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caught red-handed, I mean red lipped – with her hand, I mean head in..

Sheila got out while I was moving the chicks into their Ark. Ton went into high alert. The first I saw she was munching the dregs of the dropped apples  under the Apple Pie Apple tree.  As laid back and nonchalant as you please….

Desperately Seeking Beautiful

I looked for loveliness yesterday and found it everywhere. BooBoo doing his best to be lovely! Big Dog is always lovely. I find peacock feathers in the strangest places. Only the short ones now, all Kupa’s long feathers are in a vase catching the…

An escape waiting to happen.

Do you see the little left hoof of the middle piglet? Yes, he is thinking about climbing through. I better fatten him up quick so he cannot fit. They are getting harder to take photos of, as the moment they see me they race…