A girl and A peahen

The dog and the turkeys.
the dog and the turkeys

Will we finally get some tomatoes?

Piggie heaven.
pigs in grass

Here is the girl (our cadet) and her peahen – Geraldine.  Geraldine is such an angel of a bird. I called to her and up she came and rushed across, I told The Cadet to sit on the hay bale step that Geraldine likes and this little bird, as sweet as can be, literally flew down from the top hay bales to the lap of this child then settled into her hands and sighed with relief.
girl and a peacock

Geraldine just loves people. And The Cadet has a way about her.  She is a good girl down in there in her boots. The animals and the birds know.  Though Ton has to keep a very intense eye on things.

girl and her pigs

The tiniest of tickles and those pigs roll over.
kunekune pigs

Now these two.  Tima and Tane. Bless them. Let’s do some maths. The first date Kim and I saw real activity was June 17. A pigs gestation is 114 days. So what date does that bring us to – October 14?  (Can someone please double check my maths. Arithmetic was never my strong point).  Of course then Tane had the problem with the hips then 21 days later he was looking interested but she was not. So who knows. Since then nothing at all. A comfy old couple.

But the other day there was something that made me take a look at her again. Something had changed for Tima but I could not put my finger on it. Which sent me back to the calendar to start counting.

The Plot Thickens!  (Or Not).

Have a lovely day,

love celi.





52 Comments on “A girl and A peahen

  1. Oh, I do hope Tima’s carrying a litter! How cute will those babies be? Our Chacoan peccaries had babies last week. I was them an hour after they were born. Wild hoofstock is so different. These babies were already up and bouncing alongside their mom.

  2. I’m not a farmer like you but I have begun again (much more wisely now) with just a few chooks in a big fenced yard. Your wonderful talent and success amazes me. I struggle with this stupid depression thing, but keep on recovering and doing new things thanks to friends like you.

  3. What a lovely shot of the Cadet and Geraldine. A lot of trust there, on both sides. And OH the excitement at the idea that Tima and Tane might be welcoming the patter of tiny furry hooves!

  4. The photos of Cadet and Geraldine made me melt this morning. Hope Cadet is doing well now that school has resumed. So glad you are there for her! Do we know for sure that Geraldine is a peahen? How do you tell?

  5. I did a quick calc and hit Oct 11 (3mths,3wks,3days) – but hey what is 3 days between friends 🙂 Header photo of the Cadet and Geraldine is stunning, both such pretty girls. Laura

  6. The dog and the turkeys: What a nice landscape you have. It really looks as if it’s woods, deep dark nice wood behind them. And an undulating ground. I like that shot very much. Is that the Farmy, too? I’ve always seen flat, wide land surrounding the Farmy.
    I’m sorry for the tomatoes. Bad tomatoe year then. What a pity.
    I love the piggy heaven – they’re always so close together.
    Lovely Geraldine. What a bird. And the Cadet. Beautiful eyes she has. And how she loves the piggies. And they love it very much, too. Just sweet. With Ton in the back, a piece of wood between his teeth. Guarding.
    So nice the insights into Farmy life today! – Have a lovely day too, Celi!

  7. It is so cool the way pigs just roll over and enjoy it when their bellies are rubbed. So sweet! That Cadet is something special, that’s for sure! Sending hugs to all on the farmy! xo

  8. I calculate Oct 9….. Math, it’s what I do all day every day…. Accountant/Payroll Specialist/Programmer/Budgeting System specialist -> I wear many hats but they all go back to be a mathematician. Now pros, literature, grammar and such -> pffffftttttttt, I will leave that to you all. We all have our talents.

    Miss Cadet – you do have a gift with animals! Keep nurturing that and make it your passion and future! I was probably several years younger than you when I found my passion with math and numbers. I have a very happy career and that is success that is better than any monetary gain. Find what you love, do what you love and love what you do = success…..

    Happy Friday ALL!!!

  9. Piglets?! Really we could be having piglets soon? Squeals with piggy delight. I can’t wait. I’ll keep all four of my hooves crossed for everyone. XOXO – Bacon

  10. My, the Cadet has beautiful brown eyes and that shade of pink just makes her skin glow. The natural beauty that comes with youth — too bad we didn’t realize it at the time.
    Okay, so here goes:
    June 17th to 30th = 13 days
    July 31 days = total 44
    August 31 days = total 75
    Sept 30 days = total 105
    October 9 days = 114…….. so I calculate October 9th, if I have done it right… lol
    And, as “recyclersa” says, what’s a few days between friends….. and piggies.
    And, of course, 21 days later would then take us to October 30th (Maybe Tane got to Tima when you weren’t watching… lol)
    As always, beautiful photos. Hope your day is a loveRly one too! ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Oh, the part about Tima And Tane reminds me of the years of being hopeful, and then not, for myself. I think I will just be happy in the beautiful photo of the cozy couple flopped down together… and maybe we’ll all see a miracle someday! There are miracles of course! The Cadet is such a beautiful girl… a down-to-earth kind of girl. I am so glad she finds her niche on the farmy.

  12. So many fabulous pics! Your place sounds and looks wonderful. And Cadet is so great with the animals. Thanks for sharing!

  13. The pictures are especially smashing today…every single one of them. It’s just so funny that Boo doesn’t chase the turkeys.
    Last evening I looked out my window for a couple of rabbits that appear on the lawn next door every night, but instead I saw a healthy skunk. I watched him nose the grass then finally head for the alley. Eeeks! I keep wondering –where did he go next…and where is he right now.

  14. The photos with The Cadet are always special. And I meant to comment that Hugo shared some nice photos this week. What a great experience for each of them in their young lives.

  15. It’s interesting to see this human socializing aspect of bigger birds, which we don’t usually expect. I love seeing Geraldine with The Cadet. I made friends with a wild city swan once… not a lap bird thank goodness but it would come when it saw me and eat grass from my hand. Quite amazing.

  16. Geraldine and The Cadet make for a lovely photo. It does look like tomatoes soon! The piggies do look content, munching away. I’m not sure Boo knows what to make of those turkeys.

  17. The Cadet has such beautiful eyes: methinks she will grow up into a very beautiful young woman . . . let there be happy days on her horizon . . .

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