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Not Yet

I do have a second date for Molly and it looks to me like she will go all the way to that date. Her girth is widening as the piglets do their last burst of growing but her udder is still not filling up. So… Continue Reading “Not Yet”

Sulky pig

Lots of farmy pictures today. Tane was pleased I was home.  One piece of sorry business. Tima was her usual chubby happy self though she had had another miscarriage sometime during the night I arrived home. Only one baby, barely formed, as big as half my thumb.  But… Continue Reading “Sulky pig”

Desperately Seeking Beautiful

I looked for loveliness yesterday and found it everywhere. BooBoo doing his best to be lovely! Big Dog is always lovely. I find peacock feathers in the strangest places. Only the short ones now, all Kupa’s long feathers are in a vase catching the… Continue Reading “Desperately Seeking Beautiful”