Desperately Seeking Beautiful

I looked for loveliness yesterday and found it everywhere.


BooBoo doing his best to be lovely!


Big Dog is always lovely.


I find peacock feathers in the strangest places. Only the short ones now, all Kupa’s long feathers are in a vase catching the morning sun through the windows.


Charlotte is trying her best to be lovely.  And doing very well in her solitary pen down the back. She just needed some recovery time. I think she is on the right track now. Putting on weight and doing lots of sleeping.  Soon I will let Sheila into the field next to her and we will see if they can play nice.


Beautiful apples.  All the little apple trees in the new orchard were allowed to keep a few apples each this year and they look too beautiful to eat.

God morning. I collected my thousand pounds of feed yesterday  in The Matriarch’s big Jeep without any problems and unloaded it into the garage.  My shoulders felt the weight of moving  half a ton of feed  but it was  good work. It is fat free feed so it should store well for a few weeks as they go through it. (Here they add pig fat to the feed as a protein. But I am not comfortable with feeding pigs to pigs so we will be relying on 18 eggs a day and alfalfa and wheatgerm for protein.)  They will grow a little slower which is fine. Usually I will breed the pigs to match Daisy’s milking. Daisy is out of sinc with us this year. We are still waiting on the blood tests to see if she and Queenie are  pregnant. Fingers still crossed.

Thank you for all your comments yesterday. It was a wake up call losing Number Seven, I shall be even more vigilant now. We have a big cast of characters to care for and summer is in high gear with many balls in the air.

I am well on my way towards my objective of getting enough food stored to feed us for the winter. Though we will not be over-eating! In the next few weeks I will start the maintenance on the barn and building the recycled glasshouse. What I would do for a retired grand-dad close by who visited with his bag of tools once a week.

Ok.  Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

Love your friend, celi


38 Comments on “Desperately Seeking Beautiful

  1. Good Morning Celi, glad to see you are bouncing back with your normal wonderful pictures and outlook on life! Can’t keep a good girl down can they.
    I know how busy you are, as with just my 2 small acres I am running a mile a minute. The heat and humidity that have settled in aren’t helping, but I keep reminding myself that all too soon I will be shivering in the cold and hating the dark mornings and nights, so I’ll take what I have now.
    Have a wonderful Sunday (Big John home?)

  2. I would be all about collecting moments of lovely and hoping someone else was hauling in the feed! Definitely not a farm girl although i think I would make a good farmhouse hand! Blessings to you this day.

  3. the picture of boo is priceless! so sorry about the piglet. isn’t there a pig virus hitting your area? i went out to the country yesterday and stocked up on grass fed beef and local everything. i can’t grow much of my own but i can buy local!

  4. I did try to send a message yesterday from my ipad but I don’t think that it went anywhere, basically what I said was ‘so sorry about number 7’ and from today’s post I can feel the optomism so keep at it you all

  5. You are an inspiration Celi, not just for all you accomplish but for the positive attitude you do it all with. Many thanks for sharing it with us, it is encouraging.

  6. Ha ha – you don’t have to look far to find beautiful thing on the farmy 😉
    I wouldn’t want to feed pig fat to pigs either – it’s very unnatural!

  7. Oh that big old dog is so lovely, how is he coping with out his daily dose of milk? I remember you saying a while ago that he did really well on a ration of raw milk. Glad you got your feed in, I wouldn’t want to feed pigs to pigs either, nothing good can come of that. Good to see that Char is a wee bit calmer now, lets hope it continues.

    • I think she will be fine, well we will see when I put them back together.. and it will be in a really big paddock just in case. c

  8. Yes, you don’t have to look too far to find any loveliness on the Farmy…it is all around you and we love that you share it with us! The photo of the apples is beautiful…do you allow the trees to keep a few, so they will remember to produce the same perfect fruit next year?

    • No, the trees are only three years old and way too young for a big crop .. so they only get a few, hopefully they will grow better this year, last year was tough on the young trees.. c

  9. Yes, I adore Big Dog, such a handsome lad. And Charlotte with her two front feet in a bucket of water is too funny. And what about Boo? Had he done something wrong to be on his naughty chair?
    And oh yes, the apples and the feathers are so very lovely.

    • He has taken a strange liking to his chair and is often found sleeping in it at the back door. Every time I reach for my boots now he runs and climbs into his chair. Good fellow. c

  10. BEL O’CCHIO (The Beautiful Eye) shares Celia’s joy in the beautiful things. Finding beauty in simple things – a dog’s lovely paws, a feather, a solitary apple. We are surrounded by beauty. Give us the eyes to appreciate it. V.

  11. Life has it’s ups and downs, but if you can see beautiful all the time, it doesn’t make it any worse!

  12. Seeking beauty after loss is such a restorative thing to do. I wish I could send a small team of kiwi wwooffers to help you.

  13. Seeking beauty after loss is such a restorative thing to do. I wish I could send a small team of kiwi wwooffers to help you.

  14. I’m glad you found a way to get the feed home. It’s good to know Charlotte is improving. With all those piglets, she probably didn’t get much sleep, like any new mama. And we know how we get when that happens! Your apples are too pretty to eat.

  15. So sorry about number 7. Finding beauty is a wonderful pursuit. Some days it takes a little extra looking, but it is always there. XX

  16. Priceless photo of Boo and encouraging one of Charlotte . . . not an apple a day girl but yours do look beautiful! Hope it did turn out to be a ‘smiley’ day and that Big John put one of your favourites on the table . . 🙂 !

  17. I really like that, we get so caught up in day to day stuff that we forget to look at all the beautiful things around us. And there is so much that is beautiful on your farm….gorgeous photos!

  18. Boo may be in that chair but he looks like he cannot wait to get out of it. One fo the vendors at the farmers market sells peacock feathers for $2.00 apiece. Kupa may be able to pay for his own keep. I do hope you’re right about Charlotte. That would be such a relief. Have a good morning, Celi, and a great day.

  19. I could use one of those retired grandads too. My dad would work well, but he’s not quite retired yet. 😉

    • They have mixed a soy protein into this feed for me so i am glad that is good and they still get about a dozen eggs a day, between six at the moment but in a few weeks there will only be four.

  20. There is endless loveliness wherever my beautiful Celi goes. Thank you for all you do. I’m delighted to be back home and able to pop in for actual comments and visits again–missed you and your farmy crew! Joy abounds.

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