So it begins

The first of the summer people has arrived. His name is Alex – he is from California and he is going to be great.

I got his arrival date wrong so he is here a week ahead of my schedule and right on time for his.

Already he is fully engaged. Last night we took the dogs for their evening stroll together and the air was full of the sounds of frogs in the fields and the ditch.

So today the summer work begins. Even though this week has a blend of wintry weather ahead of us – even a nasty snow storm forecast for Thursday,   we will be setting up for the summer but we will not be planting – not with an inch of snow due on Thursday. Most of the work will be focused on seed sowing,  barn cleaning and organising the systems for the summer – the boards, the lists, the books.

Molly is still in one piece. I really need her to wait another week now – next week looks much better for babies. Mid week this week will be cold and very windy.

It is nice to have Lady Astor home.  My old milk cow. All the big cows are still locked off the big fields – the ground is still too soft.  The three calves are out in Pats Paddock though, they are lighter on their feet and less destructive to the pasture.

By rights I should allow the pasture to grow to about eight inches before bringing in stock – but I can seldom wait that long.  I get as antsy as the cows do watching the grass grow, and feeding out hay is like sitting on a thorn. Because Lady has that trouble with her udder overfilling she will stay on dry tucker until she calves. As long as I have enough dry hay that is.  Our John bought 50 more bales off a friend of his – that should hold us for another twenty odd days.

The next wave of plonkers are selling well for next month. My goal is to sell four a month of any size.

Good morning. It looks like Boo will spend his day hiding in the wardrobe – there is rain and thunder coming by mid-morning and it looks like it will rain all day. But my new volunteer – Alex –  is a sturdy chap, I don’t think rain will bother him.

Have a lovely day.

Love celi

Todays forecast:

Day: Cloudy with periods of rain. Thunder possible. High around 60F/15C. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Night:Low 46F/7C. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70%.



37 Comments on “So it begins

  1. OK, sounds like we’ll all be encouraging Molly to cross her legs for just a little longer… Autumn has finally arrived here, with a couple of lovely cool nights. What a pleasure to need some covers on the bed instead of flinging them off because it’s so hot.

  2. Weather be darned! Just reading ‘… and the summer work begins’ has bolstered my spirits! Welcome Alex! I hope you didn’t have to hike out to the farmy on your own.

  3. Where do your volunteer helpers come from? WWOOF? HelpX? some other organization? Just curious as you always seem to have them and they sound helpful and friendly.

  4. Welcome Alex! I have help coming this week too. Hallelujah!! You’re a little ahead of us in the Spring department. We got 5 inches of snow Saturday and then it was in the 60s yesterday, so thankfully, a lot of it melted. I feel like Winter doesn’t want to let go here!! Still, planting in the nursery with hope in our hearts… Baby wait continues…

  5. Let’s see if this posts…..

    Hello Alex!
    I hope Molly can wait. Snow in April – odd odd winter to have little to no snow and then spring and wham, snow.
    Have a great day!

  6. Umm I’m thinking Molly should hold onto those babies for another couple of weeks, otherwise it looks like she will be expecting you to feed them all, as we watch all over the world. Laura

  7. Alex is going to have a blast working with you on the farmy.
    Have a wonderful day C and send some of your rain our way please.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  8. Stalker oinker reporting in. I’m on Molly watch. I want to see piglets – snorts with piggy laughter. But we want to make it safe so next week Miss Molly. XOXO You’re No. 1 Fan – Bacon

  9. That is wonderful news on the pig sales.. so happy for you that they are moving, and that more on the way.. Enjoy having a helper, I am sure you will get lots done in so many ways.. I hear you on the hay.. but there is nothing green at my place yet.. so I enjoyed the view of your pasture growing 🙂

  10. I’m so happy you have some help and you have the strangest forecast for weather. I hope Molly waits too. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you,

  11. Welcome Alex and glad Molly is in a holding pattern. it’s great you have extra help now with all the work that’s lining up. Hope your day runs smoothly.

  12. I’m wondering what your ginger, or marmalade-coloured, kitty has been up to; she’s absolutely filthy! And those plonkers that you have left there are looking like lovely chubby little piggies.
    Yes, I expect Alex will have a blast… and, as long as he doesn’t mind his progress being followed by the entire rest of the world, he’ll do just fine…. lol
    Hope you have a lovely day too, Miss C., and do try to stay dry. I know Boo will. ~ Mame 🙂

  13. What a surprise to have Alex arrive a week early. Better than a week late. Sounds like he’s a keeper. Let’s hope the snow is the very last of its kind for the year.

  14. Always good to have an extra pair of hands. Have a fab day. 😀

  15. You never seem to rest and yet its just about to start getting busy, I must get me some of them there volunteers this year 🙂

  16. Have a good start you two – how long will Alex be staying? With warm thoughts towards your cold weather – it’ll be going to be cold here too, towards freezing again, while we’ve had the beautifullest and warmest weekend. Spring is on it’s way, the trees are blooming already. Hope the cold doesn’t last long either. – Btw my day in (at) Milano was short but great! Ah, and the Pope was there too to visit Milano at the very same day, that was not in my plans, so the great duomo was closed the whole day and I could not visit the inside…

  17. Question – where does the word ‘plonkers’ come from? It’s a great word.
    Wow – Alex will be there for two months – that’s fabulous!!
    I worked with my brother-in-law today and the first floor of the barn is almost clear. This is actually my ‘second go-around’ with stuff in the barn because I’ve been getting rid of stuff off and on since last spring. I think I’ve told you that I put stuff down at the bottom of my hill and people take what they want. It’s a great system!! I’m happy the stuff is going to a good home & the ‘picker’s are happy as well. ; o )

    • I would lve to be passing your “bottom of the hill”. The pigs I raise for meat have always been called the plonkers. i can’t remember why… c

      • Typical me, I looked up the meaning of ‘plonker’… (The ‘official’ British meaning that is…)
        It seems the use of the word stems from the 1800s and referred to ‘something large of its kind’.
        That makes sense, because a pig you’re raising for meat damn well better be a ‘plonker’!! ; o )

      • Here’s my email address if you don’t mind giving me your mailing address. I’d love to send you a lovely (heavy duty) ceramic pitcher that I think you’d like!! It would be, sort of, like passing by the bottom of my hill !!!

  18. Welcome Alex to the Farmy! And won’t you be lucky to be there to see Molly’s new born “plonkers” 🙂 Question C. what are those patches on Molly? Is she shedding or something? One of my goats does that occasionally and I top off her feed with a little Red Cell and back grows the hair. I also give Red Cell to our dogs and anyone else around here that needs a nutritional boost now and then!
    Love that HUGE kitty yawn!

  19. Oh no, not snow in April, hope the forecast is incorrect. Glad you have help. Alex is very fortunate to be working with and learning from you.

  20. Rain here too but I’m grateful it’s not snow. Nice to have extra pair of hands, can’t wait to meet everyone in July.

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