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Taste the season

Asparagus. With everything. We recognise the season by what is on our plates. Tima has discovered the front steps. Lady’s udder is still unchanged. We are closing in on the penultimate “two weeks to go” period. I am not ordering the new milking bucket… Continue Reading “Taste the season”

Up and At ‘Em

You will be pleased to hear that all of the little piglets have quite suddenly popped their heads up above their doldrums and are behaving like little piglets now.  I found them outside playing a few times yesterday and heard Molly calling them in to feed… Continue Reading “Up and At ‘Em”

It looks like we lost a hive to the cold

Or at the very least a lot of bees from one hive. The night they were installed it got very cold.. and I suppose they did not get huddled together close enough in time.  The other hive seems fine though, noisy and active. In… Continue Reading “It looks like we lost a hive to the cold”

The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

This is a Hollandaise sauce that is fast and easy.  Anyone with a blender can make this sauce! No-one can get this wrong.  I am sure the purists will swoon in horror. It is not a high brow sauce, but it is perfectly adequate for… Continue Reading “The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world”

How to use grey-water to water the garden

See the Dairy Mistress field coming up lovely and green!  That smoke in the distance is the farmers burning their ditches. This is how they clear out the ditches  around here.  As you know, in preparation for a drought or at least a dry summer… Continue Reading “How to use grey-water to water the garden”

going to the bantam swap early this morning

I am posting this early as we are off into the predawn dark on a wee jaunt. Mama is still asleep so don’t wake her.  It is raining and she has taken herself and her handmaiden into the barn.  (I picked 4 pounds of… Continue Reading “going to the bantam swap early this morning”

An award on a late late summers day

Look what miss valentine sent me, an award, this is wonderful! She is a stunning, sensitive, honest, hardworking girl with freckles who loves m&m’s and I would love you to drop by and say hullo. And thank you for this Miss V. Evidently and… Continue Reading “An award on a late late summers day”