Ten days running

Bobby T the Dutch Belted/Holstein cross calf is only ten days old.  Such a strong vigorous boy. His favourite thing is to chase dogs.  It is amazing really how busy and strong these animals are right from birth and yet human babies who sit fatly at the top of the food chain are so fragile, vulnerable and dependent.   Naked and squawling. No animal bawls as much as a human. We are the noisy babies.

bobby t

Even though it is still way too cold, causing lots of grizzling from the human members of the farm the pasture is heaving up, growing like crazy. We have a good amount of feed now. Looking back on this month last year we had a lot of rain and a goodly amount of feed in the fields then too. So easy to forget isn’t it.  Though this year the fields are definitely fuller – thicker. All the cow fertiliser is from winters and summers standing pooping in the fields is starting to have an effect. Recovery. Marvellous.

Dutch belted

The pasture family.

cows and calves

This is my favourite shot this weekend.  Such a beautiful group.

Today the girls and I will get back into the garden. Those weeds are creeping into the vegetable garden and if we get on top of them at this point in the season we can make our lives so much easier later in the summer.

Plus we have to get some electric fence set up so these little plonkers can get out into the fields in the daytime.

girls and pigs

LOTS to do.



I hope you have a lovely day too.

Love celi



44 Comments on “Ten days running

  1. So funny about the calf. I chased a calf a kilometre or so uphill this year. It was about three hours old. Silly thing was trying to get back to the herd, but ran the wrong direction. If I didn’t tackle her down, she would have ended up in Spain.

  2. Lovely family group shot, and so interesting to see the direct size comparison between the two heifers. I wonder how long those pristine white nails petting your lovely chubby plonkers will last, I foresee soil under them very quickly!

  3. Poor Ton, the indignity of being herded by 10dayold Bobby T 🙂 The Plonkers look like they are loving all the attention. By the way I have (re) found my favourite ice cream recipe – you have all the organic ingredients, http://tandysinclair.com/vanilla-ice-cream

    • I will have a look – we make a french vanilla icecream that used to be made in a real french restaurant by one of the fellowship – in fact we just made it this morning.. Love to check a new one – thank you .. c

  4. Yes, rainy and chilly down here this week too, but beautiful warm weather is on its way soon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. The mothers with their calves is a stupendous photo- so glad all is going well with you and all your helpers!

  6. Very touching post to me today. – Here we’ve got a very cold may too, about 6 to 8 degrees, daytime. I remember the last may wasn’t much different here, cold and so unfriendly. But me too I have the feeling that the bloom of the trees and the greens are deeper, stronger, juicier and richer this year. Have a nice Monday, Celi!

  7. I am quite fond of the photo of the mums and their calves, but the hands photo, with the little tail at the center, is quite nice as well. I am working from home this morning, two out of three dogs snoring at my side while I draft pleadings for the court. Dog number three is outside, guarding the yard from intruders. Woof!

  8. Beautiful pictures of black and white subjects and the little moms group. It’s springlike out today, a gentle warmth to the air. Happy gardening!

  9. I heat should reach you so. I am sad to see it go. For you see another terribly cold rain storm is here. Two days in a row now. But the corn is up and the grass is green so the rain does help. Sun and warmth will be welcome when it makes it’s way to us by Thursday!


  10. Mama Dutch Belt is a big lady ~ and boy does she have some milk!!! love that picture of the mamas and babies!! Good ole TonTon doing his security job!! I always love seeing him out in the field! Hugs to him! have a good day Celi and crew!!

      • yeh I wish ~ working on changes to international tkts and other new intern’l tkts!! garden is still wet ~ and I have bunches of plants n shrubs to plant!! hugs to all of my animals!!

  11. Oh what a beautiful herd of cows – you are rapidly adding enough cattle to make a sizeable herd. It was nice to see such a good piccy of TonTon – give him my love. Still cold here, too.

    ViV xox

  12. Ton’s coloring has you looking twice on the belted cow shot! Could almost….almost pass for 3 of the same breed! 😊

  13. The black and white part of your team always amuses me… with a virtual fern emblem too ☺

  14. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if our babies were born able to stand and run that quickly! Maybe there were … once upon a time … and only those who could NOT and had to stay close to their moms survived. Ha!

  15. I believe all of the squaling is the luxury of being at the top of the food chain – none of the squaling human babies were discovered by predators end eaten like a calf or chick or lamb would be (and lambs cry more than many others.)

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