Two pairs of eyes

Through my eyes.

And now through the eyes of Sonia, Hugo’s mother.

man on straw


French Mama as an American Girl.  Country Life!


My visitors helped me build a fence to enable the two young gilts Molly and Tahiti to have their outside run.  The little pigs were filled with joy at being able to finally run around outside in a space safe from the big pigs.

We have had a great time all together but today I take them all back to the train so they can go and explore the city of Chicago. They will be reading the comments today so if you Chicagoans have some suggestions of what they should visit do let us know!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


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  1. What great pictures.! I love them all and so fun to see scenes from the farm from a different perspective. Chicago—oh Chicago. Lou Malnati’s pizza might be a must as well as the river Architectural tour. That was a pretty amazing tour to see all the great skyscrapers and hear the history. And the Bean. Gotta get your picture taken by the Bean!

  2. How lovely that Hugo’s mum can join the fun. I hope she has a wonderfully memorable visit.

  3. Lots of smiling faces and some great photos – I can tell a good time was had by all. And I love the mental image of Molly and Tahiti running around outside in delight, instead of pushing their noses through the gate and longing to get out into the wide world.

  4. Thanks for showing us all that nice pics, Celi. I’m glad that you have such a good time together. Thank you ou merci, Miss Sonia, for the beautiful night shot and the great pic of the old barn. Have a great day out in Chicago. Beaucoup de plaisir ! Amusez-vous bien !
    With a kind hello to you all!

  5. I would like to suggest Millenium Park, on the Lakefront, which is free and magnificent; you must take your photo in front of “The Bean”, as his been already mentioned. One you see it, you will know why. as well as a myriad of other photographic moments. The Art Institute of Chicago is there as well, right next to Millennium Park, and, the weather should be nice for a river boat/architectural tour – or take the water taxi. Russian Tea Time is a nice spot to eat well, or Toni’s for a spot of coffee and a pastry. The Chicago Cultural Center is close to Millennium as well, and a “must see”. It used to be a Chicago Public Library and is a wonder of architecture and art, especially the Tiffany Dome. If you are in for a few days, try the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free, and the Conservatory, Peggy Notebart Nature Center. Most of all, enjoy.

  6. I don’t think they would be carrying coals to Newcastle if they dropped in at the Art Institute to visit Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of the Grande Jatte, in all it’s glory. And many other glorious paintings & sculpture from France & the world & even the American Heartland–Grant Wood’s American Gothic for instance. I never pass up an art museum and the Art Institute of Chicago is one of world’s greatest. But I know thy will have a marvelous time in Chicago, whatever they choose to do.

  7. Ok, I have to ask, is that a photo of Our John who we just never see? Camera House has to be taken out of your hands more often. 😀 Brilliant seeing the farmy thru other’s eyes. 😀

  8. Bon Jour and enjoy your time in Chicago. Great place to get good steaks! Also the museums there are amazing. Be sure to check out the big Art Institute museum downtown and the Science and Industry museum. If my memory serves me, North Beach has some great Blues clubs, Chicago is known for the Blues. There is a great Russian restaurant just close across and down the street from the art museum too – delicious food! Old style – tea in glass cups, stroganoff to die for. Enjoy, Chicago also has a very good Planetarium – the Adler. Here is a website with many other attractions which might be fun for you.
    Enjoy! Di

  9. No ideas about Chicago, but welcome to the family and I hope you enjoy your journey 🙂

  10. Loved all the photos. It appears all are loving the lovely fall weather on the farm. It’s nice they wanted to help as well. I’ve never been to Chicago so can’t offer any advice. Enjoy, enjoy.

  11. What an awesome team – You know I have a soft spot for my fellow brethren – oinks and snorts to a safe trip. XOXO – Bacon

  12. French Chic on the farmy 🙂 Enjoy your trip to Chicago … I have read somewhere that Chicago makes pretty good hot dogs, especially for those young men with hollow legs. Laura

  13. Hugo’s mom did a great job taking those photos. My favorite is the photo of the trees silhouetted against the darkening sky.

  14. I had only a brief glimpse of Chicago this summer and I envy them. Bet Hugo was glad to see them. Did he bake them his favorite dessert?

  15. Great Photos! Love the one with the gal kissing the cat. Chicago- Sears tower, Greek town, Natural history museum, get a tamale & beef steak somewhere- delicious. Have fun 🙂

      • My little Snicker (Chihuahua) used to do that at one point. Gave it up, I guess. Snick’s been dead since February when a pit bull mauled him. He was my precious for 12 years. Love, Gayle

  16. What a handsome couple Hugo’s parents are!! I think the man sitting on the hay is Hugo’s father and his mother’s in the kitchen with her thumbs up.
    The suggestions above are all excellent ones–what to see in Chicago. I could not prove on them. Architecture Tour! Art Institute! Russian Tea Time! Yes!!! It is a lovely day here. Enjoy!!

  17. and Boo in the background loving being one of the boys on the ute.

  18. How lovely that Hugo’s parents came for a visit, is Hugo returning home soon? I haven’t been a tourist in Chicago in a very long time but I always love going down to Navy Pier and Millennium Park, might be a bit chilly this time of year. I would also suggest a river boat cruise, it’s a lovely way to see the architecture in the city. They should also have drink at the Sears Tower (Willis Tower). I haven’t done the The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour but I understand it is very good. And since it’s so close to Halloween, they should definitely do a Haunting Tour

  19. Welcome! What a blessing, to help build a fence to free the piggies. I’ve never been to Chicago. Thanks for the photos, we treasure “our” farmy visitors. Enjoy your stay! And thanks for allowing Hugo this experience, we’ve learned from him, as well.

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