When the farmers in residence and any visitors come to work here I run a very tight time line for each day. pigs

They start at 7.30. We work until breakfast, after breakfast we work again. Lunch then SIESTA.  Then reconvene at 3pm and work for another three hours, showers, dinner, clean-up, sleep.

The siesta (I think) is the key.   Fitness has to be developed and adjusting to farm life can be pretty exhausting. So being given permission to throw oneself onto the bed and lie still for a couple of hours in the middle of the day makes all the difference I think.  A rest in the afternoon is such an old fashioned idea but a good one.  pigs

And while they rest I have time to catch up on all those other things that need doing without attendants.  So it works both ways.  calf

I have always believed that having a stressful life is OK and perfectly normal as long as you design your life so that you have NON-Stressful times too. On purpose. A wide awake life is so much easier to manage. We take all the components of our lives, think about them then re-design them to suit ourselves as much as humanly possible.  Give yourself a break  every day.


I hope you have a lovely day. I could do with the wind dropping and a little warmth. But the temperature was perfect for gardening.  So we did.


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  1. Yes, siesta! A very Greek habit, which those piggies seem to have adopted too! But don’t you get one as well? You should (I know, I know one zillion things to be done…) xxx

  2. I think most of the Mediterranean countries have had that pace and schedule. When I lived in Israel it was de rigeur to leave work midday and go back in the late afternoon. Perhaps with the addition of air conditioning that may have changed since the mid-1970s, but I still think it is a valuable model. It makes a lot of sense! Happy day! Your babies are all looking very content.

  3. Siestas are a wonderful thing, especially in hot countries. Drifting off to sleep in the mid-afternoon with the soothing sound of the cicadas… So relaxing. 🙂

  4. My in-laws always had a midday nap, and then they woke for a cup of coffee at 3pm. A nice tradition, in my opinion.

  5. What lovely photos of the animals today: Tima and Tane knee-deep in the new grass, the plonker whose black T-shirt has ridden up in his sleep to show his pink bottom, beautiful Txiki, who looks like a glossy fawn, and of course Bobby T, tired out at last from all the running, chasing, drinking, growing and exploring the world. Most of them seem to be taking the siesta opportunity too…

  6. I seem to have a thing for pig bottoms! Am I allowed to admit that here???? Will I be kicked out of the fellowship? I’m just saying…picture number 2 made me feel quite happy. Dunno. Just did.

  7. Since my last move I seem to be continually looking for my routine. My best friend commented that I am continually tweaking my life, and she is right. I just can’t get it quite right!
    also my friend, after all these years I am suddenly not getting you in my email so keep having to click follow. Thank goodness I also get you on Facebook

    • I almost never get notifications in my email – not for anyone.. actually I have quite given up and now I just wander about visiting in my siesta time.. c

    • Your first sentence sums up perfectly what I’ve been trying to understand… I lost my routine when we moved 6 months ago. I don’t miss that particular routine but seems I like having A routine… so much for thoughts of living wild & free 😕

      • You are right EllaDee. If I get a routine I am happy with will I get bored? Is Happy and Free routine free? I just feel like I am missing something, or not doing something I should. Or or. Or.

  8. Siestas are very good ideas even if just to rest and read. And in hot climates, totally essential because of the heat.

  9. This sounds like an amazing idea! What a lovely farm you have! You are living the hard working dream for sure!

  10. Much to my disgust , as a child I was made to have an afternoon rest. My mother used to say I would grow up big and strong. Well , , , , , , , , , I am 6 ft tall and 14 stone with size UK 10 feet which is large for a woman!!! My nickname given to me by my husband is “BIG L”

  11. I loved days on the dairy farm and having second breakfast after milkings was the most delicious part of the day. Then we would go out and feed the calves and do a few jobs then have a quiet time after lunch. So wise! I was so happy in Lord of Rings when Pippin asked about second breakfast and was promptly hit in the head by an apple – such a kiwi thing to have in the film.

    • Second breakfast – I had forgotton that – this is how the smaller dairy farmers in New Zealand do it too. Though it is a good idea to have someone in the kitchen! I struggle with that being the farmer and the manager of the kitchen. c

  12. aahhhh SIESTA or “nap time” on my to-do lists every weekend! 🙂 outsiders never understand why I need the naps and how can I ever sleep during the day AND at night… simple: stay busy before and after the nap. I love the pictures of the snuggled piggies catching on their zzzzz

  13. Brent and the herd tend to siesta at the same time. I don’t siesta, I like to wake up once a day. Waking up twice a day is too much for me. I blob instead with stand-up comedy.

  14. excellent advice . . . . we should all take time in our day to stop for a while, whether that be a snooze or just sitting still. My mum who is the carer for my dad often forgets this, and so often when I am down I remind her of the need to ‘breathe’!

  15. And if not an actual siesta, then a lie in the hammock is divine! 🙂

  16. A little sit down in the afternoon with my knitting is my ‘down time’. I love it. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful garden soon ; )

  17. I remember taking “a little lunch” to my dad and uncles when they were doing field work. Mom would make summer sausage sandwiches and tuck them into a tin tub snugged with a white dish towel. She would nestle a few bottles of beer inside also. And then my brother and I would set out for the field, waiting at the edge for the men to arrive. We’d all settle into the shade of the tractor wheels and rest, eat and maybe talk. This afternoon break ranks among my fondest farm memories.

  18. My wise Momma used to say ” if you can’t sleep, at least rest your body.” A good practice. All I thought of when I saw the plonkers haunches was ” Pork chops”. Your day has a lovely cadence to it. Enjoy.

  19. That is key – to rest your body. My mom so needs to practice this more. She has been stressed out in the past couple of weeks but perhaps she can “de-stress” next week on vacation. Much love to you my friends – hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  20. As I was driving to work this morning, I passed a field of cows. A longhorn cow (6-7 ft. spread) was licking her tiny calf…very sweet.

  21. Resting your body – and your mind – in the middle of the day is such a good idea for us all. I recently read about how some work places are providing ‘napping areas’….. sometimes you just need a half hour break! And that break supposedly helps productivity! Glad the weather has improved some and you were able to do some gardening!! ‘ o )

  22. We always take a nap…a short break in the very long busy day! First light to gloaming…a nap is a help.


  23. At first glance, I thought someone was so exhausted she was sleeping with the plonkers–at bottom right, it looks a bit like a person’s bare foot.

  24. These photos will brighten any day. That pig’s bottom is just the cutest thing ever. For me, a regular and scheduled siesta would take some getting used to. I like to just keep going through the day but make sure I get my rest at night.

    • Same with me – but I put all my workers down for a nap and it really does help them adjust to the rhythms of the farm. Sometimes I sit down too and it is BLISS.. c

  25. I totally did not understand this concept until the last 6 months as I, and my body, attempted to recover from a life-changing accident.

    Every day of my life was “do, now do MORE”. I tried jumping back into that mentality almost as soon as my legs would hold me.

    I learned quickly that while I CAN still do most of what I used to do, that I now HAVE to take regular breaks.

    I was surprised to find that I was even more productive with them than without them!

  26. Since we moved my routines work-weekend-holiday have gone awol. A friend suggested emulating her husband who employs an afternoon nap to “turn one day into two”. I’m trying but the days go so quick, nap time has passed before I even look at the clock at tea time.

  27. I never seem to manage siesta time and goodness gracious I am past glass slipper time, so night night and the photos were just right to relax me down for slee……..p!

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