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Summer veg with bite marks

are my favourite food. Because then you know they are organic. Last night we had a vegetarian borscht and the best courgette and feta pancakes ever. Divine. I love eating from the garden. The garden decides the menu. The weather is so cool that the flowers are… Continue Reading “Summer veg with bite marks”

Celery Soup for my Little Sister

Even though my little sister lives far, far away in New Zealand I can still cook her some celery soup. Aren’t we lucky. Our mother became sick when my sister was only a little girl and I keep forgetting that she saw me in… Continue Reading “Celery Soup for my Little Sister”

Stock that is good enough to drink

Vegetable stock I mean! Seriously. Why would we cook with a vegetable stock that was not good enough to drink.  Most of the supermarket stocks are just salty and un appetising with a list of chemical ingredients a mile long. They tell me there… Continue Reading “Stock that is good enough to drink”

How to make Fresh Homemade Yogurt and Farmers Cheese

Farmers Cheese or Country Cheese as we call it,  is a fresh cheese. It is fast to make for a cheese, and if you do not eat it all immediately it will sit in your fridge for about a week. I have used it… Continue Reading “How to make Fresh Homemade Yogurt and Farmers Cheese”