Beautiful Images from my Sister

My sister The Aunt has produced this photographic essay of her week on the Plains for us.

A special exhibition for The Fellowship of the Farm

She called the file: ” Sisters and Clouds.”
the kitchens garden

the kitchens garden

the kitchens garden

the kitchens garden



the kitchens garden


the kitchens garden

miss c and cows and dogs

Aren’t they beautiful.


Much love Cecilia and her Sister

PS My sister has asked that you respect that these are from her Private Collection and may not be copied, filed to your computer or re-published due to copyright issues.  I am sure you understand.  She is a startlingly talented professional photographer and her pictures are never on the internet (which is why her name also stays private) so I am grateful that she would create this gallery for us.


96 Comments on “Beautiful Images from my Sister

  1. Stunning images.
    Please thank her for sharing her gift with us.

  2. Oh my goodness these are beautiful. I love the way her photos mostly take a broader view of the landscapes, while yours hone in on the wonderful details. Such talented sisters. Thanks to your sister for sharing.

  3. Wow, those threatening skies, the perspective of wide open spaces, wonderful pictures – she has your genes, Celie, and you too are a marvellous photographer. Never forget that.
    I promise I haven’t stolen any, though poetry clamoured to be written on them!
    Thank you Auntie for sharing these.

  4. These are all really spectacular photos! I really love the one with you, the cows and the dogs. It looks like your on a normal morning stroll. If we didn’t know you, we’d think, how did they do that?

  5. Your sister has the eye alright. Please thank her for sharing these images.

  6. Your sister is indeed a pro – what a lovely eye she has. So many of these images could just as easily be paints or even quilts. Bravo and hope she frames and shoes them in a museum or gallery. Di

  7. beautiful. I also love that your dog doubles as a belted cow.

  8. So beautiful and striking. My favorites are the skeleton barn and the corn field just starting to come up. Like Diann said, I see a quilt in the corn photo, dots of green amongst the brown with the green growing more dense approaching the horizon and the sky.

  9. Absolute Magic!…Certainly different and I can see that SIS looks far into the horizon..but those are really amazing…what a clever pair of girls you are  

    Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 3:18 PM

  10. Yes! Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! And yes, a very talented pair of Sisters!!! xo

  11. Thank you, Aunt, & Cecilia for sharing this beautiful series of photos of Celi’s World, a literary landscape reminiscent of the Haworth Moors or Wallander’s stark vistas. Even though lonely in the mists & under ominous clouds, there is lovely life & fertility & warmth too in the rich tones. Such a dramatic place! captured by the Artist’s eye & lens.

  12. I concur with all the praise. You are a wonderful photographer in your own right though you have chosen a different path with your work. There are prize winners here.

  13. Such gorgeous photos. I’m not surprised to learn Sister is a professional photographer – she’s awesome. Thanks so much for sharing these! ; o )

  14. Thank you to your sister! Magnificent images of the world as you see each day.

  15. I could tell from the first shot I saw that your sister is a professional. She’s incredibly talented. Thank you sister and Cecilia for sharing!

  16. Great photos, gentle processing. Love the one of you in the barn door. Thank your sister for sharing.

  17. It is lovely to see through your sister’s eyes. You both share in such different ways. Micro and macro. Between the two of you we get to see an even more complete view of your life. Please thank her for sharing.

  18. Much applause and thanks. These are so beautiful. The newly planted field with the tiny green plants is so striking – nature’s OP art; obviously the source of abstract art and design. The first one is pure art. (And smiled at the barn shot where you are de lighted surrounded by glow/going into the light – not the “final step,” silly, just those of the land and farms see the light of life clearer….sort of a pictorial analogy?)
    Gorgeous work. (Do hope there’s a watermark/invisible GPS tag on there – Google images will find them)
    THANKS so much for these

  19. Startlingly talented is right. I opened this post blearily at 1.30am as I sipped my ‘getting the Husband off to work’ heart starter, and by the time I’d finished scrolling through the images, the coffee was totally redundant. She has such a talent for scale, proportion, colour and composition. Just….. WOW. Thank you, to both of you, for the beautiful pictures, for the source of inspiration, and for the generosity in sharing them.

  20. Amazingly beautiful. Well done Miss Aunt, and thank you so very much for creating this little gallery for us. I’m also a professional photographer and am in awe of your eye and of these beautiful images you’ve captured. 😀

  21. What lovely photos… the stark beauty of a prairie homestead. Your sister’s perception is unique and stunning. Of course there’s you… woman of the prairie – her presence at one with land and sky. Of all things to spy in a photograph (that stuck with me for some reason) is the indoor barn shot with the well-used broom in the forefront. The barn broom is a tool we rarely think about. Even in her old age, with bristles all askew, battered and filthy, she still sweeps up messes and swats away cob webs, even helping to shuttle a wayward hen or cat to safety, never being thanked once for her life of hard work. 🙂

  22. Funny, as I was scrolling thru them, I thought this girl should do professional photography! Very nice!

  23. Absolutely exquisite. You, who are already so artistic, have been joined by your artist sister and in so doing, *become* art! Many thanks to your sister for sharing her vision (and you, your sister) with us!

  24. Your sister is an awesome photographer, and we all respect her wishes as regards her photographs. She has given us a completely different view of the farmy which give us a complete overall picture of your place. The one of you walking in for milking with the cows and the dogs is a ripper of a photo!
    You are both talented photographers (must be in the genes!) in your own right; please tell your sister how much we appreciate her sharing them with us.

    • I will tell her and thank you so much for understanding about not taking the images out of the blog – I am so grateful she released them for us. c

  25. Thoroughly and prairie-fuilly and dramatically profound. If ever there was an essay of “lone”. I was raised on the Cdn prairies so I know about forever views, but these photos bring the soul into forever!

  26. Professional photographers are amazing, they take real life-landscape and dress it up so it’s super glam-real like a wedding-event… just awesome. Thank you both.

  27. Hello Egoli 🙂 Beautiful pictures, love the different textures, I wanted to reach in and touch the subjects. Laura

  28. I’m not surprised she’s a professional. One of these brought to mind Edward Weston’s ‘tomato field.’ They are all amazing. And ground fog. I never see ground fog anywhere but Illinois…

  29. Gorgeous photos, your sister is extremely talented! ❤ And it's an added bonus to see you in some pics for a change 🙂

  30. they are extraordinary and over and over talk to me about how willing Earth is to

  31. Thank you to your sister and yourself ! Have not ‘pinched’ any but am filing for many more looks: she has so captured the vast flatness of the Prairies and those wild and angry skies . . . and your hair is longer methinks . . . those two of yours are very special . . . but my favourite is that incredible ‘catch’ of puss 😀 !!

    • Darling girl I think filing is the same as copying. Just save the link and you can always pop back here to view them. Many thanks. And yes my hair grows fast! and there is a lot of it.

      • Miss C: I ‘file’ every single one of yours and have for years, only to delete as time passes and some become passe – neat and having s’thing ‘on file’ instead of having ‘to look it up’ ?? Methinks it is the oft-happening re-posting which may lead to unwanted problems . . . oh no: in business for far too many years to make errors like that . . .

        • You can file or save any of mine anytime, everyone can – but my sister has asked that we do not file, copy or save hers. There may have been a misunderstanding due to my wording- I will clarify that for her now. Many thanks for understanding. c

          • Thank you !! Sorry if I cannot see the difference . . . to my way of thinking, if one sees and understands and appreciates – as long as one does not redistribute in any fashion whatever , one should be able to ‘keep file’ for self-enjoyment . . . . Celi – *smile* do you really think all of your readers are as open and honest and moral as I . . .?

  32. Feeling privileged to be viewing these photos. They are stunning and demand a bit of reverence and awe. Thank you both.

  33. She is a classicist. Love her eye.
    I have no idea how a kiwi could cope with all those flat horizons for any length of time. Lady C. you amaze me.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Absolutely stunning photographs.

  35. Celi, Thank you for sharing your sister’s special talent with us. The wide open spaces and the clouds sculptures are wonderful. The slow single file trail home is amazing, I returned to it so many times to soak in the mood… I forgot to leave my comment. Real talented sisters and aunties!

  36. Stunning photos and it’s very kind of your sister to allow us to see them. They are so atmospheric, stark, beautifully composed. Wow.

  37. Stunning photos. I’m late catching up but felt I had to add my thoughts. Your sister is very talented and I love every one of these photos. I love big sky’s and you certainly have them there. Totally agree I will not share or download, if I want to see them again I will go back via your blog. 😊

  38. Had to share with my hubby, who is a non-professional photographer. He knew instantly that she is a pro! My favourite is you in the doorway. It’s perfect. Second is the baby corn, third is the old barn… Wow. You maybe should take this post down in a week or so, however. Google image search will find them for anyone to steal.

  39. As I was looking at the photos I was thinking, these are extraordinarily good! Now I know why. Very beautiful and moving. xx

  40. I was going to say she certainly knows her way around a camera – and her surroundings. Wonderful photo journal. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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