Yesterday, Mama our old sheep, stood three times,  for an hour each time, inside her sling. I am getting good at getting her in and up all by myself. She is standing bearing weight on her front legs now, and moves her back legs about.  Though she is unusually calm and dreamy about the whole thing.  And when her therapy session is over she just lays back down.

Yesterday, Timatanga Moana, the kune kune pig, practiced Sit, Beg and  No – Do Not climb into the dishwasher.

Yesterday, Boo practiced Sit and Stay while TonTon got to play fetch. This is Boo’s least favorite lesson. Soon I am hoping we can practice this without me holding on to his collar.

Yesterday, Ton began a course of antibiotics for a nasty scratch across his eyeball. Origins unknown and no-one is talking.  From pups and piglets my dogs and pigs are trained to take pills from my hand, so there is never a problem with medications.

Yesterday, I had to give the red pig an aspirin as he has pulled a muscle running in from the field.

Yesterday, Daisy gave two milkings of 35 pounds each and is on her 14th clean day. No mastitis since her breeding.  Early days yet though.

Yesterday, I had to go all the way down the back of the  field and tell Aunty Del that it was time for dinner and she was to say good night to her friends and come inside Right Now her milk was on the table.

Yesterday, I picked baskets of white beets for Sheila and Poppy, kale and deep green leaves for Daisy. Forsythia branches for the plonkers, and weeds for the three different flocks of chickens.

Yesterday, Poppy was allowed to follow me about the garden for a treat but raced to and fro knocking everything flying, screeching with delight – so she was gently led back to the Corridor Paddock where Sheila rolled her eyes and said I thought you were taking her off my hands for a while – Tima trotting along behind squealing  -” See, I told you she was bad! Told you! Bad Girl Poppy!.. hee hee hee.”

Yesterday, Queenie rudely shoved me aside on the way to the dry hay that keeps her stomachs balanced with all this fast growing grass around. She  swayed like a dogged drunk on a mission across to the hay car and probably did not see me at all. Her calf obediently in tow.

Yesterday, The Big Bobby, Queenie’s Bobby, Marcel and Aunty Del curled up together in the corner of the field to have a nap looking like they had fallen asleep in the middle of a game of Twister.

Yesterday, I realised that  fifteen of the letters on my keyboard have been typed right off and are no longer legible and the rest are mere shadows of their former selves. Sister Damien from high school would be pleased that I can finally touch type but a little growly that it has taken me thirty something years to learn.

Yesterday, the bees buzzed and the gardens grew and the card in my camera finally gave up the ghost. And because my promise is that any pictures on a certain day can only be from the day before, well today you only get words. Because yesterday’s pictures will have to stay in our minds.  Words are good. And anyway,  they were your words in the first place so I am just passing them back  for recycling.

Yesterday, in the evening, I took the dogs for a walk and watched the glow of a big fire far off on the horizon, but there was no-one to ask – I wonder what that could be, so I didn’t ask anyone.   On the way back home Boo caught a firefly then looked at my slyly as he opened and shut his mouth making light go on and off. And I wondered if he knew what he was doing. This time I asked TonTon and he said the kid’s an eejit,  just ignore him.

Yesterday, in the late evening,  I drunk half a bottle of champagne by myself because our book Letters For My Little Sister, is being formatted into a  proper book which is exciting but  I miss that book, and I want to bring it back home where it is safe.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,



45 Comments on “Yesterday

  1. It sounds like Mama is rather enjoying the attention and wouldn’t mind getting used to it! The rest of the post sounds like life in a large family. I hope the fire was intentional and harmless, and that your camera receives a replacement card soon! But you’re right – wor ads are good, and you paint such wonderful pictures with them, we can follow right along! Good morning, have a wonderful day!

  2. After reading about your yesterday, I feel quite tired out. Now I need a rest

  3. Yesterday I was worrying and wondering about your first line of todays post! I am glad the news is good. Naughty camera card, but we got the picture anyway 🙂 Laura

  4. I had a thought about Mama. I know of a couple of diseases which affect sheep the way she’s affected, and both are known as staggers. One is the result of fungal toxicity in rye grass, and the other is a magnesium deficiency. You’ll know best what sort of pasture she’s grazing on, and what supplements she’s getting. And you may already have eliminated them…

    • Morning kate, yes on both counts, we don’t have the tall fescue on this farm though i do have an annual rye grass but she was not on it anyway as it has been topped. We are treating her for the magnesium deficiency though she went through a long weekend before i could see a vet so hopefully it was not left too long for the poor old girl. thank you though, nice to know we are thinking along the same lines. c

      • The fact that she’s hanging on, is calm and eating tells me that she’s not got a really bad case. Hopefully she’s strong and determined enough – and I know you are – to make it through!

  5. How heartwarming to turn on the computer late on a cold winter’s night way Down Under today to read about all the things which happened way up north on a summery yesterday . . . amongst them white beets for the pigs and kale for Daisy and flowers for the plonkers . . . . you must be ready for your first restaurant hat with that fashionable menu . . . 🙂 !

  6. Yesterday was wonderful, wasn’ t it? Your word painted the pictures that your camera did not provide and I think we are all quite alright with that. 🙂 A full day you and all your friends had indeed but a good one from the sounds of it. Lifting my glass, okay it is a coffee cup this morning, to you on the formatting of the book. Woo hooo! Very exciting and thrilled to be a teeny part of that!

  7. you paint a wonderful picture with your words. And thank you for a good laugh at Bo and his firefly

  8. I’m having a good morning laugh now cause “Yesterday” was just all great fun! And I’m thinking your whole brood could do a remake of “Dr. Doolittle”! 🙂

  9. We’ve been fed such a wonderful, rich steady diet of how everyone looks and behaves (and misbehaves) that we can read these wonderful words and make our own pictures. It’s quite therapeutic actually. I suppose some people have affairs behind their spouses’ back. I have your farm. Can’t imagine anything more satisfying than the journey I make there every day.

  10. Poppy may be a lost cause on manners and proper behavior, but it is definitely worth a try, even if Tima has her doubts and probably eggs her on in her little piggy way. 🙂 I hope Ton’s eye gets better soon. Perhaps you are experiencing a touch of the empty nest phenomena with Letters from my Sister being gone for a bit. She will be back tho, all grown up and wearing new clothes!

  11. And I thought I was the only one to still use the word “eegit”!!!! Love hearing about the goings on at the farm. I am concerned for Mama though…..

    • so am I, but she managed to stand up this morning for a pee with me just propping her rear up .. so i sense an improvement, but a full recovery seems a long ways off yet.. she is a big old girl.. c

  12. I love coming here every morning to see how your “yesterday” went. You have such a way with words; I’m certain you’ve been told that already by dozens of people. 🙂 Letters to My Sister will be home soon. I would imagine writing a book would be very much like raising a child of sorts—-heart and soul and then you have to let go.

  13. I’m laughing at the image of a firefly in a dog’s mouth. Crazy to see, I expect.

    I just looked at my keyboard. Only two of my letters are worn off, M and N. What does that mean?

  14. It sounds like it was an eventful day. Having seen all the animals in lots of previous pictures I can almost imagine all of it 😉
    Just in case you don’t know, SD cards in cameras (and all memory sticks and solid state hard drives) have a finite number of writes. It’s good practice to fill the card and reformat when it’s full. They don’t seem to work well if one deletes pictures as one goes along – it seems to lead to corruption and image problems.

    • Thank you Mad Dog, I learned something new. I do know that damp upsets the card and that photos should be deleted from the camera and not the PC/Laptop.

      • Yes and even the big ones are very cheap now on Amazon or similar.
        You should be able to fill a card up and reformat it thousands of times, but as Grannymar said, they are susceptible to damp, extreme temperatures, static and magnetism (don’t leave the cards or camera on top of and old TV or stereo speakers.
        I have a few and always keep a spare with my camera 😉

        • When I fill up one of the cards with hundreds of pics, I put it in a safe place. I don’t reformat but rather use the filled cards as a backup in case my computer crashes. The cards are cheap now and I always have some spares.

  15. Although I do love your daily photos, an occasional break from the norm forces us to focus a little more closely on your beautiful and fun writing. What a busy day yesterday! My day felt the same. 🙂

  16. Love your words Celi! With or without pictures!!! xoxoxo

  17. celi, you are a master of word pictures, Fingers crossed for Mama. I will have a glass of something this evening in honour of the book reaching this latest stage! Way to go!

  18. Lovely words, miss c. Yesterday was my birthday and I drank more delicious gin and tonics than was good for me and I am sleepy this morning.

  19. Yesterday sounded quite hectic for you! My ‘crazy day’ seems to be this morning! After pet sitting three clients and a bunch of feral cats, I got home at 7am to my crew. A little later while playing ball (only way Shelly likes to exercise) am had another full blown seizure. Bad one this time, but nearly a month since his last one. He couldn’t stand after, so got a neighbor to help me get him in the car (he weighs 78 pounds, very big for a Border Collie I know, and he is a full blood of the breed!). Vet could only offer anti-seizure medication, which is really a band aid, and not in any way a good thing, as it takes time to find the right dose, and he could still have further seizures. So I have opted to take him to Virginia Technical College tomorrow for tests to see if it is a brain tumor, plus talk to a neurologist to see whet else it could be. Sigh I so wish animals could talk……..

    • Oops my touch typing isn’t as good as yours – that should be SAM not am…..

  20. i didn’t miss the pictures because our prose is so visual and sensory. I’m glad Mama is a bit better today, but I reckon she will probably start to fade away soon. Talking of which, one of my daughter’s guinea pigs died on the way home from the vet’s this morning. So Charlie’s companion Spike is very lonely and the search is on for a new one to keep him company.

    Fire: the other day we had a visit from the gendarmerie, seeking information about a series of 4 fires (none of them serious) which happened in the village the day Crowing Crone and her husband came for tea. They had to go miles out of their way because the square was full of fire engines. I cannot imagine the mentality of anyone who would deliberately set fire to property, specially as it was during a very dry hot spell.

    ViV x

  21. I so enjoyed your post today. I can just picture Boo and the firefly, ha ha. We know you so well that the pictures you paint with words fly right to our brains and we see what you are saying. Keeping good thoughts for Mama.

  22. I predict heartbreak for Marcel when the Bobbies leave.
    My little sister died recently, but i will buy your book for my cousin who doesn’t have sisters.
    I’m looking forward to reading it.

  23. I laughed about the keyboard. I am very hard on keys, too.

  24. I love the Farmy pictures but your words were a treat… it was like being a kid and ‘tell me a story’. Congratulations in sending off Letters for my Little Sister. It will come back to you 🙂 and congratulations on Mama’s improvement, such things never seem to proceed quickly, and then they do and all is well again. The rest of the crew, even Ton, are in fine form. I imagine the fire fly on Boo’s tongue must have felt tickly – funny dog 🙂

  25. I wonder which is easier to manage, a class room of children or a farmy room of animals? the book is leaving you. Expect an empty nest feeling.

  26. No need for the camera, Sweet Celi… your words created the scenarios and the characters. I smiled the whole time I read.

  27. Ditto with Little Sun Dog! You can tell a tale well!
    “Yesterday, The Big Bobby, Queenie’s Bobby, Marcel and Aunty Del curled up together in the corner of the field to have a nap looking like they had fallen asleep in the middle of a game of Twister.”

  28. I had to laugh at Boo and the lightning bug–and Ton’s response. Too bad we only have the picture in our minds of the four youngsters napping in the midst of a game of Twister. You described it quite well, though. I hope Tima is learning her NOT-in-the-dishwasher lesson. You get a Gold Star for finally learning your typing lesson! When I took typing, there were covers on the keys, we had no choice but to learn by touch. A keyboard was displayed on the screen by a projector.

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