Boys and Chicks

I love having children on the

Just having fun.



After the mandatory swim, this fellow gathers eggs, feeds the cats, (Egoli was found at his house so he always brings him and Tiba a little pot of food each).  He picks tomatoes in the gardens then settles down with a little jar of dried apples. kids-in-pools-012

He is amazed at how fast the chicks are growing.  Then he played with the dogs and The Matriarch read in her own verandah and the afternoon sunk into peacefulness.




Good morning. Today Boo is off to the vet for The Little Boys Visit. He will be a wee bit annoyed with me. He is being kept inside this morning so he does not go out into the sweetcorn and help himself to breakfast.  If his little operation goes according to plan I can pick him at lunchtime.  Otherwise it is full stem ahead.

I hope you are going to have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy, celi


55 Comments on “Boys and Chicks

  1. Fabulous water photos! There are days when I wish we had a pool…And that last shot is a super-winner, calendar material, for certain.
    (If Boo’s sulking now, he may not speak to you for a week after he gets home! 😉 )

  2. Well, Boo may go ‘boo-hoo’ for a day or two, but just look at all these fabulous jars of food all ready for the dark and cold months . . . must feel so good to walk past them . . .

  3. I see you have dried tomato slices? May I ask how you plan to use them? I am very new to dehydrating. But I love the little glimpses of the Coupe. I can just imagine how nice it must be to sit on the screened porch and have a wonderful, home-grown dinner. Hope everything goes well for Boo.

    • We eat on the screened in porch every evening, and it is glorious. I intend to make sundried pesto today with the slices, some will go into good californian olive oil with a few cloves of garlic and others will stay dry for topping pizzas and my shepherds pie which i am making tonight as well.. I don’t think i can ever have enough of dried tomatoes in oil though! c

      • I dehydrate nice firm crisp red apples. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar mix..dry..yummo! I can’t dry them fast enough to suit everyone in my family. For some reason I have not tried tomatoes..yours look wonderful…so they are next on my list. My sister dehydrates sweet potatoes for a treat for her dog! He loves them.

        • Wow, Boo would love those he is into vegetables! If you see another apple tree going to waste let me know, I could do apple chips forever! c

          • I have a source. Maybe I can bring you some. I need to bring you a pear tomorrow and you can make a judgement call on if they are ready to pick. A few are turning really ripe.

  4. Beautiful photos in today’s post, Celi. Sounds like the Boy had a wonderful visit. And then there’s Ton, ever-ready with a stick in his mouth just in case the Boy changes his mind and exits the pool. In the long run, Boo will be happier. That’s what I told Max and I’m not going to change my story now. 🙂
    Have a great day, Celi.

  5. He looks like he’s having so much fun. I bet we could have fun together playing in that water. I love to blow bubbles in it through my snout – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  6. It’s a might chilly for a swim in these parts, but then again kids can take the freezing temperatures and swim till their lips are purple! Hope the operation goes well.

    • I have been advised to season them and offer them as snacks. Though there won;t be many of them as of course my zuchinni went the same way as the cucumbers. BUt the next planting is looking promising, so there is still time. ! c

  7. Love the photos! Beautiful jars of your hard work. I wish I was so talented. Love reading of your days. Cathy in Indiana

  8. We called it the ‘cone of silence’ when we had my lab, Jack {Jackaroo} done as he refused to talk to me almost the whole time he had the cone on haha

  9. Snip snip Boo Hoo! I had a good laugh at that one! Gorgeous photos C. Love that bowl of beautiful tomatoes! There is a saying you’ve probably heard too….Fussy child? Just put em in water! 🙂

  10. Splash splash! Just a quick dip then I’m off to join The Matriarch on the porch. I’m reading Hilary Mantel’s sequel to Wolf Hall – Bring Up The Bodies. Mantel is the first British author and the first woman author to be awarded two Man Booker prizes. as well as the first to win with these two consecutive novels. I must read it slowly. to saver every page. To wander into the Farmy kitchen and eat a few garden fresh tomatoes. To rub Boo’s silky ears, Can I make it last for the third book The MIrror and The Light? V.

    • Is the mirror and the light out yet, i have read the other two and like you i tried so hard to go slow, her work is extraordinary, I will see if i can buy it now, i looked a while ago and I think it was not out yet.. c

    • When i first heard the term ‘fishing poles’ (we havefishing rods in NZ) I imagined that american kids who fished did it whilst sitting on a pole. I had this mental image of a kid, with her knees tucked up around her ears, crouched forward onto her bare feet, perched on top of tall sturdy fishing pole – fishing with her fishing rod. Out of reach of her mother or a bear whot may be after her fish. This was such a strong image as a kid that i cannot hear the term ‘fishing poles’ without seeing my childhood doppelganger sitting atop her pole. Happy as a lark up there.. c

  11. I hope poor Boo doesn’t think his trip to the vet is in any way related to his dip in the mud yesterday! BTW, HOW in the WORLD did you get him clean again? Do you just turn the hose on him or what?

    • Nope he cleans himself, he LOVES to jump in the stock water tanks and they have apple cider vinegar in their water so he gets all shiny too!

  12. Back in the morning for a ‘read-thru’ on how Gentleman Boo went 🙂 ! Am always interested as to what is allowed and usual in the various countries in the world. With no value judgment implied one way or the other, you could not have your pool the way it stands anywhere in Australia. It would have to be totally ‘high-fenced’ in a way children could not climb and with a totally child-proof lock. Not very pretty, but I guess necessary in a country with a long swimminmg season in which there are so many, many fatal toddler/child drowning accidents oft in quite shallow water . . . so enjoy 🙂 !

  13. Ah, splashing water. Summer seems a long way away right now. I love those jars of dried goodies.

  14. Poor Boo – you will have to spoil him when you pick him up after his visit to the vet!
    The jars of dried fruit look awesome, I’m quite envious.

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