Summer veg with bite marks

are my favourite food. Because then you know they are organic. Last night we had a vegetarian borscht and the best courgette and feta pancakes ever. Divine. I love eating from the garden. The garden decides the menu.


The weather is so cool that the flowers are blooming and the scents are heady. And dinner is crispy and fresh.


Guess who got the left overs from dinner. Of course there are no pictures of my glorious pancakes – I have one camera in being cleaned and the other camera is indisposed but I do have the phone camera which is a challenge. Tomorrow I will get out the purse camera. I do maintain that anyone can take good photographs, no matter what device they are using. Just watch for the light. Having said that I am fairly sure that anything I took yesterday with the phone camera was deeply average. camera-020

Mama was up a little more yesterday but as Viv says she is fading.  But beautifully. She is in this deeply gentle, dreamy state.  Eating and drinking and everything else but not moving around much anymore. She watches me closely as I slowly drift about her.  Turning her every hour so that her organs keep working, holding the water bucket so she can drink, massaging her legs and sides, literally holding her rear up so she can pee. camera-012

As well as using the tractor to help her exercise her legs,  it gives her shade all day, and she is certainly not short of company. You can probably already guess that Ton is never far from her. Plus for some reason Tima was out joining the party for most of the afternoon. Mama was much more active yesterday, her front legs are much stronger now it is the back legs that are holding us back.  But I have to be realistic too. She is an old sheep, she may not come out of it. But when she chooses to cross she will be comfortable with company. She has served us well this sheep. Did you all read Mama’s story? I am sure most of you have already. There are so many stories back in the archives.


Yesterday was cool and sunny and all around Mama – life went on as usual. There were even some cats who spent the whole day lying in the hammock. Not helping at all. Marmalade is one of those cats. Though she was lying ON the mosquito net not under it, which is probably just as


I love Sheila.

It’s ages since we had a recipe on the pages so:

Here is the recipe for the courgette and feta pancakes. I got this years ago out of my 1970’s version of the  Moosewood Cookbook and it ended up in a rather short form in my own recipe book, so feel free to play.

  • 4 cups grated fresh from the garden courgette, lightly salt, settle for 15 minutes, wash and squeeze dry.
  • In a bowl beat 4 room temperature egg yolks, then stir in 1 cup crumbled feta, 1/2 cup finely chopped young onion, a little chopped mint, 1/3 cup of flour and salt and pepper to taste.
  • In another bowl whisk the egg whites until peaky.
  • Fold everything together and fry in a little butter until golden brown on both sides.

Serve with yogurt or sour cream.

These are quite simply divine.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy





38 Comments on “Summer veg with bite marks

  1. I was going to make a fritatta today, but I might try pancakes instead!
    Good luck with Mama 🙂

  2. Bless Tilly for keeping Mama company 🙂 Those pancakes sound very yummy. Laura

  3. Wish I was there to witness your peaceful nature spot! We can feel tender care seeping out through this post, a place everyone would like to visit I’m sure 🙂

  4. I might tweak the recipe and put in some Dolcelatte – I have some in the fridge, and it’s nicely salty. And maybe fresh basil instead of mint… It sounds as if you’re giving Mama some peaceful days to say goodbye. She’s contented, comfortable, well fed and cared for, she’s done her job and done it well. She deserves to decide she’s had enough, if that’s what she wants.

  5. An animal’s ability to sense another’s discomfort or illness constantly amazes me. And to comfort just by being nearby. It touches my heart.

  6. Four tiny zucchini are growing quickly so I can make this recipe Celi. This will be the first feast of zucchini, but we all know about the rapid growth of zucchini so I am looking forward to more treats from my veggie garden.

  7. Gosh, I must admit I had to look up the word courgette to see exactly what it was! And we have zucchinis ready to harvest, so we will try this tonight! I have been missing your recipes lately, so thank you for this!!! xoxoxo 🙂

  8. Good Morning! Ha, I was glad of your link because I, too, wondered just what a courgette was. We do have those. Sounds so good. We are up so early because of the heat that we have brunch. Yum. I remembered how you brought Mama to the Farmy. She is blessed with a wonderful home and loving care. Enjoy your day.

  9. I’m generally doing frittatas, but, hey – time to try these pancakes and love the addition of serving with yogurt. Thank you – and thinking of Mama and your tender loving care.

  10. What a wonderful recipe, I like the idea of beating the egg whites which will make them light and fluffy. You ‘re quite the chef. Guten Appetit

  11. I need to drop my camera off for a cleaning, too. But that means driving up to the metro (hate the traffic) and being without my camera for a week. Sigh.

    • I have nowhere close by so I have to literally post it to the Nikon people, but they do do a good job and my camera has such a hard life! c

  12. I’m feeling sad about mama even if I shouldn’t. I know she’s peaceful and happy. I just can’t help hoping, y’know…the recipe sounds perfect. I will try it, as I am tired of figuring out what to eat next…

  13. The clan is keeping company. The shade is such a good idea and bound to be appreciated. Off to a little farm to pick more tomatoes and see if anything else is growing – with the heat, plants will struggle for a bit now.
    OH, remember friday is Cow Appreciation Day! (Daisy crowns being made for yours? giggles – it’s a silly Chick-fil-a promotion, but makes me smile – costume ideas if you follow link)

  14. Ah Mama, Yes, it does sound like she is fading too but in so much comfort and love and that’s all any of us can ask for. And it is amazing how the other animals gather round…but not suprising…they have senses much deeper than ours, I believe. Our 17 yr. old cat Sissy just died recently and our two dachsunds that would walk a very wide circle around her for years…because she wasn’t very nice to them…came and layed quietly down with her towards the end. They knew…
    And now that I know what a courgette is 🙂 I will be making your pancakes with them C….with Feta cheese? Oh yeah!!

  15. I always make those Moosewood pancakes when I have fresh zucchini. They are delicious — no wonder there weren’t any left for a photo!

  16. Oh, I had not read about Mama, and she joined in my virtual inner heart to be with “all the animals I love on C’s farm.” Wonderful; There is a sacredness to the bravery of animals.

  17. Ah yes the pretty shiny perfect produce of the supermarkets… no thanks. I prefer to encounter dirt, holes and the odd inhabitant still in situ. Mama is in good hands and good company. Time will tell but she’s no worse off for it.

  18. I have good organic holes in my cabbages too……and more the other day, the bastard chickens got into the veggie garden and destroyed all the new seedlings, ate all the well growing greens and even worse, chomped the centres out of all my cabbages. Some I could use what was left…..I don’t mind a bit of chicken spit on my veggies….but most were beyond use and so the bad chickens got all that as well. I was very tempted to give up being vegetarian and put chicken soup on the menu! A sad but beautiful time, dear mama and bless the Farmy for gathering and giving comfort.

  19. Wonderful recipe – yes, I shall be changing part of my weekend menu also . . . our horrible winds may blow a little more softly during the next few days and I may get out to prune my humongous weeping rose a little late, so such an appetizing quick dish will be more than welcome!! If it is Mama’s time she’ll feel safe and wanted amongst her family . . .

  20. I had no idea what courgette is, so I followed your link and found something I was quite familiar with–zucchini! And I just knew they’d be delicious. They are so versatile. I’ve never had them in pancakes, though. I love that you are taking such good care of Mama. It is sad to watch the animals as their age starts to show. At least we can start to prepare, and that eases the pain a wee bit. I’m glad she has so many friends to keep her company.

  21. I don’t know how I missed this yummy post yesterday – perhaps it was the champagne! It was our 30th wedding anniversary, and some good friends came bringing a lovely lunch of rabbit pie, little potatoes and garden vegetables. We found a sinful pudding in the freezer of mango and coconut and passion fruit, so I slept the afternoon away when our friends had left.

    Mama is having a delightful old age, with friends all around and the best of care. A bit like me, really!

    I’ve saved your recipe.

  22. Thank you for the courgette pancake recipe. Always looking for good veggie recipes, and this one sounds like a winner! And I’ve learned a new word!

  23. Ooo, I love the recipe. Courgettes I’ll have to wait for of course, but anything with courgettes and fetta in it grabs my attention. I’m going to copy the recipe out all ready for summer. Thank you.

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