Taste the season

Asparagus. With everything. We recognise the season by what is on our plates.

Tima has discovered the front steps.

Lady’s udder is still unchanged. We are closing in on the penultimate “two weeks to go” period. I am not ordering the new milking bucket until I know for sure.

All the electric fences are up now. It is amazing how fast grass grows behind an electric fence. The fields are growing now, slowly.


I  had noted that Molly was still very restless and not laying down long enough for her babies to get a good feed. I remembered that last time she had piglets I was milking which meant there was music in the barn and she always lay down to feed her babies when the music was on. So the other day I brought out Our Johns little unused radio and filled the barn with music. We live in a dark spot when it comes to reception here, of  anything airborne, internet,  cellphones and radio stations, so I was only able to find a country station.(or talk back politics which has such an aggressive tone I would not have that in the barn)  – I am also not a fan of modern  country music but apparently Molly is. She is much more relaxed, is laying down more often and finally the piglets tiny raggy bodies are beginning to fill out with longer access to the milk.

The piglets  have taken longer to pick up than other litters  but I think they have turned their second corner now.

Alex loves his big piggies.

We created an extra roof for the plonkers, in anticipation of the warm weather.

Ellie took this picture last night with her phone when she went out to check the chooks doors  and turn their light off. There is one chicken who roosts right next to the light switch and accidently turns their light on in the night.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Wednesday 04/19 50% / 0.08 inScattered thunderstorms. High 78F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Wednesday Night 04/19 20% / 0 inConsiderable cloudiness. A stray severe thunderstorm is possible. Low around 60F. E winds shifting to SSW at 10 to 20 mph.


46 Comments on “Taste the season

  1. A very handsome fella is Alex… thats the first time I have seen a picture of him….  And dont the chooks look happy and safe in their house….and Miss Molly has become a country bumpkin…but I like country music too…. Lots of love  

    Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 2:25 PM

  2. I’m having visions of Molly doing the Cotton Eyed Joe or a Square Dance…… of course Poppy would have to join her too. Love the hen house photo, I never knew they had a large window like that!

  3. So interesting about Molly and the music! And great that you remembered the connection. I guess the crooning in the country western songs is soothing, although I’m thinking she might also enjoy smooth jazz. But, I do know what you mean about poor reception! And the asparagus! So wonderful to eat massive quantities of it again! We, like you, eat according to what is coming out of the garden. xo

  4. “…one chicken who roosts right next to the light switch…”

    OK…stop playing with the lights! Trying to get some sleep here!

  5. Dinner just like I ordered it and I can’t get to eat it – waaggghhh 🙂 I have an item on my bucket list – to eat a couple of farmy eggs, nobody understands, sigh. Love the Mama/baba kiss and there is a hen channeling Daisy. Pig Graffitti – who knew. Sooo many stories in this post. Laura

  6. Love the photo of that lovely fresh asparagus nestled next to those lovely, fresh eggs! Again, you amaze me! You’re so observant and also such a good ‘creative problem solver’. How wonderful is it that you remembered the music and now the piggie babies are getting much more milk!! (Even my parakeets like a routine and, as I’d read, recognize certain songs and sing to them more when they like them!! ; o )

  7. I love this sentence: “We recognise the season by what is on our plates.” And I love what is on the plate…we had the same food on our plate two nights ago in France, except there, right now, they are in the white asparagus frenzy. The photos are fantastic. The chicken disco is incredible. I love it! And again, the wee piggy with the big one. A game of scale! (Need to use that as reference for a drawing I think…) x

  8. Love all the photos, but that shot of the coop at night, that’s too much! You are really getting the warmer weather out there, which isn’t coming our way yet! Hope the little piggies continuing doing better. So glad you remembered the music! I am sad that your milkers may not be pregnant. A summer without milking just doesn’t seem right somehow.

  9. You’re asparagus and poached eggs looks fab! what a good idea regarding the music for Molly, you really have to keep on your toes re rembering things. Have a great day.

  10. I think the big piggies love Alex too. He really has a great sense of humor, does Alex…maybe the piggies too. Glad the music is helping with Molly. They are quite active now, the little piggies. Asparagus and eggs for dinner. What a simple, delicious dinner. Putting it on the menu for tonight.

  11. I wonder if animals hear music like we do or if they just hear human sounds? Maybe Molly was just lonely out in the barn without her favorite human voice to keep her company whilst feeding her sweet babies. Her piglets look wonderful. I know you are still worried that they are a tad slow in growing but I am so happy for you that they are all healthy!

  12. J > The chicken’s switched the light on to look for the radio. They like the voices of the late-night radio hosts. When we get electric in our henhouse, we’re going to have a radio for them. And the lightswitch under a cover.

    • I had a cow who used to turn the barn lights on and off. We had to build a little box around the switch. I think she was scratching her head on it – but the lights were going on and off and on and off for a number of nights before I discovered the cause. She would also unlatch gate hooks, let the sheep out, untie knots and jump electric fences – generally she was a very entertaining cow – was our Daisy.

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  14. I had a steer who would lick the light switch and turn it on and off. Also, I have string pull lights in the outdoor overhang — cows grab the string with their tongues and turn the lights on so we have to make them so short even I can’t reach them. About Lady — does she have any of the clear goo appearing yet? Especially after lying down and getting up? In most of my cows that is a sure sign for me. I’m dealing with a 4-6 week premature Hereford bull calf — if I hadn’t checked when I did he would have been coyote dinner as I hadn’t brought mom over to the house pasture. She is a first timer and did a great job but he was just too tiny – 28# – and weak to even stand….now after 5 days IN THE HOUSE by the wood stove (cold here still) he’s a little spitfire — eating well and all the rest. I’m going to try to see if mom will take him back maybe this weekend — fingers crossed.

    • That was a lucky find for your wee fella. I hope Mum takes him back though if he is stable there with you that is a good thing too. I have seen the Goo (Lady A) – once, about 10 days ago. But if she is pregnant she is going to give birth to a cat. Her baby must be small. She does not look pregnant and her udder is still looking dried up. Due on the 11th of March – so if anything is going to happen it will be in the 20 days or so. c

  15. What a lovely set of photos today. The brilliant green and orange on that plate, Miss Tima and the steps, and all the lovely piggy shots – I especially like the ‘happy bacon’!

  16. What will happen if Lady isn’t pregnant? Will you buy milk from someone else (preferably raw!) or just do without?

  17. Photo of asparagus appetizing especially since we have four months’ waiting . . . Alex and Sheila more humorous with that back ‘painting’: smiles here !!

  18. OH! I just saw the smily face that Alex drew on the plonker!! Did anyone else see that? How sweet! I didn’t see it this morning! Hah! There is so much color in that photo of the eggs and asparagus and I’m guessing SOO much flavor…fresh from the farmy! Yum!

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