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Moaning breeds Content

When we don’t see the sun for weeks and it is cold and wet and the winter looks like lasting forEVER and we have moaned  our arses off about it in every available social media, we might realise we are actually craving Vitamin C as well… Continue Reading “Moaning breeds Content”

Shadow Play

In the garden, as in life, shadows hold equal value to light.  Especially hard summer light filtered by strong shadows.  This is a perfect blend for me. Too much shade is a problem for a vegetable garden but no shade at all bleaches out… Continue Reading “Shadow Play”

California roast chicken with lemon, thyme and pear stuffing

First the obligatory baby shot!  Getting a bath from Dad. This one did make me laugh, she is laughing too. Babies are like cats, they always look gorgeous in photographs! Cooking with family is one of my most favourite things.  Roast lemon chicken is… Continue Reading “California roast chicken with lemon, thyme and pear stuffing”

The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

This is a Hollandaise sauce that is fast and easy.  Anyone with a blender can make this sauce! No-one can get this wrong.  I am sure the purists will swoon in horror. It is not a high brow sauce, but it is perfectly adequate for… Continue Reading “The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world”

Honey Lemon Marmalade on a lovely late Winter Day

With the last of my lemons I made Honey Lemon Marmalade adapted from a recipe I found at Food In Jars.   It was the most amazing day yesterday. We let the fire go out and I had the windows and doors open. The air… Continue Reading “Honey Lemon Marmalade on a lovely late Winter Day”

Lemon Butter Cake

Well, it was so warm yesterday morning that I put my clown suit  (those ugly thick padded overalls the men use when digging slowly on the side of the road) and my Carhart jacket into the washing machine.  Both were pretty pongy. Then of… Continue Reading “Lemon Butter Cake”