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Simple zuchinni pancakes

From the ORIGINAL Moosewood cook book (I am sure I have blogged about these before but with so many new readers I think I can return to them!). I eat these pancakes so often that the book is showing wear! These are my fav… Continue Reading “Simple zuchinni pancakes”

Summer veg with bite marks

are my favourite food. Because then you know they are organic. Last night we had a vegetarian borscht and the best courgette and feta pancakes ever. Divine. I love eating from the garden. The garden decides the menu. The weather is so cool that the flowers are… Continue Reading “Summer veg with bite marks”

Boxing Day Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes

And how did I make that fresh buttermilk? Oh, I was hoping that you would ask that question.  Because you see, The Matriarch gave me a Butter Churn for Christmas. She said it was from Santa!! Apparently Santa is a very clever old bugger.… Continue Reading “Boxing Day Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes”