And YES. The capitals DO mean I am shrieking!  I was outside yesterday in big jacket, wooly scarf big socks – the works. Can someone please tell the rain gods that it is May now and it is time to warm up so the vegetables can grow and I can wear less than three layers.



The bad news is that my sister left yesterday (leaving behind a much tidier and more organised working space for me and lots of memories for us both) and the good news is that my new Farmers in Residence had dinner on the table (minestrone) when I came in from the milking and everything was cleaned up and put away and wiped down  by 6.30.  Unheard of!

The girls especially loved picking vegetables from the gardens for their soup made with home made chicken stock and eaten with freshly baked bread.

One of the hardest parts of being a woman farmer is that I am  the chief cook and bottle washer too, so getting help on the farm AND in the kitchen is an enormous bonus.

Since we were all done early  (everyone had gone to their rooms except for me by 7pm so things were quiet fast) I had plenty of time to write to you  and look at some of your blogs and have a little sit down before going out to cover the tomatoes because of a very cold night.  Yes, that cold – only a few degrees above freezing. In MAY.


Once again I ask. Why is it so cold?  My gardens need warmth to grow, though the greens this year are magnificent. And the cows are loving it.  But I need warmth too.

shoes and glovesI hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

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  1. I wish I could bottle some of our warmth (who I am kidding? summer-like heat, it is) and send it to you. But, I can’t, so I’ll just send warm thoughts, and mention that the copper bowl up above is flat beautiful. Objects like that make being in a kitchen even more enjoyable than it usually is.

  2. My strawberries that have just turned red have frost on them this morning! And I’m in southern Indiana!!!!

  3. Oh my poor dear friend..if only I could send you the sun to warm your body and your ground. I look at Colorado on my TV weather and its always colder than the rest of USA….I got some long johs you can have..thermal..but I know that you would rather have proper warmth. I shall pray that it will come  

    Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 1:52 PM

  4. Wonderful Photography on this and your dear furry friends to keep you warm, I hope it warms up for you, makes it just that little bit easier. It’s been cold here too. Luckily, we have both had the warmth of our family this week then. 🙂

  5. That’s exactly what I was doing yesterday when I walked outside. shrieking W.T.H. Then I went back in and put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt to go feed. Now they say expect a cold rain tonight. I’m ready for some heat!

  6. I love your final photo grouping of copper/coral and gorgeous sky blue.
    I’m so relieved that we’re finally getting some decent ‘winter’ temperatures here, cool enough at night to sleep well, I can wear jeans, and once in a while I actually need a jacket. I’m hoping this means our heat is heading your way, to wake the sleeping beauty vegies, make the grass grow like crazy, warm the calves and make them frisky and infuse Lady A’s milk with the flavour of sunshine.

  7. Warm dry heat on its way to you – we are misty, soggy and still raining here and cold. Laura

  8. Agree with Kate – we Down Under, after the warmest autumn I can remember have selfishly kept the cosy temps here: Down in the Highlands [and I did look up F as many can’t convert quickly 🙂 !] all the following week will still be around 50F in the early mornings but pop up to 70s during the day . . . fine every day with a balmy breeze – hmm, do wish I could send that northeast!! Hope the minestrone was thick with beans and pasta and brought some warmth along!!!

    • It was a perfect soup a spring soup though I always omit the pasta – we eat enough pasta really – and then add chick peas. Even some left over for the freezer.. c

  9. Your cold is just getting to us here on the Maine coast. It doesn’t seem to be bothering the blackflies, however!

  10. This is the time in May that my grandfather always called blackberry winter. We always get a temperature dip about the time the blackberries bloom. Actually i guess this time it is more of a plummet than a dip. I brought all my potted herbs and flowers in last night much to one old house rabbit’s delight. I put he parsley and flowers up out of his reach and am hoping he left the others alone. When I went to bed last night he was sitting among the pots “hiding” so happy to have his forest back from its summer exile.

  11. About the COLD! Yes we are all ready for milder temperatures and freedom to run around in less clothing. Dogs have it good in the cooler weather, just puff up their fur coats. And lovely to bury their bellies in the dirt when it’s hot. To have a nice soup prepared when you came in, it must have smelled lovely. A friend had dusted and tidied my condo before I came home. That was a nice feeling. Warm weather will come, it’s just hard to wait. How are the young animals coping? I guess they don’t know any better.

  12. I am so sorry, Celi. It is totally my fault. I take responsibility for this cold snap. I put the summer bedding out and put the quilts away on Friday. Mea culpa.

  13. oh my- it sounds quite cold! We are still getting rain and for that here in upper Northern California we are thankful! Our lakes are full and the rivers are torrential- so it’s quite appreciated- but I am sure some farmers here would like a bit more sun. Button up your overcoat!

    • Yes. i am sure the orchards are happy as long as there are no frosts – you all have been waiting for this rain – it is such dry country out there.. hard living in the old days I imagine.. c

  14. It is cold and wet here in Italy too. My poor garden is sodden and everything is just waiting for some sun to start growing. I hope we both get some warm weather soon.

    • Good morning Debra. I am often intrigued at how so many of us from all over the world often experience the same weather patterns. Yes. hope you warm up soon too – the warm sun is good for the soul.. c

  15. That stuff just left us…then we had some wonderful heat for a few days…now rain and cold and coats again.


  16. The cold front just hit us. We woke up to 50s this morning. It was 70 yesterday. Our son has been restless to get out but it’s done nothing but rain lately. Like you I prefer not to need a coat or even a jacket mid-May!

    • Hi Brittney – it is hard on kids isn’t it – they NEED to run around outside and hate to be cooped up – hope your warm comes back – we are cold and windy – not impressed! c

  17. 11C here for most of the day, the sun appeared about an hour ago, but I am cold to the bone. I would not mind, but I did as my Granny said:’Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’! We often have frost at night at this time of the year. Gardeners complain and some wait until June to put out bedding plants. Our rain has not appeared since I bought a new rain hat last week I was tired of being saturatingly soggy.

    PS: Please feed Boo Boo, then he might not have to eat the flower pots!

  18. I’m living in Austria (Europe), close to an area that’s famous for it’s vineyards and apricots. It was unfortunately very frosty here too, so they are expecting immense loss of harvests 🙁 Crossing my fingers for your greens!

    • Oh No.. I hate it when the orchards get hit – they are so fragile at this time in the season.. we used to call helicopters in when we had orchards in New Zealand.. c

  19. okay, stop shouting. Look on the bright side, your lawn is under control. We’ve had rain sun rain sun rain sun. I’m tits high in grass and I’m very tall for a lady. fine for grazing, but the courtyard looks like someone left this farm to become an oak forest. … no, but I hear you. I really hate to be cold, especially when cold should not be an option during the month of May.

  20. Oh dear, seems it’s pretty much the same all over. Like here too, dull rainy days at least through tomorrow. AND THEN……yes, and THEN…. the sun comes out and it warms up and, for at least the following six days, SUN and gradually warming days to that by next weekend it’s to be 19 c. all weekend! At least that’s what accu-weather tells me and if they’re just teasing this time I think I’ll sue… lol So cheer up, everyone — no one is suggesting this will be an epic summer but at least there is promise of some acceptable warmth and sunshine to come very soon, at last!
    Sisters are wonderful to have visit. Sorry yours had to leave at this point but just tell her to come more frequently in future, particularly if she leaves you more tidy and better organized than when she arrives… haha My sister doesn’t do that when she visits, but she has other fabulous traits that leave their mark and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.
    Have a great day, Miss C., and try to keep warm. ~ Mame 🙂

  21. It hailed 2 inches here in northeast Ohio last night. It’s 2 weeks past out average last frost date. I have attempted to save my tomatoes but to no avail I fear. Fingers crossed that at least SOMEthing will live!

  22. Peder just read in the newspaper that we’ll have hot weather for June and July, but a stormy and wet August. Our tomatoes won’t like that August weather!

  23. What an insane spring this has been. It was nice out yesterday and today I’ve had to close all the windows and doors. That being said, I do think it’s slightly warmer than where you are. I sure hope you don’t end up with nasty stormy, wet weather in August – you, and you veggies & animals, deserve a break!! ; o )

  24. It is chilly here too. I went out on Friday wearing three layers, and I was just miserably cold. Sun is expected this week though, although it may be frosty tonight. I hope some May sun arrives for all of us soon, as the month is speeding toward June…

  25. I love that photo of Boo enjoying himself with what looks like a broken frisbee!
    It’s ‘winter’ here in Queensland but we are still having 27 degree days, but sleeping much better with cool 13 degree nights. Wish I could send you some of our warmth for you and the farmy to get your vegetables going. I planted some out yesterday and thought of you. Hope you get some sun soon Miss C.

  26. We have wood chopped waiting to light a fire and soup in the freezer but the season hasn’t yet turned fully on this side of the globe to make much of a difference to yours. If Mother Nature is listening, I’d love to share… we could do with a little rain and Celi could do with some sun.

  27. My late father-in-law (wonderful man, miss him a lot), always said not to plant anything til after the icemen days, these were the feast days of St. Pancras, St. Servatius and St. Mamertus. In the middle ages farmers used these feast days to mark the start of planting season. On modern calenders the icemen days fall on May 11,12&13 but back then they fell on May 19,20&21. It was mostly sunny here today but with a chill blustery wind. According to the weather gurus we should have a steady warm up all week with 70* F by Saturday, (from their lips to God’s ears please). That said, I think I’ll wait til next week to put out my plants!

  28. You know Celi, I think I could drop the weather app I use and instead just monitor YOUR weather. It seems to be the weather we get the next day. I’ve just come in from covering our plants. Earlier this afternoon it was SNOWING!!!! Egads! My weather app says it will be warming up quite nicely this week – slowly – and day by day – but warming UP! I’ll believe it when I see your posts first. 😉

  29. We’ve had a 30 degree temperature change in one day. It’ goes from unnaturally hot to downright cold here in 24 hrs. I’m hoping you get some warm soon. I’ll send you all I have.

  30. lol, Celi why is it that people love talking about topic no 1: The Weather. Something which seemed to have gone completely hay-wire around the world. You having to rush out to cover your tomatoes, Italy vineyards beeing hit by rain too much and we here in S.India we breathed a tremendous sigh of relief yesterday, Sunday, when the first of the coming Monsoon rains came down on us. What bliss – we felt so happy! Suffering a bit under the heat right now – I think also age – no! correction: maturity, brings this on 🙂 🙂 Take care and please pat the lovely dogs.

  31. We’ve got a frost warning tonight but an hour north of my home it snowed today so I should be thankful. Snow in May! Some one needs to have a talk with Mother nature and ask for some leniency. 🙂 Hope things are warming up for you soon.

  32. NW France is chilly too – we had a ground frost Sunday morning, and I sat out in sweaters and anorak etc to eat my lunch – I must be mad, but the sun WAS shining.
    Global Warming is definitely a misnomer: global weirding is more accurate.

    Enjoy your help while you have it.
    love to all on the Farmy
    ViV xox

  33. Coats? OMG. When it’s not raining, we’re already worried it’s too hot for heavy coated Molly to run and play outside. All I can say is maybe you will have a late, but long growing season.

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