The Essence of Languid

Though every description of the word languid  that I read does not say what I think Languid means. This cat is languid but is by no means LISTLESS.  List Less. Less List – now what does that mean. To list less. Like a ship? No listing to port, stay on an even keel-  no taking risks. No languid boats allowed.

But I love the word. I would like to be described as languid.

Geraldine is not languid or listless, she is always on the look out for an unguarded body part to peck. In fact there is a whole page in the worker hand book dedicated to managing Geraldine. I think I might go to the toy shop and buy a SuperHero shield for the fending off of Geraldine.
geraldine the peahen

Though which Super Hero would be best at fending  off a Pecky Peahen is anyone’s guess.
filthy little pig

The piglets have discovered mud. There is a video I put up on Instagram last night that shows them speckled with mud all drinking from a mother who is also covered in mud. It made me laugh! There is also one of the little rescue piglets walking – not well – but she is out there.

Boo guarding his calf. She is sold and soon her new owner will come to collect her. In the next few weeks I think.

Naomi the Beautiful.


Looks like Aunty Del may also be sold but not until the end of the season. I love that she might be  going to a little farm family in need of a milk cow. If all goes well.


The meat chickens drinking their daily milk.

Time to begin.

I hope you have a lovely day.


39 Comments on “The Essence of Languid

  1. Languid feels like someone walking as though in water. Movements slow with little energy. Kind of like we all feel at the end of a very hot day when you could wring water out of us. Too much heat makes us that way. Love the word. Listless is when I’m leaning heavily against the arm of my chair because I can’t hold myself upright any longer. If you are getting the same heat we are, the body knows the definition. At least it looks dryer here in your photos. Everyone seems a bit listless except Geraldine. She looks ready to take on anyone. 🙂

  2. I had a girlfriend who’s sister was called Geraldine – she was ready to take on anybody, like her namesake!
    That mud on the piglets is character building 🙂

  3. Listless derives from liste, Middle English for joy or delight or enjoyment. So it means joyless, without enjoyment or delight. It’s a much, much sadder way to be than languid! I like languid a lot.
    Lovely little muddy piglet, hurray that (s)he had enough energy to go out and get thoroughly grubby!

  4. I think I might beat a hasty retreat if faced with Geraldine .. Have a good weekend. 🙂 Laura

  5. When I think of you Celi, the word languid does not come to mind. Now I am languid on my sofa under the ceiling fan, sipping ice tea, reading novels. Sheila might be languid these days, slumberingin her mud bath.

  6. And this is why I couldn’t be a farmer. I am attached to these animals just through a blog and am already feeling the loss of the sold ones. I can’t imagine if I dealt with them personally. I would end up hoarding animals instead of dealing in animals, which would defeat the purpose of farming. 😀

  7. Geraldine reminds me of our Goliath the goose, who was in attack mode around everyone but Jack, who he had imprinted on! The farm was not a peaceful place, and finally after two years of him assaulting me and every visitor every time we stepped out of the house, we found him and his wife Delila a new home. Geraldine’s beak is much smaller than Goliath’s was, but it is sharper and looks like it could pack a powerful peck too!!!

  8. Ah Ms C- I see the tell- tale castration marks on some of those sweet piglets in the instagram video. How many gilts and boars did you end up with?

  9. You are hardly listless and could use a few languid moments between piggies and calves and weeds!
    Have a sweet day full of calm and contented moments.

  10. i shouldn’t think you have time Celi to be languid. Geraldine looks mighty fierce! ☺️

  11. hmmm ‘languid’ doesn’t mean as I thought either. I thought more of something fluid, liquid gold, dreamy. But my little desktop dictionary here says “lacking in spirit or liveliness”. I would never have paired languid and spiritless together. Oh well, learn something every day — guess I will just have to avoid using the word ‘languid’ in future so as not to insult my emotions… lol
    Yes, will seem strange not to have Aunty Dell around. She’s been a lovely cow. Wondering if it’s turned out that two milkers more than you can use?
    That’s a fabulous shot of Geraldine, and of the wee piggie as well, of course. But Geraldine’s expression is a grabber.
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Naomi will come online next year so two is my limit I think. I can’t keep everyone. PLus I need to sell one or two each year to fund my travels, that is my objective anyway.. c

  12. I have forgotten why Aunty Dell can’t stay. The blog could really use a search function.

    Languid has always meant a kind of aristocratic lethargy. Perfect description of a cat or a Victorian lady.

    • One of the things I intend to do is raise and train milking cows then sell them to farming families. So she is just the first that is all. I know it takes a long time and we get attached but this is how I am earning some money. Two milking cows at a time is enough for me. c

  13. omg..that face on Geraldine just cracked me up…a little like I feel sometimes! Hah! Yes, my new desktop for awhile!

  14. Love Geraldine. We have a snail here I call languid. The girls painted his shell last year silver and every now and then he appears in the garden, I first spotted him in the spring and then again a few weeks ago, always in the same area on the lawn. Even though I think he is languid, he perhaps has a passion for life! Either way he is a lucky snail, he is the only one whom I have given carte Blanche on our property. The others get taken to the compost heap or are let loose amongst the chickens, Mr Silver shell is allowed to remain!

  15. People call me Geraldine when they don’t bother to look at my name. I don’t mind Geraldine but will not tolerate Gertrude because that is stereotyping.

  16. I can’t for the life of me remember who that little calf that’s sold is. Is she Aunty Del’s? Also I can’t find the photo of a cat anywhere.

  17. You are a very good teacher even when you don’t know you are teaching 🙂 ! As neither ‘languid’ nor ‘listless” had ever fitted my persona. and in spite of knowing what the words meant, I did look up all the major dictionaries – quite a few boringly stated they were the same: not in my book. *smile* I wonder what lying back on a sofa ‘feeling languid’ would actually feel like . . . perhaps one day . . .

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  19. I think a Wonder Woman shield would be perfect for you. It looks as if the humidity may have broken in your parts, I sure hope so. We had the A/C on at the cottage yesterday, it was brutal!

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