The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

This is a Hollandaise sauce that is fast and easy.  Anyone with a blender can make this sauce! No-one can get this wrong.  I am sure the purists will swoon in horror. It is not a high brow sauce, but it is perfectly adequate for every day eating.  And tasty. No need to stand stirring a pot and adding ingredients by the dribble. No need to stand in the kitchen weeping over a yellow curdled mess.  You can even pause half way through if you are waiting for the lost ones to find the dinner table.

You need a lemon, eggs, butter and a little salt. That is all.  This is so simple I have not even looked up the recipe is years.  My favourite recipes are the ones I do not have to write down! 

Place 3 or 4 egg yolks (I use 4) , the juice of half a lemon and a big pinch of salt in the blender.  Blend until fluffy.  (This is where I pausesometimes)  Then slowly dribble in 5oz of very hot unsalted melted butter while the blender is running.  Once combined very well,  pour over very hot asparagus.  Once you have added the melted butter and whirled it up,  pour immediately over the asparagus and serve.

Basically this recipe has three ingredients so ensure that you use the freshest and best of ingredients. And make sure your eggs are very fresh and from a trusted source.  I am incredibly lucky to have my own eggs and to be able to make the butter so this is a lovely sauce that we eat the whole asparagus season.

Recipe adapted from simply recipes.

Good morning. Now I must zoom as I need to have  Mary’s cat at the vet by 7.30 for the procedure that Boy Cats need to have.

Oh and Kupa is making friends.  The barn chickens, who spent the first two days sitting on a barn gate staring at the peacock,  while he stared back, have found a hole in his gate big enough for the small ones to squeeze through and they have been sharing his food.  And hopefully saying thank you!

So after the weekend, when his quarantine is over, all the barn doors will be closed and his  little enclosure gate will be left open and he can choose to come out and explore the barn. After a week or so of that, I shall leave the South doors open so he can come out into the garden when he wants to!  Now that will be wonderful.

Though I think he will be slow in coming out as he is such a calm quiet bird.  He seems to be content on his perch watching us go by. Bobbing up and down and peering short sightedly.

Good morning.  Have a great day.


92 Comments on “The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

  1. That does look quite easy…I must admit I have never tried Hollandaise for fear of it being a huge disaster! I am going to remember this and try it out one day. Have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Celi, I reckon you should have large prints of these shots done on canvas and hung on your kitchen walls – exquisite! Gotta love a good Hollandaise and I am thrilled to hear that our boy Kupa is settling in nicely.
    Good Morning – have an awesome day.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. Sounds delicious although I don’t posess a blender. Hey-ho! My personal favourie with asparagus is a poached duck egg! I don’t know about Kupa, maybe he is calm – or maybe he’s making plans to lead you a merry dance!!!

    • Morning Christine, he does have a bright twinkle in his eye, maybe he is lullng me into a false sense of security! c

  4. Fantastic recipe – I will be using this in the next day or so! Good luck to Mary´s Cat – it has to be done but he´ll be feeling a bit sorry for himself for a day or two 😦

  5. MMMMmmm… that looks so good! I think I can even make it with dairy free butter. Funny thing, I had forgotten all about Hollandaise sauce! When you can’t eat dairy you just get used to not having certain sauces, I guess.

    We’ll be having this with asparagus and salmon tomorrow night. Thanks Cecelia!

    ~ Have a wonderful day ~ April

    • Excellent april, i knew it was gluten free .. but the dairy thing is so much harder with this sauce, let me know who it works out! c

  6. Good morning, Celi. I shall mention this to my Mom, who will be eating this week’s asparagus. She used to make something she called “mock Hollandaise,” but I don’t know how she did it.

    • Oo I would like to know too.. let us know when you find out!! I am always looking for short cuts! c

  7. Thank you for this recipe.. I’ve been (shhh, using the package) looking for a reliable one and I love that there’s no recipe! I love little Kupa on your facebook page, btw, and very cute that the chickens are trying to hang out and welcome him.. her??

    • Him, the Her will come soon.. and it is a very simple recipe.. anything but the package Smidge!! I won’t tell!! c

  8. This looks so good! We just picked the first if our asparagus, and now I know what I’ll do with the next lot! We pick ours by the handful, not the armload though. I might just have to plant more; your photos are giving me asparagus greed!

  9. This looks so good! We just picked the first of our asparagus, and now I know what I’ll do with the next lot! We pick ours by the handful, not the armload though. I might just have to plant more; your photos are giving me asparagus greed!

          • I remember a Christmas day where two of us cooked dinner and we had to reduce a bottle of red wine vinegar – we drank a whole bottle of Zubrowka vodka during the cooking process – mostly during the red wine vinegar reduction!

            • Well one has to hope that the reduction takes a very very long time and towards the end does not need a lot of attention! brilliant, a man after my own heart.. c

  10. wow Cecilia..where have I been?! Your food photos are gorgeous!! I’ve always loved your farmy pics, but these shots are stunning!! I’m ….gasp! a huge fan of blender hollandaise! Really who has that time to do that double boiler method! Mostly I use it for brunch/breakfast dishes so even more so that it’s early morning, I love the blender method!!

    • Excellent Lynda, I am so glad when i hear that others cheat like me!! safety in numbers and all that! c

  11. Organic lemons in fridge, check …. Umm Celi do you think (y)our John could drop off some asparagus. eggs and butter here on the way to work on Tuesday please??? This recipe is a keeper, thanks.

  12. How lovely! This sounds very rich for a no cook method! I like the “no double-boiler” requirement! I love hearing about the asparagus…among nature’s best! Thanks for the Kuba update. I think he will definitely make himself emporer of the farm before long! Debra

  13. Yum, we’re getting some lovely asparagus in the shops now, and in fact there’s a farmers market on Saturday morning where I can get eggs, asparagus AND gorgeous, yellow farm butter… This sounds perfect for brunch. Glad Kupa is settling in and making some new friends, he will be a lovely addition to the farmy.

  14. Good to here Kupa is settling in well. I am sure he will be a truly splendid sight when he gets to walk around the farm, not that he isn’t splendid already but hopefully you know what I mean.

    • I know exactly what you mean I hate having him in his enclosure.. even if it is a big one. He needs the green of the grass to set off his plumage! c

    • I meant to write that this colour has not been manipulated, the eggs make everything borderline gaudy orange.. our day was great, i hope yours was too, are you having this cold snap? c

      • Not really – lows around freezing, highs in the mid 50’s. As long as there’s sunshine to go with that, it’s good. The slightly colder nights are keeping the fruit trees from blooming.

        • hmm.. yours sounds more logical, our blossom has been and gone and now we are having the freezing nights! oh dear.. c

  15. Your opening photo is such a great still-life, Celi. WIth all of that wonderful asparagus you have, it would be a crime if you didn’t have a good recipe for Hollandaise in your recipe arsenal. Why can they not make a silent blender? Your recipe will taste every bit as good as the double-boiler versions but so much more practical and accessible for the home cook. With a silent blender, no one would know how you made it and, frankly, why should they?

    • Ah.. VERY good thinking! So I could just whip it up with the mere scrape of a spoon against the side of a pot, and no-one would know i was cheating.. you are a wicked fellow, we had best get onto devising this silent blender! We will be rich!!! Rich I tell you.. RICH!!! RICH!! (wicked laughter!) c

  16. Easy hollandaise sauce?? Count me in!! Love that there’s only three ingredients. When my brothers and I were growing up, we’d only eat broccoli and asparagus if my mom served it with a cheese sauce or hollandaise. Fear not, we can eat the veggies plain now. Oh, how we’ve grown up. 😉

  17. I have a blender attachment that’s intended to fit on the top of my Kenwood standmixer … and do you think I can figure out how to make it fit into the hole? Nope. Nada. No way Jose. Even Peder can’t do it. We nearly took an power drill and hammer to it one day but decided that was a bit too extreme. Maybe we should try again; that sauce looks good.

    Good night, farmy and c.

    • Wow, what a bad design.. i am sure you will work it out .. oh and I must pop over as i have a MOTHER in my red wine vinegar!! woo hoo! c

      • Fantastic news on the Mother of Vinegar (MOV). How long did it take? Seems to be several months, right?

        • Yes, I would have to go look at the date but definitely a few months, so what do i do now? I am going to go and look at your vinegar diariees and check the next step! it is the red wine vinegar.. c

  18. The recipe sounds so simple! Simple enough for me even! 😉
    I will out it to the test very soon; thank you.

  19. Hollandaise has always scared me – cooked mayonnaise I was told but yours doesn’t seem very cooked either, which is another paranoia. Hmm, maybe I can get the (reluctant) husband-guinea pig to test it to see how eggy it actually it is, though what to serve it on is another matter because asparagus would not be an option for this guinea pig!!! Thanks for giving me ideas. 😉

  20. That asparagus looks so delectable, and the sauce sounds the perfect accompaniment.

  21. This sounds delicious, but absolutely looks amazing!!! The pictures are truly stunning. And Kupa sounds just wonderful. I can just picture him watching everything from his perch. 🙂

  22. All is well on Farmy today. After your great photos, I am off to the fridge to chow down some raw asparagus. Yummmmm! Wonder what the old codger will say about the peacock…

  23. I am very fond of hollandaise and will def try your method as it sounds so wonderfully simple 🙂

    Wow, is that home grown asparagus there? I crave an asparagus steamer…. one day, except I have no room to store any more cooking paraphernalia. I bought two asparagus crowns but now we don’t know where to plant them, we have to think harder each year, trying to squeeze our experiments in to our little garden. Have a lovely Easter weekend Celi xx

  24. I just purchased more asparagus, but I’ve always been weary on Hollandaise (raw egg and all). I’ll have to give yours a try!

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  26. That sauce and asparagus look so yummy! My asparagus is just starting to poke its little heads out of the ground. Soon…. 🙂

  27. So glad I found this ‘oldie but goodie’!! When my son’s were in high school I used to make them Eggs Benedict with a packaged Hollandaise Sauce for breakfast before they left for school. Wish I had know about this recipe then!! ; o ) And I know I’ll be making this delicious – and easy – sauce a lot in the future!!

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