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Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!

A New Zealand Winter has finally arrived. In March. In Illinois. New Zealand winters are damp, and cold, and wet. And long. The Illinois March is too damn long. Which is why I hate March. March in Illinois has snow, rain, wind, sun, cold,… Continue Reading “Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!”


The rain has brought forth mud and growth. The good, the bad and the ugly. “Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud; …” Shakespeare


The snow white geese flew overhead in a huge cloud, kept low by the gray heavy sky.  There were hundreds of them.  Calling like gulls after a fishing boat.  The large group circled around a field of water dropping lower and lower. Spiraling down and… Continue Reading “SNOW GEESE”


lots and lots of mud


That about sums it up. 

Knots Up

We did fencing yesterday. The middle sized pigs are pushing their fence  outwards as they race up and down chasing cars in a mad kiind of gaggle. My UPS man – who visits almost every farm and house in the area  -said he has never seen… Continue Reading “Knots Up”

Moaning breeds Content

When we don’t see the sun for weeks and it is cold and wet and the winter looks like lasting forEVER and we have moaned  our arses off about it in every available social media, we might realise we are actually craving Vitamin C as well… Continue Reading “Moaning breeds Content”

Wash your Hair

I have no idea why I wrote Wash your Hair in the title line. But I have this rule that whatever I write in the title cannot be changed. Some kind of weird superstition. It is a spin from a thought and whether it… Continue Reading “Wash your Hair”

The Essence of Languid

Though every description of the word languid  that I read does not say what I think Languid means. This cat is languid but is by no means LISTLESS.  List Less. Less List – now what does that mean. To list less. Like a ship?… Continue Reading “The Essence of Languid”

Up to the Yards

Once again the cows have been brought back up to the yards though the concrete yards are not much drier at least the cows cannot pog holes in them with their cloven hooves. We had two inches of rain in an hour at milking time… Continue Reading “Up to the Yards”