The snow white geese flew overhead in a huge cloud, kept low by the gray heavy sky.  There were hundreds of them.  Calling like gulls after a fishing boat.  The large group circled around a field of water dropping lower and lower. Spiraling down and dropping, one by one as they laid their bodies in rows into the watery fields, like a frothing airy white sheet settling onto a bed, and there they restlessy rested. 87-01887-02087-020.jpg187-020.jpg3

The floodwaters kept me a good half mile from the flock and the little camera is not designed for jobs of this length. But you can imagine the picture and the sounds in the distance as the flock roiled and fidgeted then finally rested.  They were too far away to be bothered by me or my dogs, I was just another movement in the endless landscape, so I watched them for a long time.

I have never seen snow geese here before. Or maybe they usually just fly straight overhead and the flooding fields looked too tempting.  They will be migrating back to their breeding fields. I wonder what brought them down here.

Snow Geese.


Speaking of birds. Can you see the sparrows hiding in the bush?


Aunty Del.


Calling for her dinner.


I hope you have a lovely day.


Love celi

WEATHER: The promise of a little sun. I hope it comes – we have been too long gray.

Sunday 02/25 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. High around 45F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

Sunday Night 02/25 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 27F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

6:33 am 5:39 pm

Waxing Gibbous, 74% visible 12:59 pm 3:00 am

26 Comments on “SNOW GEESE

  1. I love the little birds stuck to the branches like oversized buds of spring. And sweet Aunty Del bellowing for something to eat. Why do you think the geese have come your way? Is it a sign of more cold? Or a shift toward warmth? Surely they know something…

    • I think it is also possible that they come this way once a year and I never before realised they were a white flock – they may just have flown straight overhead and I thought they were Canada Geese. The water may brought them down this week

  2. Wonderful photos – as always!! I absolutely loved what you wrote about the snow geese. I’m going to share it on Facebook – and include a link. Have a great day – AMAZING LADY!! ; o )

      • I bet I saw them…we ate breakfast at the Legion here and walked home around 11 or so. The sound from all of them was unreal! We stood in the back yard and watched them for several minutes.

  3. What a treat to see the Snow Geese, maybe they had heard of your AirB&B 🙂 Laura

  4. Loved recyclersa’s note that the geese may have dropped in for your famous AirB&B – chuckle! They wanted warm bread, too! That photo of Miss Piggy, positively adorable! Is she smiling?

  5. Wonderful. I love migrating brds, butterflies etc, especially as when & how it happens as it should it means things are in whack rather than out of. I’m guessing the Sniw Geese figured that nice temporary body of water a perfect overnight stop.

  6. I envy you your late winter snow geese visitors. I have a dear friend who lives out in the country near Virginia, IL and she posted snow geese last year. It was a similar colony. We had one that actually nested not far from us two summers ago. The ranger pointed her out and said it was unusual for here. Ah well, snow has melted, more to come, BUT the daffodils are poking through.

  7. A huge flock of birds is always a miracle, but geese are especially lovely because of their almost military discipline and their amazing voices. A flooded field with all danger miles away must have been a very welcome safe haven, spotted from above. Also love Aunty Del singing for her supper. I see her as having a sturdy contralto, one of the mainstays of the church choir…

  8. I love Snow Geese…we have them here in the Skagit Valley of Washington state during the winter months! They love the ag fields! People come from all over to see them! Nothing brightens up a drab, dreary, cold, landscape like huge flocks of Snow Geese….

  9. What a lovely sight to are very lucky. I reckon that someone somewhere tweeted that your field was a good stop over and thats why they came…lucky you

  10. Oh I missed this post!! And love the pictures!! especially of Miss Polly the Piggie!!! Just love it – A calendar shot!!! And Aunty Del –is she singing “O Sole Mia”!!!!! And my ole Buddy Ton!! good Boy!!

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