This has got to be my favourite photo of Sheila ever. sitting-pig-008

I am tempted to work on it – maybe black and white and print it. If I have a moment this afternoon I will make it into a greeting card for my Zazzle shop.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the link) There is such Pause in her pose.  She is looking straight at the house.  Watching for me. Then there I am.


Below is WaiWai – far out in the field foraging.  He has never been locked in – just wanders about at will.  Usually he does not go that far so maybe the pickins’ are dwindling.


There is still a lot of water in the fields.


Manu did not go out yesterday – the fields are too wet – he gets mired in that heavy mud. I found him a nice flake of hay and he stayed home in the barn having a nice afternoon to himself.


Although Wai does walk a ways every day foraging he might be eating a bit much rotten corn.  But it has got him through a cold winter and almost healed. All I feed him is fruit and hay. There is no containing him until he goes into a summer field. He is not an inside pig so he is hard to put on a diet yet.


The lake on the other side of the road is not a lake – it is a field. Totally underwater.


Above is the reason nothing is draining. There is nowhere for the water to go. The fields are high with water, the ditches are full of water, the creeks are over flowing – even the big rivers are at an all time high. Keep in mind that our house is the lowest point for miles around. It was a swamp here for thousands of years and will always behave like one – people drainage or not.  Until the rivers start to go down the water will remain high all the way back up the water chain, waiting for movement.  And we will remain in swampiness. It is the time of year.

When the cold comes back it will get very icy.


The peacocks are happy enough on their high perch.

The sap is running too – I have half a quart of maple syrup in the fridge already. It is incredibly tasty. Hard to imagine it comes from a TREE! We don’t need much – a couple of quarts per household will be perfect.

I hope you have a lovely day.



Friday 02/23 10% / 0 in
Overcast. High 47F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

Friday Night 02/23 80% / 0.11 in
Cloudy with rain developing after midnight. Areas of freezing rain possible. Low 32F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

6:36 am 5:37 pm

First Quarter, 52% visible 11:13 am 12:49 am



40 Comments on “SHEILA

  1. She really is the sweetest pig and Wai must be having the best time he’s ever had!
    I imagine the swampiness makes for good fertility. Two thousand years ago, Egypt was the breadbasket of the Roman world – the Nile flooded over the farmland on an annual basis. In more modern times the Nile has been damned and Egyptians turned to cotton, as a cash crop, which has depleted the soil and there’s no replenishment because there’s no more flooding.

  2. Oh, Wai looks fantastic. I love that guy. (Was going to say “little guy” but that description hardly fits him, does it?) Amazing to have watched his transformation.

  3. What lovely pics of Sheila and Wai…Sheila is always my favourite because she is such a wonderful character but Wai is only just behind..He is such a courageous pig to have endured so much and yet still is loving and a great character. You sure do have a lot of water..and as you say your house is lowest…so l hope that the levels will not over flow..otherwise you will have one big problem. Stay safe all of you..humans and animals of all kind.. I love you all BG

  4. I love the photos today. Such a treat to see Sheila and Wai. But I think my favorite is of Boo and Ton in the truck bed. Such handsome animals – all of them.

  5. Sheila has quite the profile! Is it aquiline? Not to mention Wai’s figure too. Did you hear about the woman who tried to board a plane with her emotional comfort peacock?

  6. What gorgeous photos of the Farmy’s beauty queen! Does she ever follow you back to the house and up the porch stairs like some of the other pigs we know? I was wondering…do you have to trim their toenails or does the vet come and give them all mani/pedis? 🙂
    Look at Wai…what a handsome fellow he is!

  7. Yea, your piggly pets are looking quite wonderful. I was so surprised to read a week or so ago about your sugar maples. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak of them before and I wasn’t aware they would flourish on such low land; always thought they’d be in higher woodland settings. But good stuff! I am envious! I guess we need the mess of this mud and excess water to herald the summer, so three cheers for the thaw! Hope it recedes quickly. Have a great day. — Mame 🙃

  8. Wow, that is a lot of water lieing around, keep planting trees, lots of them. Add Maple syrup envy to farmy egg envy. Great pictures of Sheila and Wai today. Laura

  9. Ha Sheila looks very pensive 🤔 and Wai Wai looks so well what a difference! they all look very contented. 😁

  10. That is Sheila’s fashion model pose, just a subtle turn of the hips and gazing so the light falls flatteringly… Wai is the miracle pig and you are the miracle working pig whisperer.

  11. . . . am softly smiling, Miss C, you really did learn how to set the production scene way back, did you not . . . all the actors and actresses know their parts and perform them well . . .

  12. Maple syrup… that sounds so yummy. Sheila is a beauty for sure. Everyone appears to be awaiting spring, and won’t she be glorious when she arrives?!!

  13. Whenever you share photos of Sheila, I cannot help but smile. Without anything to give perspective, she seems so diminutive, even demure – and then I remember the first time I saw her in person. Yeah, diminutive! 🙂

  14. Thought you might enjoy this story* about Dexter the peacock companion. As I read it this morning I tried to imagine which support farmy-person you might choose for your next trip. Sheila would need more than one seat and might bark too much; Tima would no doubt fall asleep in the aisle, snoring rudely–as described in the “Goldilocks” post; but how about Wai? I’m sure the passengers and crew would welcome him once they heard his incredible story.

    P.S. I look for thekitchensgarden before the morning newspaper (often before morning prayers — sshhhh). You bring fresh air and sunshine, not to mention news of the real world.

    * )

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