Walk the Walk

Yesterday I had morning visitors come to help on the farm, readers and members of the Fellowship, they cleaned out the Rescue Piglets pen and we arranged the honey boxes into an even bigger and more challenging maze for the two piglets who are learning to walk. And K held the sleeping piglets propping their stiff heads up on her arms. This is an important part of their rehabilitation so I was pretty happy to have extra help with this. And it was wonderful to have helpers who knew everything there was to know about the farm after reading for so many years.

There are three stages to their rehabilitation. Firstly I move their legs and head around  and around and up and down when feeding them. Keeping their little legs working and their muscles loose. When I am not there they lie on their sides and cannot get up  for hours and this has been causing dangerous stiffness in their necks and terrible weakness in their legs. Their heads were becoming stuck in one position.

The second stage is the maze, this is built from the bee supers in such a way that they can keep walking forward with their heads facing forward but cannot fall over onto their sides. When they pop out the other end they come upon their bottle which gives them the incentive to walk the maze as fast as possible.

I will get a picture for you today I hope.

The third stage is becoming a favourite amongst my guests and yesterday mornings workers were no exception. You sit on the little piano stool in their little pen and hold them with their heads upright, in the proper piglike sleeping position and they snuggle in and go to sleep without falling over onto their sides. This way I think the muscles in their necks will relax back to normal. I hope so anyway.

This is Nick with them, although it was his day off he sat with them twice yesterday afternoon listening to pod casts on his phone.  He intended to read but the piglets thought otherwise. piglets

And it looks like it is working. After three long sessions of big grown-ups cuddling little piglets making sure their heads did not drop to the side the wee pigs are both walking with their heads up for short periods of time.  It has made a sharp difference.

Ironically these little survivors who got the most banged up by their mother have the most healthy digestive systems.  So if we can teach them to get up off their sides by themselves and then walk un-naided they will do ok I think.  I am feeling positive for the first time. Touch wood. nick-and-piglets

Farmers aye!

Later yesterday, Pat (one of the Fellowship of the Farmy) arrived after a long journey down from the mountains to take over the job of Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for a while. We will all still take our turns as Kitchen Mama but Pat will set to work and get the kitchen and pantry and laundry areas back in order and take over the mornings milk processing and tomato preserving and crack the whip in the garden.  With so many extra hours needed for the recovering piglets  I am having a lot of trouble getting my produce into the freezer let alone make butter and cheese. Nick and I are both very happy she is here.


Have a lovely day.


34 Comments on “Walk the Walk

  1. If only l were there instead of thousands of miles away…but l can only sit,read and pray for all of you. Thank goodnrss you have help

  2. Ohh I wish I lived near you, as I would love to come and help. I’m a very hard worker! And don’t mind muck. But alas I have a very big sea to get over. Have a lovely Sunday. 😀

  3. Ohh by the way, I could not see a cat anywhere yesterday. 🤔

  4. Lovely! I think you have invented a new medical science: Piggyotherapy! I’m so glad you’re getting some well deserved Farmy Fellowship assistance. I think we all, male, female and bacon, would gladly help out if we could.

  5. Ohh — I think I am envious of Nick and Pig Physio time. God bless Pat to come and be the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. Thinking good thoughts for the piglets and the Farmy each and everyday!

  6. So hoping that all goes well with the Pig Physiotherapy! And that they will be up running with the others soon! I can’t believe how big they are already! Of course it seems as though piglets grow so quickly, like the grass and weeds around here this very wet summer! Speaking of that, are your gardens producing much this summer? We had such high hopes to put up lots for the winter, and that has not happened yet. Hopefully with the fall garden!

    • The tomatoes are doing very well and the cucumbers surprisingly – the butternuts and watermelons are big but no zuchinni, whole rows of turnips and beans and eggplant either did not come up or drowned. very disappointing really. But now we will clear it all out and plant the fall garden, though my season is a bit shorter than yours.. c

  7. Must be wonderful to have some extra help and to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Well done!

  8. Wonderful news to see you have help. Keeping fingers crossed that it works for the piglets. Hopefully now you can take a full deep breath.

  9. Thank goodness for friends and bottle washers! I’m glad things are looking so positively. You have put so much effort into this litter of piglets. I hope they grow big and worthwhile.

  10. So happy to read of help coming from the Fellowship. Still hoping so much for these little piglets. Wish I was closer to come help too. I saw a several comments from other folks saying this. We are all with you in spirit!

  11. Three cheers for Pat! What a wonderful thing to do. Wishing I could do the same but, alas, as decrepit as this body is I would be more of a detriment than a help. What an opposite situation these little piggies are to the other full litter (do pigs come in a ‘litter’ or is another term more correct?) you have. These few are taking an extraordinary amount of time and effort and the others just plod along looking after themselves pretty much. I feel certain this extra help will make all the difference. Hoping for a good day for you! ~ Mame 🙂

  12. Bravo, Pat!! So glad you could come and help. I wish it was something I could do, but I can’t manage much where I am. The cuddles are probably good for the piglets, if they’re walking better that’s a help. The piglets seem quite content being held by Nick. I’ve got eight ears of corn coming on the potted plants, never really expected them to get big enough considering that they’re in a big flower pot. Everyone is surprised to see the ears coming now and I’ve had several people ask where I got the exotic house plants then looked shocked when I tell them it’s just corn. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  13. I am relieved that the rescue piglets are doing better. They look absolutely adorable. How are the healthy piglets doing?

  14. I’m so glad you have help! Let me know if you need anything more.

    • Hullo Nancy, The three remaining piglets are doing very well and in fact are causing mayhem fighting each other and screaming about in the barn. It is only little Lurch who is not showing she can survive without me yet.

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