ice and chicks

Sweet chicks.

Love at first sight.  If one were to use the modified meat chicken’s theory for sexing this would be a female on the left and a male on the right. Do you see the longer feathers on the wings of the female?  But the chickens that follow this theory were genetically created by Tyson (I think it was Tyson – I need to check) for easier feather sexing. And these are a mixed bag of heritage chickens  so we will have to see.   Though I quite like the idea of sexing using the feathers. chicks-030

The sun was out so I took the gates down and immediately Tima took the dogs for a walk.

And Tane followed along. Like a good wee piggie. No running off down the lane. These pigs run to fat so they need a lot of exercise.


But they were all slipping and sliding on the ice. It was treacherous yesterday. A little melt then a lot of freeze. then last night was terribly cold. Awful. Today will be more of the same but slowly rising then SOON it will warm up. Or I am hunting down that weather man.


Sheila did not even get out of bed yesterday except to eat. She has had Quite Enough of this winter.


Of course some animals do not care at all. They find the sun and play there. Cats are a glass half full kind of animal.


Good morning. Others of us are observers.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy



57 Comments on “ice and chicks

  1. I wonder if the weatherman has an armoured car and bodyguards – surprised somebody hasn’t popped him/her off long ago. Good to see the sun is at least making an effort though. Laura

  2. We had more snow, sleet and freezing rain yesterday and the place is a frozen mess this morning! I am hoping that is the last of it though. I am so behind in starting seeds in the Green House, and I haven’t seen my veggie garden in months as it is buried under snow! Like you I so need the warmth right now!
    Your chicks are so cute!

  3. It’s true. The colors are so bright and warm that it looks warm. I don’t know anything about sexing chickens. But I had to guess based on facial expression I would also say left is female, right is male. Funny. They are so cute.

  4. We watched a show called “Dirty Jobs” that had an segment on “Sexing Chickens.” I won’t go into detail, but the lesson I learned was to gently squeeze the poop out before going in to look for balls. ahem. I’m horrible at sexing chickens, so I wait until they look like a cockerel or make that cockerel sound. Then, it’s a batch of Cock Stock.

  5. That last chook shot is especially gorgeous! I do love the three amigos taking off for their morning trot. Ton has a thought bubble over his head. I just need to put my glasses on so I can read it.

  6. sheila is not ill is she? love the colour of the chicken feathers Have a great day Miss C

    • Sheila hates the cold, which is weird as she is such big pig – as son as the freeze releases the new huts from the ice I will shift her into one of those, and with the sun she will be toasty warm again.. c

  7. Love the chicks. So glad they came through the crash! And it looks like a good thing your pigs have their winter coats. I’m ready for warm weather myself!

  8. Beautiful chicken pictures! Ice – yuck!

    Update on Gracie: She ate like she was starving last night. We got 3 servings of chicken/rice/chicken water down her last night, heaping tablespoon of pumpkin plus some prescribed biscuits for tummy soothing and she cleaned up after our terrier Peggy. Peggy is a messy eater and leaves crumbs everywhere!

    This morning however, back to only wanting chicken water and a biscuit or two. They increased her pain meds to 3 a day, so we are hoping that she will be more comfortable and eat more with the change.

  9. Chicken water doesn’t sound very nice! Lovely, lovely pictures – I have saved a couple for haiga inspiration. Will credit you, of course. It’s marginally warmer today, and forecast better for the weekend. I hope you get some of that, too.

  10. A hint for the chick heater—I put a shoe box over the top of the entire thing. Kept the chick poo off the top and sides. They can still hop off and on, but it keeps you from having to scrape concrete chicken poo off at the end.

  11. We keep a selection of Marran hens; their chicks have a spot on their head if male, no spot if female. Maybe this rule applies to some other species too. Any spots on the Farmy?

  12. Miss C, when the freeze melts some and allows you to roam a bit wider afield SAFELY it would be wonderful to see some new pictures of Auntie Del and others over at the neighboring barn. I was thumbing through old photos of ‘the cast’ recently and had almost forgotten that black and white was not always the color of choice in cows on the farmy. Please assure Lady A and Elsie that this is not a disparaging remark about their lovely color and markings in any way. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of early players in the game…I still have such fond memories of the time Marcel came to the farm, that face, and that astonishing smile.

    • I am over there twice a day but keep forgetting to take camera House.. and of course I am in the truck. But Oh the joy of being able to walk over there twice a day again – I am very much looking forward to that. In fact as soon as the gates thaw, we will be bringing Aunty Del back.

  13. Great photos of the chicks. They are so cute. Hang in there, it will warm up soon. My friends niece was married to the weatherman in Alaska . It was some years ago and I wonder if he was aware of the dangerous job he had.

  14. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before ( Christ, I preface nearly every sentence with that phrase) but there was an amazing Kiwi rower, Stuart Mackenzie, who not only won the Diamond Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta each year from ’57 – ’62 but was also a chicken sexer:)

  15. I love starting my day here Celi. Your shots are mesmerizingly beautiful … (My spellcheck wants to make that stammeringly beautiful … that too!) When you get your posse together to go after the Weather Man let me know. I want to join in too! Holy smackeronies … this winter is vying for grand poobah over last year’s big kahuna winter. We are MORE than ready for some mild sunshine in our neck of the woods. Our neighbours do maple syrup each year. They’re saying this last storm was a ‘sap storm’ (wet snow). So I’m pinning my hopes on their ‘know how’!!

  16. What a great view of the baby chick feathers! I had no idea they looked like that, not having seen very many chicks in my life. And what a magnificent hen, or is that a rooster, in the last shot! Amazing color. Glad everyone who wanted to could be out and about.

  17. I don’t know how you manage to, consistently, feature such lovely photos!! Your blog is a Ray of Sunshine in our lives !!!!

  18. RC Cat has launched herself into her shelf in the closet saying “Call me when it’s over.” At least she’s stopped attacking the dog. (Hope we don’t have to get one of those special lamps for seasonal light deficiency.) When there’s a spot of sun I cautiously pry her up and carry her to the sunny spot. Warming tomorrow which means rain again. Not complaining. Too many dry summers. (When will there be a plan to store some of the snow melt in underground cisterns for when we need it?) Stay warm!

  19. It is totally ray of sunshine to see your photos. As I have said before I am so disappointed in myself for not taking more photos
    during the 36years I lived and worked on the farm. Keep up the good work so the rest of us can enjoy.

  20. Wow C. the photos today are so crisp and clear…could it be the sunshine? Ha Especially the last photo of one of the sons…you can see the shine off his feathers and reflection in his eye. Beautiful!

  21. Those chicks are just so cute. And there’s Ton with a stick in his mouth. Everybody so bright-eyed and pretty much bushy-tailed, bushy-feathered.

  22. Interesting about the chick sexing. We were so lucky, Collin left us with 5 chicks and they are all girls! Yay .. Happy day to you too Celi😊

  23. Tima reminds me of a ranch straw boss! Ha ha… I love the photos. Sunshine is so good for the soul. 🙂 We are expecting a warmer weekend and 70’s by mid-week next week. I hope the weather folks are correct!

  24. I had to gaze at the photo of the sunshine ginger cats to reboot warm thoughts are really paying attention to and considering the photos of Tima, Tane, Boo & Ton… that layer of ice is like an out of control iced-up freezer. No wonder Sheila didn’t get out of bed.

  25. Well your temperatures may play yo-yos but those pictures say ‘spring’ and obviously the dogs and kunes think it is time to begin the ‘walkies’ again too! Have a happy weekend 🙂 !

  26. What great photos! Love the Three Musketeers walking side by side. And how clever of the cats to lay in the shovel where it’s warm.

  27. I’ve been really busy and knee deep in mud down here in NC. I got one day to play in the yard but the ground was too wet to do much, and then the weather got back to being rainy and cold. Blech. But I had to pipe up and COO over Tane. That little face! I’m so smitten with that charmer.

  28. I know how Sheila feels! Hopefully the weather is on the mend and the weatherman will survive.

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