Books and Chicks

The Books are Here! (Well, Half the books are here due to a wee mix up at the printers but I  am sure they will do their best to fix up this error today and hopefully send them asap.  Melissa my copilot is onto it and will let us know how that is going.)

However I think we can gently proceed with the sales while I have the girls here to help with the packaging.


So all those of you who wished to buy the Book: Letters for my Little Sister – on Amazon.  It is all set up and ready to go.

I will put this link in the book orders page for you too.

Paypal, cheques and writers can start tomorrow when the Postmistress has done the weighing, etc.  I shall put all that info in the book orders page too and let you know here tomorrow.  All of you who have reserved a book: your books will be set aside with a card that has your name written on it. They will wait for you.


PHEW. This is exciting in a traumatic kind of way.  But I think we did it. We made a fellowship Book. Now  I am dying to get posting.

I am also ordering some fall chickens. I have this theory I want to test out.


I usually start them in the spring and they grow all summer, start to lay in the autumn and then down goes the light, it gets cold and dark and they wind back down ,moult and go into their rest period. Effectively losing a seasons laying while they are young.

So this year, I am going to let them do their growing during the winter and they will start laying in the spring. I have a new young friend who is working with me on this and he has a heated shed and a hankering to put in a couple of acres of vegetables to sell at markets. So we are working together. It is pretty cool to have someone nearby who is as enthusiastic about good food as I am and handy with tools.


We had over four inches of rain yesterday. I don’t think we will be cutting hay, the ground is flooded.


I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,

miss c


47 Comments on “Books and Chicks

  1. I ordered two from Amazon last night. There were only 8 left! I wanted four, but thought I would not be greedy, and will wait to let others in before I get the other two…I cannot wait to read it!

  2. It’s all very exciting. I will wait for the Paypal link, as is in the US and I am registered with
    Good luck with timing the chooks starting to lay.
    We could do with a bit of your rain – it hasn’t rained here for about three weeks.
    love, ViV x

  3. Will go to Amazon and see if I can pre-order if they have run out already. Looking forward to reading! Well done to you and your co-pilot on a job well done!

    • I do the shipping and i think you already have a book in my reserved shelf? Just pay for it on amazon and they tell me and i send it.. c

      • Went to Amazon and all books gone – not sure how to get to reserved shelf?

  4. i used to get chicks in july
    they start laying in january, usually
    now i use lights on timer in winter.much cheeper than heated poultry palace

  5. Oooh, exciting. Well done you and your co-pilot, and the Farm Fellowship. You’ve produced and published a book. In a short timeframe. That’s wow. I’m a paypal girl, so wait with anticipation. Your book is going all over the world! Nice you’ve found someone local who is also into growing good food and, presumably, some of the digging and weeding.

  6. Oh, these are wonderful news!
    I must confess that I had not fully followed your blog over the last months (too busy with my own projects), but the “book” in the title pulled me into the complete blog entry. Need to look for an e-book version of it, as the printed one is probably not good for my bad eyesight.

  7. Congratulations on your new baby – she’s very beautiful, and I can quite see why you’re so excited. I think your Chook Theory may be sensible, so long as you can get chicks the right age and size when you want them. Keep us informed – my new flock isn’t far off, but I’m still enjoying yours vicariously!

  8. YAY! The books are here! They look so beautiful on the shelves in the Coupe. The roses on the cover are perfect. Can’t wait to get mine. There is only one left on Amazon! Pat yourself on the back, C. You have done well. Revel in this accomplishment for a bit. You deserve it. We all deserve it, but especially you.

    • The amazon numbers are not related to anything actually, i am not even sure how they make a tally when i do the shipping.. but yours is safely reserved!.. c

  9. I can not wait to see all your hard work pay off! Maybe #Oprah can choice it for her #BOOK CLUB 🙂

  10. Woohoo, exciting times, so pleased the books have arrived. Now, please don’t think me a negative Nelly BUT why do their always have to be problems with printers. Why can’t the job get done perfectly the first time after the proofing.
    Have a beautiful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

  11. I had an impromptu winter brood last year as my mama hen went broody, and I decided that chicks for Christmas would be a fun idea. WOW!! it’s a bit different than hatching in warmer weather months. I worried about those babies more than usual, and it was interesting trying to keep them warm (our chicken house / brooder box is not insulated.) Thankfully, everyone survived….they are a very stout, healthy bunch…bigger than their matriarchs, and very close to the size of, Benedict, our rooster. Good luck and congratulations on your lovely book!!

  12. I look forward to when it’s my turn to order my book.
    So glad your hay wasn’t cut yet. I would think 4 inches of rain would be impossible to have dry on cut hay.

      • Gosh Celi, isn’t there anything that can be done about your basement? It seems to be an ongoing, awful sort of situation. And this year it’s almost been constant, hasn’t it? No doubt if there was you and Our John would have done it. Sure wish there was a solution for it! And so exciting about The Book!!! Well Done!!! xo

          • i put sump pump in mom’s basement fot about $200.
            took a bit of time to break a hole in cement floor. with sledge hammer/chizel.,dig about 2 ft deep hole drop in 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled all over it to allow water to flow in. place pump in bucket
            tada.dry basement

            • yes, we do have a pump, and it is going flat out, i just need to sweep the water OVER the floor to it as there is a lean.. the water seeps in through the walls and well, everywhere… it is ok though,I have a very CLEAN basement!.. c

  13. Congratulations .. bubbly tonight for sure 🙂 Opening that box must have been like an early much wished for Christmas present 🙂 Laura

  14. Congratulations on you book…the cover is beautiful. We always make sure our young spring chickens have light in their house so they get 14 hours of light. This keeps them laying all thru the winter. They don’t need heat because their body warmth helps to keep the coop above freezing. We raise heavy weights with rose combs for our winter climate.

  15. I arrived home from my travels to this wonderful news of the book. Congratulations to you and all involved!

    Fingers crossed for your fall chickens.

  16. Wonderful! I love the cover, and that [some of] the books are actually on a shelf in your house. Congratulations. It’s also fantastic that you have new plans to be going on with throughout the winter. Last year was an awful winter for you, this one can only be better.

  17. How wonderful to see the actual book there! Congratulations. It takes a lot of nerve to take on a project like this, and you have it in bucket-loads.

  18. I’ll do pay pal when you have the postage. I think I reserved 10, but I’ll double check. They are for Christmas, so no hurry, no rush. I can take mine from the second shipment when it arrives.

  19. Congratulations, Celi! This is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud, as well as the Women of the Fellowship.
    See you soon! 🙂

  20. I like your idea with the chicks. We just filled our incubator with eggs with the same thought. Great minds!

  21. Cheers to you, Celi, on the birth of the book!!! I’ll hop on over to Amazon and get mine paid for right away. Love all that you’re doing, my sweet. As always, you inspire and amaze me. ❤

  22. That rooster is probably the perfect picture for this announcement. Very cocky and proud. (Lovely rooster!) The winter chick experiment sound logical – I shall worry as it looks like a cold one – but you have another to help with the unexpected…and there’s always something.
    Oh the book! Adore the cover choice. Will wait for mailing instructions/costs – exciting that Amazon is showing sold out….someone big needs to take notice of it. (I have to go see the write up about it….dreams do come true, Ci, they do. HArd to have faith in that sometimes. )
    Heavy rain here today with “cool-ish” front battling to get to coast. We got back from our Molly walk just before the big downpour…her coat shed water and I had my hat, but we would have had to swim if we’d been 5 min later.) They are trying to stop some serial fool from burning hay bales/rolls in the area…idiot doesn’t realize the effort to get to that point and what those bales represent if the winter is bitter.
    But, the book is here. A happy bright spot

  23. So exciting!!!! I am entering into the applicable age for this book topic so I’m definitely going to buy a copy! And I shall report back! Congrats to you, Celi!

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