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I do have a second date for Molly and it looks to me like she will go all the way to that date. Her girth is widening as the piglets do their last burst of growing but her udder is still not filling up.

So I am thinking she might go all the way to Thursday.  Though I hope not because Thursday is nowhere near warm if the forecast is to be believed.  But she has only just begun to belly down. Taking her time.

My records tell me that if Aunty Anna is bred she will be due sometime in July/August. She had to wait until she was fourteen months old before she went to the bull.

Here is Molly again. I like this shot. That low patch of golden light is from the light in the piglets creep shining low.

Good morning. Today looks like being a good day. Some sun may shine I think which will be a blissful relief.  Sunrise is minutes away so I will get going! I can see that sun coming and there is no wind at all, so I don’t want to waste a minute!

Out of interest-

First Light: 6.08

Last Light: 7.45

I know sunrise and sunset are more conventional but First Light and Last Light are our working lights. Now that the days are longer the third shift comes into play – the after dinner shift. I can do the rounds in this half light, when all becomes quiet and thoughtful – instead of darting to and from with my torch, shivering because i have not put enough jackets on for the quick jog about.

Have a lovely day.

Love celi

ps. Saturday 01/04.  Happy first day of April. 

Today’s forecast. A mix of clouds and sun. High 57F. Winds light and variable. Overnight low near 40F. 


38 Comments on “Not Yet

  1. That Molly is just too cute! It looks as though she is still a climber! 🙂

  2. First Light and Last Light are our working lights

    Length of daylight is so much more useful of a metric…and so much better to describe the energy that we find in the summer months.

  3. What a great shot of Molls. She has a kind and peaceful face – of course, the peaceful bit is probably misleading, but right then, it was right…

  4. I looked out the east front window just after first light. The sky was clear. Hurray! I saw Venus. Hurray! It has been too long with the clouds.

    • Same here! Isn’t it wonderful – I am only inside for as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee – then out to stack a new load of hay – I love the sun

  5. There we go … all caught up again 🙂 that light could be the energy radiating from Mollys busy belly. Have a great weekend. Laura

  6. Anna’s face is so sweet. I just want to reach out and rub her forehead. And that Molly- she is so funny! She drools for her breakfast just like me! Have a lovely day!

  7. You got this Molly. Can’t wait for the birthday of your sweet piglets. I am beyond excited here! XOXO – Bacon

  8. It seems that things should be warmer feeling as the temps rise but it still feels cold. I do hope you get some warm for Molly. She is such a perky pig and looks like she’s just a girl that wants to have fun. Great shot of her. 🙂

  9. Yes we were wondering what that yellow round thing is in the sky this morning.

  10. Yes we were wondering what that big yellow round thing in the sky is this morning.

  11. Its a waiting game here too right now for the appearance of our fourth grandchild, due any minute now. Although it would be nice if the little guy would wait until tomorrow, as we are currently in the middle of a spring snowstorm, and roads are treacherous. We are all waiting with bated breath…(Wherever did that phrase come from I wonder?) Good luck with all the new life ahead on your farm!

    • when something abates, like the tide- it recedes or slows down – I wonder if it means ‘bated breath – when we hold it? hold our breath? I suppose we could ask Dr Google but that is not nearly as much fun.. c

  12. But why is a Molly drooling — food bucket in your hand, or camera in the other? I suspect food. How else could you get such a nice portrait pose.

  13. Lovely Molly, posing in her pregnancy shot. Light on the belly. But Aunty Anna is looking fetching as well. Such lovely eyelashes. I hope you got the sun you needed. I thought of you yesterday. It was incredibly sunny here. People rushed out of their homes and shadows to walk in it. The rabbit sat by the window all day, in a sifty shaft of warmth. We took Pepe out as much as possible…your words played in our ears: All animals need the sun. It was Camille’s birthday. 17. So I took her out in it too. Birthday light.

  14. After the birth, what happens in the long run to the piggies? Sell/keep/eat? Do you have bloggers adopt them?

    • Some sell to small farms to be pets or for breeding, some are sold to small farms to be raised for meat. The ones left over will be raised and fattened for the restaurant. I cannot keep any of the gilts because their father is my boar. c

  15. Molly’s shot even with the drool is fetching. Fingers crossed, but you are well prepared. She is in good hands. Happy Spring.

  16. I can only imagine how pleasant it’s gotta be to now be doing your ‘nightly rounds’ when it’s not cold and terribly, terribly cold. Glad the ‘preggers’ are all doing well. Now we all just have to wait…. ; o )

  17. We have just come off 6 months of daylight saving here in Melbourne. Boy, you can really notice the difference. Having said that l love the change of seasons and hope you, and all your Northern readers enjoy the Spring.

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