Wash your Hair

I have no idea why I wrote Wash your Hair in the title line. But I have this rule that whatever I write in the title cannot be changed. Some kind of weird superstition. It is a spin from a thought and whether it has nothing to do with the days journal or not does not seem to matter to my Paddington Bear brain. chicken

Maybe I do need to wash my hair. Sometimes my hair spends days on end crammed up into a hat – I think I want one of those slouchie hats to eliminate the word CRAMMED. Actually I don’t think I even like that word. Crammed.

These are the littlist of the fat little piggies.

Look at Tia – her long, long hair and unfortunate face, her eyes too close together but she is such a dear. My mother (with a completely straight face) told me once never to trust a man whose eyes were too close together and never to trust a person who has “habits” . I asked her what she meant by habits and she said people who do the same things at the same time and things like that. I guess she would not have liked my cows especially Tia whose eyes are too close together and wants to do exactly the same thing at the same time every day. A good trait in a milking cow in training. I have high hopes for this heifer.

That’s the trouble with having a dead mother – you can’t ask them to clarify the random statements that made sense at the time but once you are grown up you look back at them with a raised eyebrow. I just have to make it up as I go along.

Anyway the water is clean again – beautifully clean actually. So I can wash my blonde hair now without fear of it turning out grey. My Aunty Barbie (who is not really my Aunty at all) always said that I was the kind of fake blonde that gave real blondes a bad name. She was a real blonde. My sister once asked me what my real hair colour was and I was flabbergasted. How the hell am I supposed to remember that! I said. MY sister brings out the worst in me.

The slushy we were crunching through the other day has turned to solid ice yesterday.  This morning will be oil slick. I put sticks under a few of the gates that are the worst offenders when it comes to getting iced into the ground. This way I can lever them up and out of the ice at chore time because they freeze into the ground very fast. The annoying part of this plan is Ton who wants the stick and therefore helps with the stick removal too then runs off with the stick before I replace it under the gate.  This with cows breathing down ones neck waiting for the hay in the wheelbarrow.

Today the weather will creep up to just freezing point then dip down in the night then continue to creep up some more getting warmer every day. The water heaters can go off and I need to lock the West cows up onto the concrete pad again for the forseeable future. In warm wet weather like this their hooves will destroy the resting pasture.  The mud becomes a menace.

I need the tractor to come out of hospital soon as the concrete pads at both barns both need cleaning off and there is no sun for days to dry anything off.

The good thing about a warm winter is that the animals and birds don’t suffer in the cold. I always feel guilty when I leave them out there and come back into a heated house.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


61 Comments on “Wash your Hair

  1. Oh my, your water is clean at last! That’s worthy of a party in itself. I think Tia is a very sweet looking heifer. I love her swirly fur.

    • I have high hopes for her, I am going to be putting her in a halter soon so I can catch her for patting and brushing. She is the sweetest calf I have ever worked with. c

  2. This post in particular spoke to me …as I lay here contemplating my borderline disgusting hair and when i should wash it sometime amidst today’s dirty activities. I too have been thinking of my mother whom I can no longer ask to clarify things. Thank you for sharing your existence with this stranger today.

  3. Tia’s fur looks so soft! I think she has a nice face. Maybe tie a string around gate stick, of course then it becomes tug toy! Good luck.

  4. Ha ha I can’t remember the original colour of my hair either! Getting gray roots now so must be that now I suppose arggg! 😱

  5. what great fun it is to headline whatever comes out of your head…hopefully it will always be normal thinking..as we dont want sleazy , now do we?     

    Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 2:08 PM

  6. Do you know why the well cleared up or did it just happen? And yay that it did! I want to run my fingers through Tia’s fur, weird, but true. A little rain here n the night and more forecast today and warm t-shirt weather. Laughed at ton and the stick…great plan with a minor drawback that runs very fast.

  7. When the girls and I were taking horseback riding lessons, I always felt bad for the horses. They were in 3 different corrals without any shelter, other than some trees in a couple of the corrals and the side of a big barn in another. Then I read a few articles on why it was bad for horses to be kept indoors and my thinking changed. During cold days, they would huddle together and provide warmth for each other. In the spring, we would go out to get our horses for our lessons, bring them into the arena and begin brushing them. Brushing is a way of building trust and developing the relationship between horse and rider. But in the spring, it was necessary to help remove their winter coats and we would brush buckets and buckets of hair from those horses. So, each spring I was reminded of how we as humans must put on our winter coats for warmth, while horses, cows, pigs, etc. simply grow their own and use each other as warmth and shelter when needed. Amazing really, isn’t it!

  8. I got a kick out of reading about what your mother said about a person’s eyes being too close together. It reminded me when I was dating this guy a thought was really handsome. My father’s comment, “His eyes are too close together’. It turned out he had a girlfriend… so your mother perhaps was right!! ; o )

  9. Isn’t it lovely when you meet someone who isn’t like anyone else, and they turn out to be a real gem? That is Tia. Emma and Ronnie deer will never go in the barn in inclement weather despite having access to it with plenty of deep hay on the floor. I know bedding down outside (for them at least) is about being able to see all around. Being closed in probably doesn’t feel natural to them. I have learned now to worry about them out in the extreme cold and icy, snowy conditions. They have thick coats, made up of a short, kinky, wiry under hair, and also a “guard” top hair that is longer with a hollow shaft where trapped air provides additional insulation. A deer can also “puff out” their hair for additional warmth, using muscles to contract and make hair stand on end – kind of like when we get goose bumps. And lastly, each hair follicle has a small sebaceous gland that secretes an oil that helps to keep the hair from becoming brittle and to help shed water. I cannot tell you the times I’ve found a perfect layer of sleet or snow on Daisy’s back. The insulation of her coat is so tight. I imagine cows and other outdoor animals are much the same. They’re built for whatever Mother Nature throws their way!

  10. Ah so that is why I have gray hair … better get my water checked 🙂 Laura

  11. You made me laugh today. How the hell should I know what my natural color was! That’s hilarious. I’ve always looked for a slouch cap too. I have to wear a hat all the time outside so I’m always looking for cute caps. Glad you got the water fixed. That’s important to the whole farm. Your animals are just too sweet looking. We are freezing cold again till Monday when the warm rains come back. They will be more than welcome here. This snow and ice storm brought Portland to it’s knees. They are rethinking a lot at city hall these days. Having Ton run off with your stick is just ornery on his part. They do love to play. Hope you have a wonderfilled day too.

  12. Hurray for clean water, and not having to buy it any more, and washing your glamorous platinum blond without turning into a dishwater blond. Tia is so soft and furry looking she makes me want to bury my face in her fur, like a beloved teddy, and she has a wonderful face, full of character, so I think I’d have raised my eyebrow at your mum too. Mothers are full of ‘sayings’ and opinions. Mine wouldn’t let me play with anyone who didn’t have lots of books at home. At the time, I found it bizarre, but I get it now that I am a bookaholic myself…

  13. Woah! LOVE the sticks under the gates trick! I’m going to try that. We have wicked ice now. I’ve been making trails with chips/manure cleaned out of the barns to give the jennies traction when they try to get around. One of my hay barns is notorious for getting one of the doors frozen into the ice.

    • I worry about sliding cows too – the stick acts as a lever if the gate gets stuck, or holds it up out of the puddle so it does not get stuck – we are all still frozen.. we need the warm up soon. c

  14. Hi, Ceci!

    Had been wondering about what came of the black water situation. What caused it? How did you rectify it? Wash away, gal, wash away!!

  15. What is it with Ton and sticks, I wonder. Then I remember. With the several dog friends I had, sticks were a symbol, a signal, and a challenge,–for me as much as for them. Even now , out for a walk by myself, I might pick up a certain stick for company, and we will tap tap along for a while, daydreaming about running in a field or playing in the yard.

  16. So glad your water has finally cleared up and you can actually wash your hair without worrying about what color it would turn! 🙂 I stopped coloring my hair about 6 months ago…should have stopped long ago or never colored it in the first place. For one, I’ve always worried about the chemicals in the solutions they use, although I used one without ammonia..Yuk! And my mother used to say that women of a certain age shouldn’t color their hair at all because it actually makes them look older and kind of sad trying to hang on to their younger self. Mothers! It seems they are usually right..in one way or another…
    Speaking of hair…I would trade mine anyday for Tia’s…how beautiful she is! Eyes too close together or not! 🙂

  17. And my dad says never to trust a woman with thin lips. Well, he says “tin” lips as he’s Italian and can’t pronounce his “th”! And I’m looking forward to getting a radical haircut next week…am going short again, feeling ridiculously excited!

  18. I don’t know about water turning hair grey but back in the 1980’s and my early 20’s when I first became “the kind of fake blonde that gave real blondes a bad name” so typical of the era, I found out that swimming pool chlorine turns fake blonde hair green 🐸
    I stopped colouring my hair about 18 months ago, before my 50th birthday. Turns out my natural hair colour is a nice tabby… sort of browny, reddy, blonde… now with strands of grey. It appears much darker when it needs a wash, which is a lot of the time, and that’s when my elderly MiL asks me when I’m going to fix it up again.

  19. I dyed my hair red for at least a decade. Mom was a redhead, so it suited me. Once I moved to Ireland – no more red dye that looks real! No one here WANTS to be a redhead, or ginger as we say. So I tried dirty blonde for a few years. I’ve given up now – and I kind of like my real hair. I have thick white streaks over both temples! I love it. My witches’ stripes!

  20. Yup, I got the ‘close eyes, thin lips’ lecture many a time from my Mom too! Actually have found the thin lips to be somewhat true 😉 !! Now I was born an uninteresting light brown as far as hair was concerned . . .it did soon become blonde but I let that go a decade or so ago . . . Celi, now everyone is always asking me who the hairdresser is who does my streaks . . . . and, oh boy, is it fun not to have to notice any regrowth! I do not think people look at your hair unless it is purple with yellow polka dots – they look at your smile and listen to your laugh, honestly . . .

  21. Hello Celi!!! I’m so glad to see my BooBoo out drinking some real water!! Hugs to him!! And I haven’t seen beautiful Tia for a long time ~ her eyes look fine to me! and she’s so very cuddly looking ~ what a beauty Good thing I don’t live with Tia ~ I’d be wrapping my arms around her and a chattering away!! I like her mink coat!! And those pink/red little butts!!! Another calendar picture!!! I love ’em at this age!! The other day you mentioned about looking back at some snow storms or blizzards ~ I think I clicked on 2005 ~ and the first person at the top of the list was Viva ~ oh I miss reading her comments ~ I was shocked to read that she passed away. Sad. Hope we stay iceless ~ I’ll take snow any day!! Take care ~ better go check my pork loin roast and put some potatoes in and start my sips of red wine!!! Carol

  22. I feel another Fellowship collection coming on: The Things Our Mothers Said. Mine ALSO said to not trust people with their eyes too close together. She also said not to trust men with mustaches and men who drove RED cars. Can you believe it???? Anyway. Yes, we grew up on such rules and superstitions. Who knows how we made it to adulthood!

  23. Loved this post .. I won’t change a headline either! And I don’t much like the word crammed! But I laughed when I read about your sister and your hair! Tia is sweet no matter …

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