Isn’t everything on the farm about growing. The piglets are growing, the garden is growing (but not fast enough yet), the pasture is growing, the cobwebs in the barn are growing and my team is growing.

Ellie – wwoofer number two came yesterday – right on time. She will do just fine. Another good, strong young person.  I went to bed last night leaving the young people chatting at the table.

It was a great feeling, listening to their voices recede as the dogs and I retired from the scene. The house AND the farm come alive with growing relationships in the summer.

Ellie went to university to study photography, so I look forward to seeing her take on the farm. She will be here about a month.

The barn at night is still my favourite.

Yesterday I moved Sheila back from her paddock down the back, back to her bed in the barn. The kunekune are settled under the pine trees now so she is moving into their winter quarters for the summer.  I took down the electric fence gate so she could come out but she was not going to cross that line where the electric fence had been. Sheila gave me such a sorrowful look – why was I calling her into danger like that. Did I not realise the string hurts. So I poured her food into a bowl just out of the gateway to entice her over.  All she did was dart over the line, grab the bowl out of my hands,  and carry it back at speed to the ‘safe side’  to eat.

So I left the gates open all the way to the barn and let her work it out herself. She came out later when I called her.  I bet she is happy to be back in the center of things again.

Three of the plonkers are going down there to the root cellar field for a while, to grow some more, four will be sold on the 26th. Separating them out will be a bit of a mission. They are a good size now.

We have a gentle day for Ellie’s first day on the farm. Monday is seed sowing day amongst other things – today I will get the pumpkins and watermelons sown. Lynda from Colorado sent me some watermelon seeds – I look forward to seeing how they go out here. Everything we sow today will go into the calendar to be planted out in six weeks.

In October I hope we can exchange more seeds within the Fellowship as part of  “My Great-Grandmothers Garden” project.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Monday: Partly cloudy skies. High 72F. Winds light and variable.

Monday Night:  Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds light and variable.

31 Comments on “Growing

  1. First sleeping piggy has a beautiful golden sheen to her coat, sweet sleepy face 🙂 Laura

  2. Welcome Ellie! What sweet piggie photos… Still recovering from bronchitis, but have missed checking in with the farm….

  3. Ceci, I do like following your farm’s progress, and I don’t have to lift a finger. it satisfies my dream of living a farm life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. the pig photos are particularly beautiful today. I wonder how many I have saved in my PIG file? Sleeping baby and wee pig with huge pig are such lovely images. But so is the abstract light in the barn. Your eye is always open, isn’t it? x

  5. More elfin piglet ears, so very endearing. How many plonkers and how many gilts? Are we going to be allowed to name any of them, or is every one intended for the glorious destiny of bacon?

  6. Oh Good! They made it there. I always worry about the mail. YAY! I hope you enjoy them…they should get ripe around Labor day (here it’s about the 6th of Sep.) They are sweet, crunchy and oh so good!

  7. As I’m just returning from a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, , I can picture Sheila with a little travel bag, moving to her place in the barn. Welcome Ellie.

  8. I was surprised Sheila would so willingly move around until I see you last comment that her travel bag is her bowl! Can sure see Manu in those piglets. It must be very rewarding to bring complete strangers together and then watch relationships grow, listening to the sharing.

  9. Yes I was thinking the same thing because recently I thought she refused to come out of the root cellar!

  10. Really looking forward to hearing more about the Great-Grandmothers’ Seed Project: ). The light in the evening barn is exquisite! Poor Sheila and lovely wee sweet piglets: )

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