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Cheap Sauna

There is something inherently wrong about shifting cows, or milking or gardening with sweat running down your legs. Arms and face seem to be acceptable places for sweat. Maybe the brow, or even the belly. But the legs should be a sweat free zone… Continue Reading “Cheap Sauna”

Natures Way?

Nature is cruel and most of all it is cruel to animals or birds that are not perfect.  After watching the pea-chicks roll around their little box, both with one leg out at a right angle, wings spread, miserable, unable even to stand to eat,… Continue Reading “Natures Way?”

The Christmas Owl

Oh Owl.  You look so pretty. But where is your Christmas scarf and why are  you Carrying your star? I thought we agreed that you would Wear the star. You know. To be more Christmassy. I don’t want to be a Christmas Owl, miss… Continue Reading “The Christmas Owl”

The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck

Yesterday was a study in getting stuck in the mud. I squelched my way through fields with my arms out like wings trying to keep my balance. The ground underneath is still frozen so in some areas the melting soil is like a slurry… Continue Reading “The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck”