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An escape waiting to happen.

Do you see the little left hoof of the middle piglet? Yes, he is thinking about climbing through. I better fatten him up quick so he cannot fit. They are getting harder to take photos of, as the moment they see me they race… Continue Reading “An escape waiting to happen.”

Now you see me, now you don’t

As the temperature rose yesterday the earth exhaled a blanket of  cloudy breath dripping with whispers.  I took you for a wee walk down my road.  Now, turn your head from this moonscape, look out to the West, can you see the farmy? Take… Continue Reading “Now you see me, now you don’t”

A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty

You will remember that the day before yesterday we opened the Big Barn Doors so that our hawk could find his way out. Which he did.  I have left them open. Yesterday was fine and clear and gentle with just a touch of spring… Continue Reading “A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty”

Monday Morning Farm

This is what I saw when I began the chores this morning. A cat sleeping in my shopping bags. You know the bags that you pause on the verandah. The plan being  to  stow them back in the car later. Then they never make… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Farm”

Don’t yell at me about being on a Diet & Parmesan Crackers

I know dieting is a bad word. I know that we say to ourselves- I should be able to eat what I like. I am allowed to enjoy myself. Being overweight is not a bad thing. But you have to qualify what is overweight.… Continue Reading “Don’t yell at me about being on a Diet & Parmesan Crackers”

The Blood Tests are a Yes!

DAISY IS PREGNANT If all goes well, fingers crossed, touch wood and without walking under any ladders or having any black cats walk in front of anything and with some luck and good management she will be having her calf late May. May is… Continue Reading “The Blood Tests are a Yes!”

Sustainable in the city, while making cream cheese.

My beautiful daughter who lives and works in London called me the other day. She wanted to remind me very gently that not everyone who wants to live a sustainable life lives on a farm.  Could I maybe write something that  she and her… Continue Reading “Sustainable in the city, while making cream cheese.”