I was taking photos of the Spanish Black turkeys yesterday, turkey



.. when I put the camera down to check something and it was Hijacked by Hugo. So now you follow Hugo’s eyes.


Sheila needs to go on a diet again.. she is not doing so well sharing quarters with Poppy who was on her Building Back Up diet. .
big fat pigs

This is easy to fix though. The back paddock for the pair of them!


Hugo loves height.


.. and not so little piglets.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


32 Comments on “Hi-Jacked

  1. looks like a bourbon red turkey.

    i have a white turkey hen that is in love with a plastic turkey decoy,
    she sits loveingly gazeing into its eyes for hours, she occasionly strikes come hither poses, makes noises i can only assume are turkey love songs.
    i got the decoy to end her romance with the pink,plastic flamingo.
    the gobbler i got at same time last spring does not seem jelous.

    i am sure it’s a matter of time before she elopes with one of the flocks of wild turkeys in area

  2. All your babies have grown so well. Even Boo seems more grown up now, more of a guardian and less of a clown! I wonder if you’ll send Hugo home an inch or two taller, thanks to fresh air, hard work and heaps of fresh Farmy food…

  3. With Boo’s longer head and face then my Dolly’s, who is a healer too, I’m thinking that maybe a tiny mix of a bird dog might be a part of Boo’s mix? Happy to see everything still looking green and summery in the high shot! xo

  4. Mmmm, maybe Hugo could repair/rebuild the treehouse? I bet he hasn’t widened his girth by even 1 inch/cm despite all the Pats banana puddings 🙂 Laura

  5. I’m in sympathy with Sheila – my girth if increasing at an alarming rate as I become less mobile.
    A lovely variety of pictures today. I wonder who would win a count for most appearances – Tonton, Sheila or Boo.
    Have a good day,
    ViV xox

  6. Sheila has….grown….a bit hasn’t she, dear girl. Such an easy thing to do with good food around and little self-discipline to hit the walking trails or the yoga mat. There are days I feel exactly like her in that picture –legs that may just be a bit too inadequate to toddle my body around so having a lie down seems better 😉

  7. Now-now. My girl Sheila is just beautiful the way she is. This little oinker things she is just gorgeous! XOXO – Bacon

  8. I loved Hugo’s photo from the high vantage point. It’s quite impressive. Every photo makes me smile. I’m glad the weather is being more kind to you right now. What a lovely day you have. We have blessed rain we sorely needed. My heart goes out to Sheila. I’m struggling too.

  9. I think one of the clever photography tricks with “robust” subjects is to use angle and height for a more pleasing portrait. How kind of Hugo to capture Sheila in this manner! Ha ha! Wonderful perspective all around!

  10. You can always tell when TonTon is “on duty” by the stick in his mouth. He really ramps up the intensity, those turkeys were well guarded. Great pictures Hugo!

  11. Yes I hope he is completely healthy. Boo I mean. Great shots of the turkeys in motion.

  12. The piglets look peaceful, captured unsuspectingly. Lovely shots by Hugo. Lot the up high vantage point, the vista and the green lawn as well as the Farmy subjects 🙂 The turkeys are coming along well.

  13. Very much like Hugo’s photographic eye . . . methinks you should share the Camera House whilst he is at the farmy – different people, different viewpoints . . . interesting for us . . .

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