Now you see me, now you don’t

As the temperature rose yesterday the earth exhaled a blanket of  cloudy breath dripping with whispers.  I took you for a wee walk down my road. misty-016

Now, turn your head from this moonscape, look out to the West, can you see the farmy?


Take twenty more steps… misty-0172

Look again and we see nothing but mist.  Gone.  misty-037

Let’s stumble back through the fog and get back home… we are completely hidden in there.misty-024

No-one can find us.misty-021

We are our own little secret.misty-023

Don’t tell anyone you pack of giggling gossip chooks. Yesterday was one of those days that will not let you go inside. Its curling wisps of mist pulling and tugging at your clothes, whispering. The cracks of time are wider in this dense fog. What went before is sighing in the air. Every moment is a gem. Listen.


Even the Daily View has secrets.

Good morning. It has been warm. In the 50’s yesterday, it is 6.10 am now and 57F (13.8C) Our temperatures see-sawing about. The swings more extreme than last year in an environment known for extreme weather changes.  However this brief respite from the terrible cold allows an unfurling in our bodies. We are not darting about with shortened steps,  hunched against the cold. Yesterday and today plenty will be achieved just because we are not literally battling the elements.  It is so much easier to open a gate when  you do not have to bash the ice off first.

I had a good look at the bee hives yesterday and I am concerned that there is no sign of action in either of them. Usually when we get above 50F (10C) in the winter bees will pop out of the hive for a toilet break. I put my ear to the hives and I cannot hear a hum. I see no  dead bodies and there are always dead bodies, the life span of a bee is not that long. I cannot look inside the hives in the winter, that would break all their seals so I am not sure what to think. It is warm again today so I will watch carefully and let you know.

As I write this morning I have TonTon  lying right across my feet, trying to jam his head under the desk. We can hear thunder, and he is a cry baby when it comes to thunder. He is going to try and hide inside when we go out to do the chores. Scaredy Cat Dog.

Have a lovely day.


60 Comments on “Now you see me, now you don’t

  1. Good morning, c! Molly also hates thunder. So I sing to her. Then she’s happy to hear a bit of clapping thunder rather than my screeching. 11c and raining here. Windy. Really windy!

    Happy Tuesday to you all. xx

  2. what wonderful are so lucky to be able to live a farmy life in the middle of nowhere.
    Three of my four dogs don’t like the thunder..the fourth is deaf so he does not hear it

  3. I don’t mind the fog as long as I don’t have to drive in it. We should be getting your thunder about noon or so tomorrow. We love thunder storms here but the wind may take our power out. The ground is so soggy that it doesn’t take much to take the trees down and they’re predicting wind. Poor TonTon. We also have one afraid of thunder but he has to stay outside. They do have a nice house to hide in out there. Have a great day Celi.

  4. Penny has lost her fear of a number of things: power tools, the lawnmower, and even the vacuum cleaner. But she is still terrified of thunder, and worse than that, fireworks.

    Right now the thermometer says 10, but we’re supposed to hit 50 degrees tomorrow. The four inches of snow we were gifted yesterday will be gone by tomorrow evening.

  5. That first image is simply spectacular as is the one of the dogs. This whole piece has such a poetic bend to it. And, of course, I appreciate poetry.

    We had thunder here in Minnesota last night. I could not believe I was hearing this, in January. No 50-degree temps, although warm enough for my husband to chisel ice from the driveway after scattering ice biter earlier.

  6. Enjoy the warmth while you have it! it’s still cold here in New England but it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow. Hope you see or hear some bees today!

  7. I check on my girls on warm days too. On cold days I put my ear up to the hive to listen for that familiar buzz….I hope you hear or see them today. I have one hive I am suspicious of being too quiet but maybe they are just content. Keep me posted on what you find out about your girls!

  8. I’m looking out at the snow-and-ice-covered yard, and it’s whispering, “Tomorrow, I’ll turn to fog for you…” when our temps hit 50…
    Will be thinking Good Thoughts for the hives, and poor Ton.

  9. Poor Ton Ton – does he have his sad face on? Love your foggy photos. I love the muffled feeling of a foggy day.

  10. The pictures, alone, are breathtaking, but this sentence literally gave me goosebumps up my spine! “the earth exhaled a blanket of cloudy breath dripping with whispers”

    My battery just recharged an entire notch! Thank you!

  11. oh i hope the bees are okay! please let us know. we are having very weird weather here too. your thunder is heading towards us!

  12. When I lived along The Lake, Celi, the visibility changed from block to block on days like we’re having now. Would that this were March and not January’s end. We’re going to pay for this respite, I’m afraid. Oh, oh. It just thundered. Here comes the rain again.
    Have a great day, Celi!

    • we are going to have a wild day and then best we put on our hobnailed boots to get around tomorrow, i am afraid there will be ice!

      • I fear it, too. I’m running my errands today and will stay indoors tomorrow. I hope it misses your area so you can walk to the barn without risking life and limb.

  13. “Yesterday was one of those days that will not let you go inside. Its curling wisps of mist pulling and tugging at your clothes, whispering. The cracks of time are wider in this dense fog. What went before is sighing in the air. Every moment is a gem. Listen.”
    Lovely poetry. 🙂

  14. Fog sure does make for a cozy-feeling day, doesn’t it? I will keep my fingers crossed for your bees.

  15. I live on what some might consider to be the prairie of England–the East Anglian Fens—and those misty photos reminds me a lot of the landscape here. We are having a bit of a warm weather break here today, and one of my hives is going great guns, almost acting spring-like, while the other has been releasing the odd bee every once in a while. Just no way of tellin’ with these bees!

    • I am hoping that because both hives are acting the same that there is not a problem, only a worry wart of a bee keeper! welcome to the comments!! c

  16. Lyrical post, Miss C. Wait a minute, TonTon can climb up to the loft where you write? That’s pretty brave!

    • It has one of those cool pull up attic ladders.. he only comes up when he is desperate, otherwise he just sleeps at the bottom..morning Mary. c

  17. A quiet, peaceful mist…the photo of the old dog and TonTon trudging along; is in my opinion frame-able..I love it.

    There is nothing more pathetic than a quivering dog at the sound of thunder…my Lexi headed for my bed- every time.


  18. I’m so glad you’re having a warm interval, and hope the bees are OK. I’ve never known a dog yet who’s NOT a scaredy cat when there’s thunder about.

    Enjoy your warm respite.

  19. I must say that the photos of the Farmy “lost in the mists” are beautiful. Ethereal and beckoning…from the warmth of my office with a heater under the desk. LOL! I hope you have enjoyed some benefit from the recent silk “underthings.” It must be a big concern protecting the bees in a precarious balancing act with nature. So many things to consider…I hope the bit of warmth is just good and healing for all needs today, dear Celi.

  20. Am feeling all ghostly and ethereal (is that right) now that I’ve read this! Have just checked, and yes, the word is right and exactly describes your post today 🙂

  21. Amazing thing, fog. We get a lot of it here in coastal Maine and I too, love it (as long as I don’t have to drive far). Lovely photos as always. We are still hearing our hive so far, even through this last cold spell. Hopefully yours are just holding their breath when you are checking on them.

  22. Love the sleepy fog pictures today! 57 degrees in the early morning? What on earth, send some of that my way please! We are looking forward to a leap in our weather tomorrow…supposed to hit 51 tomorrow and I’m going to open the entire house up for a nice air out. Kupa’s colors totally change when the sun isn’t shining. Love it! 🙂

  23. Lovely writing and photos today, Cinders! We live in the land of fog, so the photos were quite familiar to me…very pretty! I have been meaning to ask about the bees and how do they survive those bitter, cold temps?? Do they have some sort of anti freeze in their little bee systems?
    Poor Ton Ton….have you heard of the Thunder Shirt for dogs and cats? 🙂 They say they work! Maybe Ton Ton could turn into a guinae pig and we shall see! 🙂

    • bees hold hands and stay very close together in the cold, keeping each other warm. However we have had a winter of ups and downs, so when it is warm they break up and loosen the ball of warmth and if they are hit with cold immediately they will die.. i have a terrible feeling that this has happened. they will actually do better in a very cold winter.. we will see.. c

  24. What a relief it must be to get a little reprieve like this – it seems so incredibly warm after all that freezing cold. I hope the bees are just having a good sleep. Beautiful writing, I felt wrapped around in fog and mystery.

  25. An absolutely exquisite and evocative description of fog – you beautiful writer you. The photographs – the road disappearing into infinity – the ghostly shapes of the buildings. Celi once again you take my breath away. V.

      • It is going to be a surprise for me also, Celi. I have ordered all the books on the short list for the 2012 Orange, Governor-General and Giller Literary Awards. What ever comes first is what I shall be reading. V.

  26. We have a misty morning here too up on the ridge as I write – east coast downunder – however, it is a mild 25C, A welcome respite after heatwave temps up in the 40’s. We have just experienced massive winds with around 250ml rain in the past 3 days and much flooding. Your words describe so well these days walking through the mist. Joy

  27. Love the mists: I believe the animals felt at peace too! But tell TonTon that someone here across the Pond is as big a scaredy-cat about thunder and lightning as he! . . . Think the bees will surprise you when you aren’t looking and listening 🙂 !

  28. I love fog–except when I am driving. The pictures remind me of Shel Silverstein–“Where the Sidewalk Ends.” Where the highway, farmland, horizon..ends. Here there be dragons!

  29. Bagni di Lucca was shrouded in mist yesterday morning and we could see nothing, it was quite eerie. Then it lifted all of a sudden and houses appeared and we could see the mountains around us again.

  30. Nice walk around your place. Ours here in NH has tons of snow, rain, ice and now FOG I think I will stay in and BLOG lol maybe I should take a photo through the window 🙂

  31. Even in the fog and wInter weather you convey beautifully the life of the farmy. I’ve been along with you even though time has been too short for long indulgences, I have a back log of posts to read as well as day to day life stuff post holidays to attend to but I’ve enjoyed and admired your daily postings and images, especially the junkyard and the visiting kids. Kupa’s plumage and posturings have also been a wonder to behold 🙂

  32. Really hope the bees are alright. I check my bees’ fondant levels every now and again during winter and think at 10C you could risk a quick look inside. If they are at the top of the frames that could indicate they’re hungry and would appreciate some fondant.

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