This big bobby who I brought off a friend would not settle anywhere. Every group I put him in with he bawled and tried to suckle on any cow nearby. I even suspected him of causing the swelling in Aunty Dels udder, and then he escaped again and was standing in the barn sharing Tima and Tanes hay. wai-the-wonder-029

So I opened the gate and in he went and for the last three nights he sleeps at their door and they sleep in their straw and everyone is happy.

Wai was terrified though so with an enormous amount of difficulty I moved him into the center pen of the barn. And I do mean an enormous amount of difficulty – this was the biggest fight we ever had and he is strong! But the pen is large and sunny and airy and full of bales of new straw. I almost saw the little pig sigh with relief once he saw his home. He spent the rest of the day making himself another bed.

There was no Tima to hide from. No-one tried to steal his dinner and he is right next to the little pigs and their hot light. So when the winter comes I can put a warm light. wai-the-wonder-009

Little smiley boy.


Interestingly his first bed was tucked into an alcove and I discovered that he cannot turn his body at all. The muscles in his back were horribly damaged from his injuries and i guess this is a result. So he has to have a bed that is like a tunnel.  When he awakes he moves forward to get back out. He will not even reverse.   So I reconfigured his bales of straw so he had an entrance and an exit.

Today I might roll the big blue upside down fish tank over to the barn and put it in his pen as an offer. It is big and round and I think this may work for him – we will try it out – it will be much warmer for the winter. And the winter is coming.  The advantage of his big separate pen is that when the machines have been through the field and it is all clear: I can open his gate and he can still come in and out and cruise the gardens.

At the moment he is still locked in. Even though it is very wet out there the harvesters just might arrive. I never know when.


This big fellow still like to drink hot milk out of a bucket after the milking so he is happy with the new arrangement – the sunroom where he sleeps with pigs is right next to the milking room.


Rainbow and her mother.


I have picked the last of the pumpkins now that there are so many frosts in the forecast. These are the Godiva. The seeds are meant to be excellent for roasting as they are shell free. I cut up and roasted one of the pumpkins yesterday while the oven was on for dinner and today I will make a pumpkin soup and set the seeds out to dry.


I will mow all the lawns today (I hope because you never know what will happen on a farm to use up mowing time) – maybe this will be the last mow of the year. (I hope that too).

And I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER; Cool and lovely.

Thursday 10/26 10% / 0 in
Sunny along with a few clouds. High 62F/16C. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph.

Thursday Night 10/26 10% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies in the evening, then becoming cloudy overnight. Low 38F/3. SSE winds shifting to W at 10 to 20 mph.

7:17 am 5:56 pm
Waxing Crescent, 41% visible 1:11 pm 11:09 pm



38 Comments on “SLEEPS WITH PIGS

  1. I’m sure that getting Wai moved is a relief for you too! I bet he will appreciate the indoors when it gets cold.

    • He is much quieter, he has the piglets right next door and when I come in he rises out of this bed and puddles around his track and comes across for a scratch – generally I think he is much happier – also he is closer to the action – once he can go back to visiting the garden his life will be complete. PLUS there is a bar above the bed he chose that I can attach a warm light to, if indeed the winter does become brutal. I met a woman yesterday who houses her HORSES in a HEATED barn! Can you inagine!?? Merciful heavens.. c

  2. Poor Wai, life is full of battles 🙂 Alex and Rainbow are a photogenic pair, and those are good looking punkins. Laura

  3. Animals can certainly be fussy. So much personality.

    I need to harvest my basil one last time before the frost and freeze. It has made 2 previous batches of pesto for the freezer. The tomato plants look finished. Freeze will complete their lives.

  4. I am glad Wai was content in the end & you got that task done & Tima & Tane have a new sleepytime pal. Funny how they all let you know what they really want to do.

    • Though I have to say Wai really did NOT want to go in the barn – he is a bit of a free spirit – hopefully the fields will be harvested soon and he can come and go from his new bedroom..

  5. Love that the Godiva pumpkins are shell free! We will look into planting some next year! Thanks for that tip!!! XO

  6. I was kind of worried about you when I didn’t see a post yesterday. Looks like you had a busy one herding pigs and cows. We are unseasonably warm here. 70’s! And the first warm and dry Halloween in years. I am so ready for a good frost but i don;t have the work you do. Glad to hear you were able to work out something for Wai. My heart breaks for him. He has you now so all is well. Have a wonderfilled day.

  7. Thanks for information on the pumpkin. I have been meaning to ask you how the BlackTail Mountain Watermelon did with the seeds I sent you? Ours were delicious and matured nicely in September.

  8. I get dizzy trying to keep up with your reassigning bedrooms. You probably have plenty of experience as mother of 5 children!😀

  9. Hurray for getting Wai resettled in safer digs! And Big Bobby is surely better off in company with Tima & Tane for the time being. Everybody looks a bit more content and seems to have found a rhythm that suits for now. Hope that holds true for you as well!

  10. I think my dog and Wai are kindred spirits. No amount of persuasion works until she thinks it was her idea in the first place! Glad you are feeling more prepared for what’s coming. We just received a little skiff of snow. A good reason for hot tea.

  11. ” I discovered that he cannot turn his body at all. The muscles in his back were horribly damaged from his injuries and i guess this is a result. So he has to have a bed that is like a tunnel. When he awakes he moves forward to get back out. He will not even reverse. So I reconfigured his bales of straw so he had an entrance and an exit.” ❤ ❤ ❤ <— I am so touched by your sweetness I have no words. (((Celi)))

  12. Poor Wai… what horrible injuries he sustained. But he sure never lost his spunk. I would’ve loved to see a video of your fight to get him in his new place!! It’s it wonderful how he seems to be happy there. You sure wouldn’t want to have to find another place for him – he’s in his perfect spot it seems. ; o )

  13. It is SO good to know you’re getting all the little problems ironed out before freeze up, C!! Your Godiva are beautiful; totally love their shape and they sound like the perfect pumpkin: ) One question though – being rindless I’m guessing that they’d be highly susceptible to frost – so is their skin somewhat similar to that of Butternut Squash then?

  14. Fingers crossed Wai will be contented in his new home long term, there’s a limit to the number of times you can drag the bedroom furniture around… Poor boy has had a hard life, but it’s a mercy the other pigs aren’t quite as particular!

  15. I have never had pumpkin soup, but I adore pumpkin. Big Bobby likes the pigs best of all. That makes me laugh. Animals are so surprising sometimes. Good for you and Wai. A little straw tunnel. He can use it for exercise this winter….round and round and round..ha

    • If you adore pumpkins, Kim, I’m sure you’ll enjoy pumpkin soup. My favorite pumpkin soups are simply pumpkin puree seasoned with homemade curry powder ( and blended with either coconut milk + lemon juice or buttermilk. And salt, to taste. Easy-peasy beyond words, and so comforting. You can jazz it up with all kinds of things: roasted veg, toasted almonds or coconut, etc, but just the creamy richness of curried pumpkin is hard to beat. 🙂 Cheers! Kathryn

  16. I’m in oinker heaven with the piggies dear friend. Happy Friday to a great and wonderful weekend. Sending you hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  17. I love growing pumpkins…now garden is a postage stamp. Still, I do not carve all for Halloween and use any and every kind for seed roasting, an flesh squishing. Yum!

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