When life gives you mud: Wallow in it!

Well you know where this is going don’t you.mud-005 Sheila has to have a new wallow as the old one by the chook house is actually above an electrical cable. John pointed this out yesterday. I did not know that. All this mouldy hay needs to be incorporated into the stony field and she already had a hole there so we filled it with water.


But Sheila turned her back for a minute and Mr Opportunist was in like Flynn. mud-013

I popped a little water into the piglets wallow too. They don’t get too much but they all turned and ran like crazy to their water hole when they saw the water coming in. They are all in top form. Playing and eating and drinking. They run everywhere, at top speed. I am watching them carefully.

mud-020 mud-024  mud-028 Pigs and Mud.


We have had day after day after day of the most divine weather.  The days have been hot but not too hot and the nights have been cool though summer warm.  I hope that we settle down a little now and the days can begin a summer drift. Touch wood. Touch Touchwood.

Have a lovely day today.

your friend, celi


42 Comments on “When life gives you mud: Wallow in it!

  1. That one little pig is totally in hog heaven, all stretched out in the wallow. This is my favorite stage of a pig’s life. They completely embrace every opportunity they get to do something and are darn cute doing it. Cows are still my favorite farm animal though, closely followed barn cats. And collie dogs (Lassie kind), can’t wait til we get another of those. Number 7 may be gone but he taught you a valuable lesson so his passing was not in vain. The real sadness of his loss would have been if you didn’t take notice of the cause of his illness and work to fix and prevent it in the future it. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

    • Jeanne, have you ever had milking goats? They are wonderful! We have two Lamanchas, and a baby one too, and they are precious! So easy to care for too.

      • No I’ve never raised goats. My husband always wanted to get a couple of pygmy goats or as a friend of mine’s daughter called them “picnic goats”. My brother-in-law raised dairy goats for a while (not sure of the breed). Little goats are a lot like little pigs, always on a great adventure and fences are but a mere irritation to be quickly escaped from. On the plus side they too are very cute.

  2. it is so hot here in Bulgaria day after day…if only I had a mud wallow to wallow in .I would be as happy as your piggies are, and Flynn …he really looks so contented.

  3. Those piglets are just too cute! And of course Boo is too! No doubt he is a swimmer! Dolly loves the water and swims with me daily! So glad the rhythms of the farmy are going along well. How wonderful for fabulous weather!!! We have had rain daily for almost two weeks now! But, I’m not complaining. Everything is such a lovely green! And soon the sun will return! xo

  4. It’s all clear as mud now 🙂 We have suddenly got much colder when we were expecting spring! Laura

  5. Piggy bliss and doggy delight! Perhaps you should get in there Cecilia, good for the skin. Some people pay a fortune for a mud bath and here you are with your very own – complete with companions!

  6. I can deal with any heat the day-time can throw at us, as long as the mornings and evenings are cool, like they’ve been for the last week… Lovely piggies today – such fun to watch!

  7. Can’t wait for cooler weather – been high 80’s/90 past week with rain and storms nearly everyday. The humidity is threw the roof at this stage. So seem to be permanently wet from either the stuff from the sky or the sweating. Say it will col off after Wednesday and be drier. Garden looks like a jungle right now.
    Love the pigs in mud shots. You have plenty of wonderful photo’s to make some beautiful calenders for Christmas Celi.

  8. I remember when I was growing up on a pig farm just how all the pigs love their wallow… your little piglets are just too cute 🙂 *Brigid

  9. Those little piggies got big! Saw some piggies on a farm on our way down to the beach at the weekend – they were having a simply lovely time digging about in their straw and crumbly muddy stall.

  10. They are growing so fast. It’s good to see my sweetie Charlotte. You know, *I’ve* never rolled in the mud. It looks intriguing. I’m going to have to pig up and ask mommy about this. It might be a new adventure. Thanks my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  11. I had to laugh as my post today is also about hogs. It must be the weather – wallowing in mud is attractive right now? (at night we are still in the 90’s)
    The little piggies look pleased as punch.
    Always something to give a smile on the farm

  12. I just found your wonderful blog a couple of days ago…… I am also in Illinois, just outside of Bloomington.

  13. Miss Celi!!! you are a dandy with pictures!! and those piggies have grown!! it’s time for the second new batch!!

  14. A British team of 2-Donald Swann and Michael Flanders, Flanders and Swann were rave success in shows in London and on Broadway. Their show was called A the Drop of a Hat, and they had hilarious songs; one of them was Mud, mud, glorious mud/ nothing quite like it for cooling the blood/so follow me, follow, down to the hollow, and there we will wallow in glorious mud – something like that; hugs

  15. Look at those happy piggies in the mud (and Boo!). This weather has been gorgeous. I’m hoping it stays a while. 🙂

  16. ‘The old wallow is above an electric cable. John pointed this out yesterday’
    Good Lord! Lol

  17. That Boo! He looks so at home in his own little wallow. What a mess! Thank heavens you leant about that cable! It’s surely heavily insulated but why risk disaster? That corner of your yard looks so lush and green. Isn’t Summer great? Have a good evening, Celi!

  18. ‘The dog who thought he was a pig’. I can feel a children’s story coming on. Actually my artist friend Claudia has just illustrated a kid’s book about a pig who walked the Camino Trail in Spain. She studied a pig at the zoo in order to get it right.

  19. Well, city girl admitting I did not realize a wallow had actually to be dug and filled: silly me just thought the pig population used what rain provided 🙂 ! But, sugar how they have grown!! And they ARE having a wonderful life!! Now, am looking at that comfortable chair amongst all the greenery in the garden and wishing a certain lady had just a little time to sit back with a book and a mug of coffee . . . sigh . . .

  20. I so relate to those animals. I have a feeling wallowing in cool mud feels very, very fine.
    Your farmy is so beautiful. Thanks for having us again and again…

  21. I have so often watched the Elephant, warthog and buffalo wallowing in the mud, and so wanted to just go and join them… it looks so good and enjoyable… must try it sometime, have to pick a friendly Ellie though…

  22. They all make wallowing look, well not enticing but fun. I’m going to guess that Boo gave a good shake after getting out & probably while you were nearby?

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