Wanna Kiss?

“Come on, TonTon – Wanna calf kiss?.. I can give you a special slobbery one – Aunty said you would like one! She said to come play with you. She is tired.”

TonTon is deeply unimpressed. Aunty Del giggles with her eyes closed. wanna kiss?
cat in mist

“Hmm … the world is a very flat place from down here..

climbing cat

cat climbing

cat on post

Yep, pretty  flat from up here too.”

cot on post

“Be careful, remember what I said about using your claws.  Don’t fall on that pig.  And remember about not using claws when standing on pigs, if you do fall on a pig. Watch out for that cow. Oh mercy! Stand still when I am talking to you.!” Marmalade is beginning to shriek.

cat on post

“Not my brother!”


“Not my brother either”, says Poppy, keeping an eye out for falling cats.

Poppy is showing absolutely no signs of pregnancy at all.  However neither is she showing signs of NOT being pregnant.  Is that a glass half full or half empty?

Unlike someone else we know who is showing no signs of even moving, she is growing so wide. kunekune

Unless there is food about of course. Then she gets her fat arse into gear and trots along at speed.

paw paw flowers

Here are the paw paw flowers for you. They must be very sweet. The flies like them.


Charred asparagus, crunchy on the outside green and juicy in the center. We had it in an asparagus risotto for dinner last night. Life is a joyous thing. Don’t you just love it!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Come on – Give us a Kiss!

Love your friend on the farm



46 Comments on “Wanna Kiss?

  1. Half full! *mutters to self, ‘don’t let me down Poppy’*
    Tane is a good Kiwi lad, eh? Just got on with it. He is still my farmy fave. No fanfares for that boy.

  2. Naomi looks like she wants to wash Ton’s ear out for him!

  3. Surely Marmalade knows that it is hard to herd cats, almost impossible actually. Points for her for trying tho. So exciting about the pigs even if it is a waiting game. Still, Poppy not banging about and knocking down gates surely must be a sign, so I vote glass half full. Great shots of the climbing cat, reminds me of that poster that says “hang in there, baby”. The asparagus looks delicious. I love asparagus. Seems like everything is going well on the farmy and that is a good thing. Have a wonderful day.

  4. XXXXX. There you go, several. That should hold you for a bit. What kind of mum is Tima going to be, do you reckon? I think the mini-kunes are going to be taught all kinds of naughty tricks by the Tomato Thief. I have visions of her leading them up the steps and into the house, where they will lay waste your kitchen and terrorise the humans… Naughtiness personified, with an air of spurious innocence, just like their mum.

  5. Lets go with glass half full 🙂 The pictures of the climbing cat are wonderful …. so much more interesting to climb a fence (that they could probably walk through) than curtains and furniture like in the city: xxxx for everyone on the farmy today. Laura

  6. Hey, we’re having asparagus at the same time you are 🙂 The glass is always full of something.

  7. OH, hang in there baby!!!! Old 70’s ad had a cat hanging like that. Very cute images today….. The asparagus looks divine. I love fresh aspargus -> I just toss it in good creamy butter, salt and lemon for a very few seconds. I could eat it every day!

  8. Love that picture of Marmalade hanging mid air. Looks just like my Milo, bless his soul; I miss him. No cats now, so I shall live vicariously through yours.

  9. Speaking pig is the only reasonable answer to the pregnancy queries Miss C. Sit them down, ask the girls and listen carefully to their replies. Perhaps, as first time moms they are as confused about their supposed conditions as everyone else.

  10. My neighbor has paw paws and raises bees, and he still has to hand-pollinate if he wants any fruit. Do you get fruit from yours?

    • Oh this si the first year they have flowered, i better get out with my paint brush if that is the case, no bees, but lots of insects creeping in and out..

  11. Yes…life is a joyous thing!! Love the pictures as always!!

  12. I love the photo of a hanging Marmalade and the rest of the crew. How to you carry your camera around when you work ?

    • In the crook of my arm..though often i place it on top of a fence post, or somewhere weird and have to back track half the day to find it again..

  13. LOVE the Marmalade shot with the fence and the tail. Brent REALLY wants a ginger barn cat. We’ll keep searching…. I told him about Marmalade and little baby Marmalades.

  14. Is that not one of Marmalade’s kittens learning to climb? I figured the instructions were coming from ground level. I hope Tima is taking note of how to be a dutiful mother! Virtual kisses winging their way over the pont to you Celi> XxXxXxX.

  15. That Ton keeps his cool no matter what. And Marmalade is unbelievable! She’s really a beautiful cat–so furry! I too worried about barbed wire hurting her paws.

    • That was Marmalade’s baby boy.. I should have made that clearer for you- Marmalade just climbs straight up the pole.. funny having so many who are so alike!

  16. I tend to get myself moving when there’s food around, too.

    Maybe Poppy is auditioning for the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and will surprise you at the end?

  17. Oh I am in love with the pics of Marmalade – precious kitty. I would have love your risotto!
    Have a beautiful love filled happy farmy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  18. I could kiss them all. And you for posting such wonderful photos. Not sure about the asparagus though. Will have to give that some thought.:)

  19. Gorgeous pictures. It broke my heart to hear that it was a couple 8le of kunekunes caught up in a local neglect case; they’re so lovely. 😦

  20. As my Sissy Jo would say… “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more wine.” I love your photographs… and that is the first time I’ve ever seen Paw Paw blossoms. Lovely!!

  21. Now I wonder who the puss climbing the leafless tree attempting to snare that wily bird a few days ago was: Marmalade or her adventurous son? Not that it matters: it is one of the best computer backdrops I have as yet pinched off you 😀 !!

  22. Marmalade’s son is such a boy! Any cat can climb a fence post. He can commando climb wire netting, a boy’s own escape adventure.
    Ton’s a bit shy, maybe a kiss when there’s no-one looking. Nothing like some pig mystery to make things interestinfg. Time will tell.

  23. I solved the question “Is the glass half empty or half full?” It depends on whether you are drinking or pouring it.

  24. Thanks for the pawpaw flowers, they’re kind of odd ones. I wonder about Poppy, she doesn’t look pregnant, but I haven’t seen many pigs when they were preggers, suspect Tima is though. Maybe Poppy is practicing holding her tummy in so no one can tell for sure and she can suprise everyone.

  25. I sent this on. It needed to be shared. We in cities lose our connections with animals. It is so good to see them up close and to listen in on your conversations and theirs. Prayers of gratitude here for the big famy family and the all-over-the-world visitors who comment. (I learn things – like “. . . there is always room for more wine.”) I think my cat, Charlie, would like to visit too. He comments often on things I do, or don’t.

  26. Yup I like Sissy Jo too! Loved this post C. So much goodness!
    XXXXXXX and a few OOOOO

  27. The ginger kitty looks like he’s practicing his chin-ups on the fence.

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