Lady Astor’s Bosom

I love that word BOSOM. Don’t you?. It sounds so soft and pillowy. It even sounds good said out loud. “Lady Astors Bosom”. So matronly.  Comfy.  Though if you were to lay your head upon Lady Astors bosom you are liable to get a kick in said head.  Sometimes I rest my head against her warm hard belly when I am milking though and she tolerates that. cow

Finally Lady Astor’s udder has softened even more and the milk is flowing fast and easily. There is still more to do and there will be lots of massaging in her future but the milk is clean and bright white.  And today we will start saving cream. Fingers crossed: we are on our way. (Everybody touch wood).


The pigs are pleased.

meat chickens

As are the meat chickens who drink a lot of milk too.


Once Lady’s  udder health is well established I will take her back to Once A Day milking.  So we can share properly with Bobby T.  But not quite yet.  In the mean-time we will work on consolidating a healthy bosom and she will have her calf 24 hours a day.

My new girls came today.  As I wrote last night in my (usual) chair they ensconced themselves on the big orange couch and read and talked quietly and wrote their journals and within minutes we had fallen into a lovely relaxing womanly rhythm.

They even took some pictures for you.

Even though it is raining and still cold I feel like summer has begun.

I hope you have a lovely day





80 Comments on “Lady Astor’s Bosom

  1. I’m glad Miss Sheila (even if she lacks a bosom) is getting a piece of the action with the girls. I feel sure that if she knew how to take a selfie, she’d be starting her own blog. That’s a magnificent smile on her face with your auburn haired helper!

  2. I got enough bosom for all your cows….what lovely red hair your new helper has

  3. Bosoms were always a mystery to me, though I liked the sound of the word. Good news that Lady’s udder health is well on the way to full health.The woofers look happy and I hope their time will prove productive for you and for them.

    • You’re not missing anything, Grannymar…. I have one of those ample bosoms that are soft and pillowy… and a darn right pain in the neck. 🙂

      • 🙂 My daughter has well made up for my lack of bosom. In hot weather I do feel sorry for her carrying that weight around

        • My sister got all the bosom in our family, can’t say I mind at all though. It brought a funny memory though. Back when women were burning their bras the test was if you could put a unsharpened pencil under your bosom and if fell out you could go braless. On my sister the whole darn thing disappeared but I would’ve needed super glue to keep it there! To me the word bosomy conjures up a picture of a particular type of woman, either a sweet granny or a fan dancer – haha.

  4. I love the thought that the farmy has settled into a womanly rhythm. Gorgeous phrase. A very happy weekend to you all.

  5. Good Morning Girls! There are so many “GIRLS” on the farm too!

    My favorite place includes two beagles and a yorkie piled on top in my recliner. The best is when I’m I. My place and Dan is in his place next (his recliner) and the home is quiet with music I love on. Ahhhh! I could use an hour like that.

  6. Glad to hear everyone is udderly content. Cold, grey and raining here and for once I’m happy it is, winter seems to be settling in. Laura

  7. Looks like one of the pussy cats was trying to get in the picture too. Cute girls. I know they will be great helpers too. Cold here too in the Blue Ridge but I think the rain is over & done.

  8. Pigs and selfies while the cows seemed mystified by the entire thing. How long will these new helpers be with you?

  9. Lady Astor’s Bosom, unpublished novel by Jane Austen.

  10. Happy days! Looks like you have some energetic, Sheila approved, helpers. Yesterday we had sleet, but the trees have greened up. Warmer weather is just around the corner!

  11. ‘udder massaging’ … is that why a calf will head-butt her udder sometimes?

    How large are your meat chickens when you sell them?

      • We bought chicken breasts from our favorite local meat source. They were enormous. I think your 4 lbs sounds right. They are not big and tough.

        Last question: How do you kill your chickens? Mom would wring their necks.

  12. I didn’t know chickens drank milk either! Love learning everything you have to teach, Cecilia.

  13. Chickens drinking milk is new to me also… interesting stuff! It’s lovely to see two happy young people on the farmy… especially taking selfies with the star of the day,
    Well, it’s just wrong… but we have snow in the forecast for tonight! And after such a lovely sunny warm week. Our lilacs are finally in blossom… and snow on the way. Sitting here shaking my head in wonder — crazy weather! Hope you have a lovely day too, Miss C. ~ Mame 🙂

  14. I like bosom buddies (like the Fellowship). Those pictures with Sheila are priceless! I’m glad Lady A’s bosom is improving. Having experienced something similar, 50-odd years ago she has all my sympathy.

    The sun has just returned and Jock saw a bee this morning!

    Enjoy your womanly moments,
    ViV xox

  15. Fingers crossed. I’m so glad Lady Astors Bosom is getting better. What fab hair colour your young helper has. Ohh what would I give to have lovely natural hair colour 😊

  16. Wonderful to have discovered your world – I’m a farm animal vet in the UK – and blogger, sculptor…..I don’t document very much of my working life for the privacy of my clients, but I have to say I’d love to spend time photographing my patients as well as treating them. Animals, farm animals in particular are a beautiful bunch. Enjoying reading your antics.

  17. I do not believe Miss Sheila believes she is a pig. Or if she knows she’s a pig, she believes she is a PIG among pigs.
    Your salad greens look so lovely and tasty 🙂 An inquiring mind wonders – is that parsley, cilantro, or something else growing in the midst of all that deliciousness? I do envy you your space for your garden. Although we live on 3 acres, most of it is woods, with only a small cleared area surrounding the house. The small backyard is completely unsuitable for gardening – it’s shaded, devoted to the dog’s “needs”, and where our septic system and lines are located. The small front yard is the only other green space, and declared “off-limits” by my husband. 🙂
    I AM trying my hand at some simple gardening this year though! Just in the flower bed at the front of my house. It is an odd arrangement – the house is split almost exactly in half by the front door into a sunny side and a shady side, so I get to do both sun and shade gardening. The sunny side will have herbs with a few flowers for color, the shady side hostas, coleus, and a couple of bleeding hearts.
    And if all this works, I will be converting my indoor potted plant space to salad greens. It’s the same exposure as my flower beds, but indoors in the A/C where it will be cool enough to keep the greens happy.
    Happy gardening! And give Miss Sheila a scratch for me 🙂

  18. When you said, “I love that word BOSOM. Don’t you?. It sounds so soft and pillowy. It even sounds good said out loud. So matronly. Comfy.” I burst into tears. I have not been posting because I am in a race to find a place to live. My body is out of where I used to live and is at my daughter’s house, on her sofa, which is not doing much for family unity. My belongings are at old place, must be out in 6 days and nothing is packed. Yesterday I went to a coffee shop so I could resume my search for digs. On the way home I fell near the curb and hit the back of my head on the asphalt. So you can see the pull of a motherly bosom is to me. Much love, Your Gayle

  19. What a delightful, funny, bosomy post! I’m so glad the milk is flowing. I know how you love to be in the generous milky flow, and it seems a long time since Daisy was fulfilling that role (sigh, but life goes on, and it’s going on well). I love seeing the farm expand and feed more mouths.

  20. Wow – I had no idea you could feed milk to chickens. You’re always teaching me something!

  21. I really like seeing pictures of your working visitors pop up among the beautiful pictures of all your animals- face to a name, you know. And the self-aware smile on Sheila is priceless.

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