We fed..

… the chickens on the tin house while Alex continued to dig out the winter accumulations from the chook house.

I forgot Sheila was out and about.

And how tall she is.

She and Mr Flowers helped them clean up.

Above is one of the tables of vegetable plants. We have another table full and the glasshouse is still hard at work germinating. Note all the tomatoes. There are also a lot of cabbages this year for the cows garden and for sale of course. The cows garden grows vegetables for me to cut up for Lady Astor at milking time.

These pigs are almost too big for me to handle.  We send Alex in with the buckets at feeding time – he is taller and stands up to their battering ram techniques better than I do.

Well it is one of those days when I don’t have a lot to tell you – we are continuing to prepare and plant up the late spring gardens. Two days without rain has been great.

In fact if the weather continues to settle in the next few weeks, we might be able to get some hay made in early May. The alfalfa is growing very fast.

As I am low in conversation here are a few links to past April 18ths.  The cows are late showing signs of calving this year, I think.  In past years the calves were already on the ground. Hmm.

Have a lovely day.

love celi

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38 Comments on “We fed..

  1. Sheila is huge, isn’t she? I mean I knew that but looking at her next to the chickens makes me realize what a big girl she is! Spring is here from the looks of your plants!

      • I remember how she climbed out of the root cellar, like workers going up a ladder: hind trotters had to wait for front ones to reach the top. That picture stayed with me. (She’s not two little guys in a pig suit, is she?)

  2. Veritable smorgasbord for Sheila 🙂 Aww, I loved seeing the lambies again. I spent part of this morning searching for the blog you did on weighing Sheila by measurement, I need to weigh my dog, its going to be fun with a metal carpenters retractable measurement tape 🙂 Laura

  3. So nice to see some nice dry ground instead of mud on the farmy Celi! We finally did get some rain and everything is growing like crazy, including the weeds in the garden beds! From the looks of your seedlings, you will have fabulous gardens this year!!! 🙂

  4. Going with the saying “no news is good news” fits this post….. Just a calm spring day is a good thing. That is one BIG flock of chickens on the ‘table’. Ms Sheila is a hoot… she is really a friend to all animals isn’t she.

    • She fell off the diet train yesterday but generally she is a pretty lean eater.. lots of hay.. very very little grain on occassion and lots of scraps from the kitchen.. c

  5. Her sheer bulk makes you look past the length of those slender legs of hers. She really is very long in the leg, and if she were less long you’d notice it more. She does have a sort of unstoppable juggernaut quality, doesn’t she, in a ladylike way…

  6. I never knew cows could be fed cabbages – how about THAT??!! And your plants look wonderful – great job my friend!! ; o )

  7. You vegetable plants are looking great! I still have not started anything yet – I feel like a bit of a failure : (

  8. J > Woah – hang on there! Not so many posts ago you were telling us you’re putting livestock out on grass very reluctantly – because it’s so scarce – barely just free of snow : and yet now you’re telling us that in just a fortnight to three weeks time you’ll be making hay? And you have the cheek to tell us you’ve not much to say? Well, that’s quite something you’ve said about the hay, and the ground and climatic conditions!

  9. I saw veggies today and gave into the temptation. I later saw frost warnings for tonight so all of the veg are in the trunk of my car. When will I learn?

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