When we were kids we could come home from school and be immediately instructed to change into PLAY CLOTHES.  We lived on a beach so I guess we were hard players and school clothes were never worn at play. t12he12-046

Even now when it is the season to buy a couple of warm items of clothing to replace the worn-thin and worn-almost-out Old work clothes. I still find myself wearing my Good work clothes out to buy feed, or deliver eggs and vegetables, etc., then come home to change into my  Old work clothes to do the actual work.  As it gets colder I will wear my Good work clothes as the inside layer where they cannot get ripped or dirty covered in my Old work clothes that can get ripped or dirty. My clown suit is washed and darned and patched and the broken zip is sewed half shut and this is the favourite top layer of course. The clown suit even looks like it is one of the Play Clothes.

Have to laugh at myself when I come home and am still changing into my Play Clothes.  But I absolutely do not feed the pushy pigs in my Good work clothes.  Not in that muck.


Inky has started stealing milk from Alex who does not seem to mind as long as she does not see her. Alex’s udder is getting big and full whereas Aunty Anna who is Inkys mother tends to hang about the barn more and her udder is much smaller. t12he12-018

Inky is still happy and healthy so I am observing the situation. Aunty Anna is also sold when she has weaned Inky but it is way to early for her to wean the little tyke.  Maybe Aunty Anna is not a good producer of milk. t12he12-024t12he12-028

Rainbow is growing fast, she is a robust wee calf and she and Inky are never apart.


I have brought Aunty Del up to the barn so I can keep a closer eye on her.


She is such a lovely cow is Del and not slated to be sold at this point.


Autumn has finally reached the maples.


See what the weather was like A YEAR ago. Though this one does not show trees.

How about TWO YEARS ago. No not useful either,  colder but no trees.

OK, THREE YEARS ago then I must start work.  The gardens are much greener in this post. Hmm. OK, Just one more.

FOUR YEARS ago. Here is another corn year and the first frost.  (Tonight is our first frost). Some very cool shots of Marmalade and Boo Nanny in this post.

Today I am going to work on a plan to bring Wai in. He still has two open wounds that are very slow to heal and I am really quite concerned about it going below freezing with uncovered wounds. My worry is frostbite. He has to come into the barn – there is room for him – but the barn is no warmer – just out of the cold and wet.  And this weekend it is forecast to rain and be below freezing and we all know what that means. And this boy is not an inside pig.  Plus the steps mean he cannot come and go when he needs to ‘go’. A conundrum.

OK! Off to work. I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi


Tuesday 10/24 100% / 0.42 in
Rain. High near 45F/7C. Winds WNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around a half an inch.

Tuesday Night 10/24 20% / 0 in
Cloudy early with partial clearing expected late. Low 33F/.5C. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

7:14 am 5:58 pm
Waxing Crescent, 24% visible 11:35 am 9:31 pm


40 Comments on “PLAY CLOTHES

  1. I ALWAYS change into play clothes when I get home from work. Mainly for comfort but I don’t want to ruin work clothes when cooking either.

  2. That mud looks like pig heaven. You’ve reminded me of the book, “The Tin Drum”, where the potato farmer (at the beginning) wears 4 skirts, one on top of the other – they get rotated on a daily basis.

  3. I remember “play clothes.” In my era I think it was because girls were still required to wear dresses to school. When you got home, and wanted to run with the boys and explore, dresses made no sense at all!

    • We wore school uniforms – and though we had two shirts – we only had one winter pinafore that could only be dry cjeaned being wool. And with six of us? Well, suffice to say we did not get them dirty.

  4. My play clothes are the Husband’s old work clothes, patched, repaired and then worn too thin or frayed to be presentable for work any longer, so I steal them, worn with sleeves rolled up, and pants cinched in tightly with a belt. If I don’t wear them, they become more patches, or rags. It’s good to feel that a rip or indelible stain or lost button doesn’t matter, but I’d draw the line at the pig wallow too…

    • Mercy your husband must be a little fella. I could not sooner wear johns trousers than fly to the moon – plus he wears his stuff until it truly IS a rag.. Lucky you get his handmedowns – very cool

  5. I remember having my children putting on their play clothes after school. Like you, I have good clothes to go “play” in as in going out of the house and work clothes that are never worn in public. If mine ever wear out, it’s a trip to the thrift store for new work clothes. My play clothes are worn so little that some are well over 20 years old. Love the photos today.

    • If you buy good quality and look after them – clothes can last a long time – I seldom use the dryer and I think that is why some of my clothes are OLD but still GOOD.

      • EXACTLY!!! My dryer is mostly for sheets and towels. We are not allowed to hang things out here so my tub rods get used a lot for hanging. 🙂

  6. Totally relate to the order of “change into play clothes” after school. I still change a half dozen times and I wear an apron when cooking…I am just sloppy that way.

  7. I grew up with school clothes and play clothes too. I still change from my good clothes to home clothes after being out. Old habits die hard!
    Have a good day!

  8. We always changed too. My clothes also work their way down the line from going out clothes, not going out clothes, farm clothes and finally torn up as rags for the workshop. Always a mistake to think I can just nip down the yard in going out clothes.

  9. I had forgotten all about play clothes… I suppose because that is what I wear most every day. I seldom get out in town clothes or dress clothes. I really need to do a post about the new, very functional work clothes I’ve been getting from Duluth Trading Company. Their clothes have totally rocked my work in the orchard for the last year. I swear by their pants and socks especially!

    • OH!! I LOVE Duluth too. I have trousers I have been wearing for years, they are stained and worn but do not rip easily and are SO comfortable plus they never get really wet – they stand up so well! Yes – I love them too

    • How funny, they’ve had a free shipping thing and I just received a pair of their firehose work pants today, double chap fronts take way longer to wear out the knees, love them!

  10. I was wondering if Wai wouldn’t benefit from Tumeric capsules and Oregano Oil capsules for the final stage of healing those last hotspots?Otherwise a cortisone shot to speed up the healing. Yes I have play clothes worn at home and smarter clothes to go out in. Poor TonTon the triplets last week and now calf kisses this week 🙂 Laura

    • He is the fussiest pig in the western world and only eats what he eats – try to add additives and he will refuse to eat what he normally eats. He is on a very good diet though. Plenty of nutrition. Poor wee lovey. c

  11. We had play shoes, school shoes as well as church shoes. I’m not sure how my parents afforded so many shoes for so many children. We DID share alot. Maybe the sharing and the careful saving the good shoes was the key to all of us having the shoes we needed. I must ask my Mother the next phone visit.

  12. I remember when all ladies over a certain age wore house coats to do their house work in. I don’t see that now, I suppose clothes are relatively cheap these days so just a pair of old jeans and a sweat shirt suffice. I love the bottom photo of Tima with the chickens, the colours are fab!

  13. All my life have had everyday clothes separate from others that I wear to go out. Makes for a
    stuffed closet! Love the pictures for today’s blog.

  14. This year, my going out clothes have become play clothes, and for the first time in probably 3 years I’ve bought new ones, mostly op shop bargains, but a couple of brand new t shirts which will be ‘best’ clothes for a good while.

    • Yep! Play clothes and shoes, school clothes and shoes, and Sunday school dress and shoes – or for other SPECIAL occasions only! Mom made all the dresses until we girls learned to sew – four on a Singer treadle – what a zoo, but it was done in shifts…one sewed, one practiced their music, while the other did homework and one helped with dinner. Even my brother learned how to sew a button, make his bed, and do his laundry. Busy household in the 50’s – 60’s! – Sunny

  15. From the time I was still in school [yes, in Australia all children also wear school uniforms] to the present day, the very first thing coming in the front door is a change of clothes to old and comfortable . . . ‘play clothes’ name fits the situation well 🙂 ! So comfortable ere one has to get redressed for drinks, dinners, theatre et al . . . . Temperatures: oh, the extremes. You are mid-autumn and getting a frost, we in mid-spring and Sunday is meant to reach 37C or 99.9F!!! This year we are so afraid for a repeat of a horrid bushfire season . . . September days saw over 180 fires burning at the same time in NSW !!! Thank God some rain is on the horizon after four months of drought and an El Nino pattern seems to be forming near Chile . . . good not give a damn if it was a cool and wet summer [sorry kids and beach lovers 🙂 !] as long as we still have our homes in autumn!!

  16. It seems to me, somewhere, I heard of a spray on liquid bandage type thing. I wonder if that would help Wai? There must be something out there to speed that last bit of healing! I will keep thinking.

    • hi ron – no – inky is in with her mum and alex and her calf. Aunty Del is through the fence. I have actually seen inky drinking from Alex though. She is a good looking wee calf..

  17. Is a ramp an option for Wai? Our potbelly Lucy, walks up a small ramp (wide plank board beefed up for traction and stability) which puts her at the correct altitude to enter the barn through the doggie door. She is quite happy with this arrangement.

    • I would love him to walk up a ramp – the barn is no problem for him to go in and out of though. It is the house I would like to ramp him into!! But he would hate the house I think.

      • Lucy does not like the house. She will walk up steps to the door to bang, bang, bang, it’s time for breakfast. But if you open the door and she sees the floor without carpeting it is too slippery for her and she won’t try it.

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