Above freezing!

ABOVE FREEZING! So I shoveled manure for a couple of hours,(still cleaning out the calving pen) then my neighbour and I worked on the goats pen. Goats jump so everything is heightened!obscelence-066

They should be arriving in the next few weeks. Then she helped John and I carry one of the pig huts into the corridor paddock for the kunekune. They were most pleased with their new play house and promptly fell asleep in the sun. I love it when animals lie down and sleep in the sun. I am hoping that we can put Sheila’s hut in place today, if the snow is cleared off her outside area. She needs to get out of the dark barn and into the sun full time too, she spends way too much time inside.   Poppy too of course.

pig huts
sun on snow

Everyone was out in the sun rooting about for something new to eat.


My beautiful big fat pig with her frozen pink feet.


Boo stole Poppy’s stick. obscelence-047

But Poppy stole it back. Kids!

And the chicks have their new room mate who we picked up from the railway station late last night. We will find out all Gracie’s news today.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



44 Comments on “Above freezing!

  1. Oh, beautiful Sheila, with her lipstick-pink nose! I bet she’s glad to feel the sun on her back. That’s definitely a smile on her face… She’s going to be so comfortable in her new luxury apartment!

  2. Got to 55 here yesterday! But oh the mud – it is everywhere, including my kitchen floor with the dogs and cats in and out. Saw some bees yesterday, poor things the warmth woke them, but there are no flowers 😦 So I put a dish of sugar water out on my window box and put a bright yellow head of a silk tulip next to it. And they came and drank! I expect they are frustrated with the tulip though LOL. Never mind a couple of weeks and the real ones should be out!

    • Once you start the sugar water they will quickly begin to lay brood and depend on it so keep it up until the blossoms come out. If the temps stay up you will be contributing to a strong hive somewhere.. well done! c

      • Had to move it last night to further down the garden as my deck was covered in bees LOL

  3. We had the warmest day of the year yesterday. It felt positively tropical!! Happy wishes for a perfect Sunday, c. xx >

  4. Get some piggy boots for those cold trotters..the new houses look great, and could be used for all types of animals

  5. Hmm, I think you are going to need quite a few more of those snazzy houses 🙂 Laura

  6. Isn’t it amazing that as the sun warms us we have an instinct to get out and start ” tidying” up from all the winter piles.It seems that for months the activity has been primarily indoors, organizing and keeping things swept and orderly….now we want the same for all the outdoor areas…barn, chicken coo, hoop houses. We still have about 3 feet of snow, so the process is slow. We’ll get there! Enjoying your blog and your good work towards raising your own!

    • Oh most definitely! We’re supposed to be near 50 with sun this week so on the list is clean the chicken coop and duck pen and clear out alll the old bedding in Percy the pig’s pen and the goat pen. All this while slipping and sliding in the mud!

  7. Robert Frost should have answered his own thought, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall…” It is a goat. Plain and simple.
    I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing the animals eating out of the back of the old car. Gives me a smile every time! 😀

  8. I get a whole lot of vicarious joy from what you are doing; your energy amazes me and I adore your blog’s ongoing story.

  9. The sun is shining in Western PA and I’m sooooo happy! Forecast shows 40s and 50s for highs all week! Funny how good that sounds this time of year, but how dreadful it sounds 6 months out. Perspective!

  10. Here in Massachusetts we didn’t get the snow that others farther south got, but people in Boston are disappointed ’cause they wanted to beat the current record of annual snow fall – – they only needed two more inches! I DO think that goats have Houdini abilities! On time, at our farm in Quebec, we had a terrible rain storm. It was so bad I went out to get both the goats and the horse so I could bring them inside. But it turned out the goats were already in the barn – AND – none of the barn doors were open. I’ll never figure out how they did it!! ; o )

  11. Oh I love that close up shot of Sheila…that’s a calendar photo if I ever saw one! I love Sheila! Welcome back to the Farmy, Grace! 🙂

  12. Ha! I love that they play together. That just made my day. The beautiful capture of Sheila’s smile is icing on the cake.

  13. Sunshine adds a little skip to all our step and warms our hearts. I to9o love the piggy lippy! Looking forward to hearing all the latest news from Grace.

  14. Those huts are so much bigger than I was imagining, you could fit a whole …what? of piggies…..not a herd. I love that Boo has his own piggy playmate, wish I had one for Mirrhi :)…..I can’t, I live on a small block, but also the cranky mayor lives behind me, he’s bad enough with the chickens, so much as a cackle or a whiff and he’s over complaining! I’d love to see his face if he saw a pig!

  15. Those happy snaps almost waft warmth over: luvverly and easy to say when you are keyboarding in a room at 25 C or so 🙂 ! But Boo still has his handsome coat on!! Love the look of the new housing – but are those Nissan huts fastened to the ground in some way – am thinking of the bendy weather further ahead in spring . . .

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