I Love it.

Eating frozen-cold home made ice cream and drinking really hot Gumboot Tea at the same time. The trick is to take a big mouth of scalding hot tea, swallow and while your mouth is still hot add a spoonful of ice-cream. I love it!

Yesterday the girls took over the kitchen (as well as their usual farm chores) so we ate very well and I got lots of things done outside. Sammie even got her Grandmother on the phone and got her recipe for latkes. She will make them again so I can share this old family recipe with you too. (This is one of my favourite parts of having Resident Farmers in the house – the food they teach me.) cow and calf

Lady Astor and her calf Bobby T are happy in the fields with Txiki and Alex.  Lady is coming in to milk beautifully and finally her udder is emptying right out at each milking. I think the swelling is all gone now.   Once baby starts to drink more we will go down to once a day milking.

This boy is so big and strong that he will not be drinking from his mother as long as Naomi did.  Maybe two and a half/ three months. He will quickly become too big for Lady’s fragile udder.  He is already nibbling on grass and I have good lush fields with lots of clover. If he carries on growing at this rate it won’t be too hard to wean him and then he can go hang out with Txiki.

He is easy to train, when I milk his mother he just walks quietly to the sun-room and lies in there until she is finished.  I am not locking him away from her in the afternoons until he starts drinking more milk which he should do in the next week or so.  He is still only a new born after all.  But amazingly tall – up to my hip.

Txiki and Alex

My next trailer day will be bringing the two gilts and Aunty Del (Ayrshire heifer – hopefully pregnant – if all goes well I will milk  her too) back to the home farm, and taking Poppy over to the boar at the West barn for another try.  And Alex to hang out with the bull (we will have to make blinders for that baby!) But before any of that happens we need to get the Plonkers out of the barn and onto the grass.

There is a jig saw in my head.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi




53 Comments on “I Love it.

      • Indeed! Poppy has proved herself to be fertile and evidently liked hanging out with Manu recently. I wonder if there’s anything specific food wise, to increase a boar’s sperm count?

  1. I can’t help but recall all your very difficult challenges with, was it Daisy’s? problematic udder, and how you have masterfully managed Lady Astor’s problem. Well done you!

  2. That Bobby looks amazingly healthy and happy. What great pictures today showing off the lushness of your fields. I love spring.

  3. You have so many balls to juggle – you are a genius for keeping them all in the air. The calves are looking good and healthy.
    How nice to have someone to cook exciting food.
    I take it you don’t have sensitive teeth, eating icecream and hot stuff together!

    Is it warming up yet? It isn’t here, and now it’s pouring.
    ViV xox

  4. You must have tremendously strong gnashers: one minute ice cold, the next boiling hot. The tea, I have to say, looks delicious; I’m a great fan of a nice strong cuppa, and while I like a dash of milk, not too much or the taste changes too much. I don’t know where it came from, but our family has an expression for strong tea: tea you can trot a mouse on! I’m looking forward to the latkes recipe, I adore them, fresh and hot, with apple sauce.

      • I’ve never heard it anywhere else either, but it does evoke the image of a pretty strong brew, doesn’t it?

        • It’s attributel to Mary Francis fisher, and American food writer, who, as well as writing a number of books on food and eating, also wrote The Tea Lover’s Treasury and published her own journals and reminiscences where this phrase often pops up, usually when she’d been served tea to her liking. It’s a great expression kate, and is exactly how I like my tea. Or in Aussie idiom….wharfie’s or bullocky’s tea.

          • Thank you for that, I think it must have been my father who discovered the phrase; my mother was exclusively a coffee drinker! So many names for the same kind of brew… I also like the one which asks for tea ‘strong enough for the teaspoon to stand up on its own’!

  5. Yes, the fields looks green and gorgeous! How is the special field seed mix growing? Is it coming in thickly?

  6. I must say I have never seen cleaner cows!! I grew up next to a farm and those cows were always dirty. I love reading about your daily adventures and seeing your photographs. 🙂

  7. Quite a bit of juggling for you to do. Hope the girls will be treating you to a few more meals. It is good for them to learn to cook a good meal. Looking forward to the latkes recipe.

  8. Beautiful pictures and your description of how things operate, makes me feel like I’m sitting around drinking tea and planning the moves with you. Kind of like the opening to Game of Thrones, all the mechanisms moving smoothly in rotation. Enjoy your company/workers, they sound like wonderful help!

  9. your photos of the babies are so splendid- so sweet they take my breath away! How can you not have a lovely day with these babies around!

  10. There sure are beautiful babies on the farmy this spring. 😀

  11. Just gorgeous babies! I just love a brown cow! It’s too bad they don’t produce chocolate milk! 🙂

    • Chris when my neighbor Ava was a wee lass I almost had her convinced one day that brown cows did give chocolate milk. Then she went to school and tried it on her teacher who told her mom who mentioned the story to me a short time later and I fessed up I was the guilty party who had told her daughter the silliness

  12. Though I read you faithfully daily, must have missed something, I cant figure out why will you need to have blinders for Alex’s baby?

  13. You speak of appreciating the recipes that come with your workers. This makes you a gustatory polyglot. Heheh!!! Lotsa lotsa, Your Gayle

  14. Icecream is on my to do list… we have a few late passionfruit, so the G.O. is in need. And, I occasionally enjoy a small scoop of vanilla icecream in my [black] coffee… I could try the tea but I take it weak -Kate’s mouse would fall in 😊

  15. A big mug of good, strong, hotf Lapsang Suchong tea with sugar would be great with some of that homemade ice cream. Maybe even make the ice cream with the tea, it’s smoky and, I hear from some friends, an aquired taste, but my favorite black tea. Wonderfully warming on a cold day, interesting as iced tea too in the hot weather. Everything looks so lush and rich. How giving the land is when treated properly.

  16. *smile* Here comes the spoilsport, right on time! If I were you I would not volunteer my tea/ice cream ‘habits’ to my dentist . . . you might not like what he will have to say!! Hope you still have the original 32 . . . 🙂 ! Well, since it is strong black coffee in the morning and green tea at night, no such ‘temptations’ here!! And you DO need a carefully set up noticeboard: a>c; d<b etc etc don't you . . . and lovely to have the two girls cooking . . .

  17. these two calves are the cutest you’ve had on the farm. My teeth would definitely revolt at above treatment 🙂 Laura

  18. Will you be putting Alex with Carlos – is he old enough yet? Or will you be borrowing another bull

  19. That bobby looks like he knows a secret to happiness and well-being that the rest of us don’t. I love his strong face.

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