Barn Life.

Boo has been banished outside because he was skunked yesterday morning. Poor BooBoo. The skunk off will handle it but I hate the smell of that too.  I use this because it is fast and effective. I have never had a dog get skunked at a time when I have lots of spare time to make up remedies. I just wait an hour, spray where he was hit, then leave it. A good brush later in the day will sort it out. skunked-dog

I told him to make himself useful and wash the windows while he was out there. Now we go to summer skunk rules:  the dogs must be inside at night and only let out after the sun is up. Bang on the barn doors before opening them. It is always just at dawn that the skunk surprises us.

I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out the big central pen so we can divide it into a smaller draft free pen for the baby goats when they arrive in a few weeks.  This meant that I was in the barn for hours, still in the 20s but warm enough to work without a jacket. Shovelling is hot work.  But my compost heap is growing.  This will be all taken down the back with the tractor, and it will compost for a year. John turns it with the tractor. His compost is fantastic but I have to use trickery to get any of it for my flower gardens. He does not like to share! chicks-055

Though for now it is frozen solid.

As I worked it was entertaining to watch barn life around me. The barn is much more fun when it is not feed time and it is warm enough to hang out. The animals relax and go about their business as though I am just another animal in the barn.

The two Dutchies are very quiet girls they just stand and watch. Tima and Tane spent the entire time trying to climb up the hay bales ripping good mouthfuls of alfalfa out as they went. They can climb those two naughty pigs. I had to lock them back in their run or they would eat me out of house and home.

The peahens took it in turns showing off their own tails, while Godot hung out with the chickens. Flirts.  peahens tails


Sheila spent a good part of the afternoon remaking her bed. She gathers huge mouthfuls of straw and carefully plugs the holes where a draft might be leaking in, then puts her head down and rakes the pile high with her foot. Poppy takes no notice at all. She is no kind of housekeeper that girl. Just a destroyer. Like one of those nasty kids on the beach who kick sandcastles.  Twice Sheila roared at her and chased her right out of the barn.


The guineas are some of the oldest birds on the property. Only two left but they eat for six.

guinea fowl

Such old birds and never been caged.  And those kittens have taken to ambushing the old chooks, making them shriek loudly and fly cackling into the Gods.  This is a stage all the kittens go through.  Chasing  the matronly chickens. Amusing themselves. Naughty.  The guineas watch. No-one plays with the guineas. Too old.

Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day. It is even warmer for us today. Time to start feeding the bees. More on that tomorrow. And from across the way all I got was this. More from them tomorrow too! three calves

I heard a rumour that daylight saving was coming soon, not that it will bother me but already? Is this true? It seems awfully early or is spring that late?

Love your friend on the farmy,





49 Comments on “Barn Life.

  1. Time change is earlier than it used to be — they changed the dates a few years ago. Poor Boo.

  2. Ahhh, thank you Miss C, for the cow rear-ends…this will do for now 😉 I bet we are going to be surprised at how big everyone is when we get the full view. I would love to have a conversation with those old matriarch guineas. I bet they have some stories to tell of things even Miss C doesn’t know. If Boo does a decent job on the windows can you ship him out to me? I have an entire house that needs doing.

  3. poor BooBoo its not his fault if some nasty old skunk decided to spray him..mind you it is a nasty smell, but the old boy looks so sad…Love to see all the animals playing and busy working. Sheila is a dream of a pig…Lovely to know you have warm days…somebody dumped snow in our garden whilst I was asleep…keep smiling

  4. Oh, poor Boo. I always feel sorry for dogs when they come off worst in an encounter with a skunk. They live so much through their noses, and the smell is, well, appalling! He must be in hell, poor great big softie.

  5. I’m not quite sure why I love guineas so much, yet I do. I’m sure I would be very happy with a little farm of guineas, chickens and goats.

  6. Are your guineas too old to be laying eggs Celi? If they are laying, and you can find their nest, you can grab the eggs and pop them in your incubator, and wha-la….more guinea chicks for the farmy!!! We love are guineas too, but they do get quite noisy!!! But, they eat the ticks and chiggers, so they are a blessing!!! xo

    • I have had guinea fowl for eight years and NEVER seen a nest. they have never laid.. they also do all their insect hunting in the fields (corn and beans) no use to our gardens at all!! laugh! c

      • It is very hard to find the nests, as guineas are so secretive! We have found nests full of eggs right under our noses, and had no idea they were there! The females all share the same nest, laying their eggs and sitting on it to keep warm, in shifts, or even two together. It is really cool! But finding them is hard. You must watch to see if the other guineas are sort of hanging around in one area. Also, they are so camouflaged, and they sit so still, that you could almost walk within an inch of two of them on the nest and not see them!

  7. Sunday we all spring forward an hour. Brutal. What spring? I am so sick of putting on all the layers before heading out. It was -24C with the wind chill yesterday. Send some of your warm-ish air up here, would you? My garden is still under 50 cm of snow.
    What are the old birds generally for?

    • These old birds in the barn are housekeepers, keeping the straw turned over, etc. They are the original flock. I like having chickens in the barn.. c

  8. We have such similar situations but in opposite climates – fascinating. No skunks here but I do remember the smell from my childhood in Canada!

  9. I’m not in sync with the time change this year either. It seems much too early. I’ll need to hang curtains in the baby’s room so she believes it’s bedtime on Sunday.

  10. Poor Boo, he must be miserable . We have skunks living in the neighborhood and they are nasty. You have a great barn with all those different animals.

  11. Ha ha, what a “naughty” post! I love it! I feel for Boo. I have been very fortunate here as we have many skunks and my little house dogs have come close, as I have myself, to getting sprayed by a night or early morning marauding skunk around the house. I have observed Daisy deer sidestepping this aromatic critters many times. I have also noticed skunks try to avoid contact with us as well… creating just a little racket (as you pointed out) gives them a chance to escape us. Have a lovely day! They say it will hit 60° here today! YIPPIE!! 😀

  12. Poppy should be paying a bit more attention to Sheila’s housekeeping practices, if only to keep her out of trouble with Auntie S. Maybe her homewrecking antics means she will be coming into heat soon. Poor BooBoo. Hopefully, he will get to sleep in the house tonight. Nice pile of compost for the tractor. Goats do love to climb things from what I have seen. Maybe we can build them a goatie jungle gym to play on. 🙂 Have a good day, C.

  13. I love hearing about Sheila’s antics. She is so particular! I don’t blame her for chasing Poppy away.


  14. Sheila is so smart that she knows to actually block the drafts with straw. Amazing! Poor Boo. How long will it take for him to be fresh as a daisy again?

  15. I heard about daylight changing today in the morning, hard to believe. Why don’t we change it and just leave it like that? Is the hour a problem for the farm animals. It seem my dogs have an own clock and the time change throws them off…and us with it.

  16. I love all the love letters on that door pane! How can you ignore those pleading eyes? I know, I know I am a lonnnng way from the ugly perfume. Yes you spring forward tomorrow, but we have to wait until 29th March. Why can we not be like India where the clocks never change and the whole country is on the same time?

  17. It’s tomorrow I believe… the time change, that is! Godot looks FANTASTIC! I want to go to his hairdresser and take whatever supplements he’s taking to keep his plumage nice and full. And those cow bottoms give Radio City a run for its money. All lined up. Ready for some synchronized high-kicks.

  18. Oh, my poor little boy blue! I do so love his expressions and antics. Your Guinea are beautiful. We have a farm here in Texas about an hours drive from us called Lavender Ridge. It is a lovely farm that grows fresh lavender and have a cafe featuring it as an herb. They have 24 guinea running on the farm and controlling all the pests. They started with 1 hen and 1 rooster many many years ago and the 24 are from that pair. What a racket they make when people arrive though!! Better than a big mad dog!!!

    Gracie – she is eating a little. We did 4 days of IV treatment, and now we wait until Monday when they will draw more blood. She is laying on the love seat baying right now because George is outside barking at the german shepard Rambo next door. 😉 Love that bay….

    Lastly, here in Texas we have the lovely jeweler named James Avery. They make the most beautiful silver jewelry and many christian or faith based items. I got their spring catalog yesterday and thought of you when I came to the peacock charm…. I may just have to buy myself a ‘spring’ gift on the 20th!!!

  19. Poor Boo, that face is irresistible; he has left you lots of kisses on the glass, hoping it will work to let him in! What does a skunk smell like? From what I have read, it seems pretty disgusting. We don’t get them here as you know, so I guess I should be thankful for that.
    Your guinea fowl are beautiful birds. Sheila makes me laugh, she is such an industrious housekeeper and Poppy is so naughty, not caring less about all Sheila’s hard work. How can two pigs be so opposite in their habits?
    Have a good day Miss C.

  20. Judging from conditions in other parts of the US, I’d say your Spring is late. It snowed in NYC yesterday! I have never had the ‘pleasure’ of smelling skunk smell. It must be pretty bad and it sounds very difficult to remove. Your poor dog! Life in that barn reminds me so much of scenes from ‘Charlotte’s Web’ xx

  21. That’s funny, I didn’t know the peahens showed off their tail feathers too! Poor Boo…if only expressions had words, but then they wouldn’t be expressions, would they? But really, his facial expression is speaking louder than words…”I don’t smell that bad…PLEASE let me in” Priceless!

  22. I love the guineas, they also look so fashionable and dressed up with their subtly spotted plumage. We have daylight savings creep here as well. It now begins in early October on the Labour Day public holiday weekend, and ends in early April on Easter Sunday… I guess changing it on public holiday weekends gives people time to adjust and not get to work/school/appointments at the wrong time…. And we lose an hour on one and gain it on another, so I guess that’s fair.

  23. What a lovely day to have spent on the farmy catching up with the naughty and the unfortunate: poor Boo indeed! Well thanks to Ella I now know when our Summer Daylight Time is finishing and I hate looking forwards to that: absolutely love that institution and hate it when the time for working in the garden or taking a well earned walk are shortened . . . evenings have always been ‘my’ time and I hate the winter dark . . .

  24. Oh no! I left a comment yesterday evening my time, and bad WordPress has lost it… I was saying that I feel very sorry for Boo; dogs live so much of their lives through their noses that a really strong and intense smell like skunk must be like having someone screaming in your ear for days… Lots of pleading doggy kisses on that window, he’s done his best with the washing, now won’t you please let me in again, Miss C?

  25. Poor Boo! And poor YOU! Our dog Roxy got skunked right in the kisser and it took WEEKS to get rid of it the smell. I will definitely try your remedy should the unfortunate event occur again. (Please dear God NOoOO!)

  26. I forgot about “skunk” season. Is it time for that already? I thought it early for DST, too. I can’t imagine what Sheila’s roar sounds like.

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