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The Armadillo

Our rescue pot belly pig Wai is being affectionately called The Armadillo. He honestly looks like he is wearing an armoured jacket. Today I am giving you pictures of yesterdays storm in between the pictures of Wai the Armadillo pig . We have to… Continue Reading “The Armadillo”


I was taking photos of the Spanish Black turkeys yesterday,    .. when I put the camera down to check something and it was Hijacked by Hugo. So now you follow Hugo’s eyes. Sheila needs to go on a diet again.. she is not… Continue Reading “Hi-Jacked”

Short Exciting Walks

Our walks are short at the moment. For two reasons – Tima has very short legs. And then she has to stop every few minutes to play ‘Gleeful Manchurian Mustache’  The Game (the rules are obscure) with TonTon, who can call out “Help me!” in 17 different… Continue Reading “Short Exciting Walks”