Happy Friday Night, Cecilia! I had to look up chili cherry. OMG but it sounds mighty good!

  10. I love those kind of days, where it gets late so fast, you’re tired but so much has been accomplished… and black tulips are a lovely milestone of the year with which to celebrate 🙂

  11. our sweet little deers would perhaps munch on some of your delectable delights….one of these days I should capture and post what does survive here!

  12. You make me tired but I know that feeling of accomplishment. It’s exhilarating! I have never seen tulips that color. Love them.

  13. Pretty tulips! Glad you got to work in the flower garden.

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