Knots Up

We did fencing yesterday. The middle sized pigs are pushing their fence  outwards as they race up and down chasing cars in a mad kiind of gaggle. My UPS man – who visits almost every farm and house in the area  -said he has never seen such hilarious pigs. They will knock each other sprawling to race the cars up and down. Anyway yesterday, in the heaving sodden pig trampled mud, that squirted water up at every step, our boots sticking in it, then sliding in it,  we put up an electric fence rope alone the fence line.

The sticking and sliding is an interesting one. So your boots get stuck in the mud then slide sideways slightly as they go deeper but enough to unbalance you. You catch your body in the fall but your feet stay in the boots that are by then way stuck IN the mud. So you do this kind of jolly jumper kind of sway back and forth on your concrete feet. There is immediate panic of course as hitting the deck with mud and pigs below is NOT an option and moving forward has some planning involved.

Then once you have righted yourself you face the problem of pulling your feet AND the boots up and out of the mud for another step. Pulling the foot up without the boot is quite another thing altogether and to be avoided at all costs.

There are squelchy sounds too which I will not describe it was all too horrible.

Pigs love it of course. 

Although they are only in there another couple of weeks we were going to have pigs chasing cars all the way home if we did not fix that s the mud had to be dealt with.

After we finished that job we did the chores, feeding all the animals, bringing Molly in from the field, transferring plants into the glasshouse out of the blowing chill forecast, feeding out hay, etc and it began to pour down. Really pour. A face washing rain.

To work in the mud I had put on my clown pants and jacket and Alex was wearing a navy jump suit under his jacket and soon all these layers were soaked. I had not bothered going back to change into wet weather gear.  We were already too wet.

So as the weather worsened  we quickly because heavier and bulkier as our cold weather gear soaked in all the rain. It’s funny how being soaked standing up and walking is just wet. When we climbed into the truck to go and feed out at the West side we discovered that soaked and sitting down  is much nastier. Very shortly the pressure of my seat had drawn the wet right through to my skin. I was even wetter. And it was cold.

I discovered yesterday that my miss-spent New Zealand youth hanging out with the fishermen (my Dad repaired many of their trawlers) was well spent, because I tie better knots than the Navy man! I did not scoff of course but I felt quietly smug.  Though I guess knots on a nuclear submarine would not be useful.

Maybe I should do a class in knot tying for the kids. Tying a knot that creates  tension in the rope or fence is very useful. My Dad taught me that one.

Here is the site I have filed for when I need to refer a kid to a knot.

The winds are coming now. But they are good for one thing. We need the wind to dry up some of this mud. Though warm wind would be nicer. We are going down to below freezing with this wind tonight.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather Forecast

Cloudy and windy. Periods of light rain this morning. High around 50F. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Winds will occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Thursday Night 04/0610% / 0 inClear to partly cloudy. Low around 30F. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph.

56 Comments on “Knots Up

  1. When we changed from a high school to a middle school, I weeded (removed) an old book from our collection that was all about knots. I found it on my office shelf the other day as I slowly clear out for my impending retirement. I tucked it into my bag to bring home. I remember taking a class with my mother as a child in the seventies on making macrame hanging baskets. We knotted together! Knots bring families closer…there is a second layer to that phrase, yes? Have a good day C and Alex.

  2. Brrr. We have that boot sucking mud too (all that snow melt). I just can’t get over how green your pastures are! We still have standing water and freezing temps every night which translates to no grass growth yet 😦

      • Oh no worries. I’m just a baby. This time of year drives me crazy. There’s not much going on here besides waiting. The tomatoes and peppers and flowers are patiently languishing in the basement garden waiting for the temperatures to warm. The cows are standing in mud waiting for the water to recede and the grass to grow. It’s too early for our 4H pigs to arrive. Blah. Blah. Blah. I’m just a baby.

  3. I’ve had a day like yours, except not raining. I’ve been standing in a muddy, wet ditch, shovelling out mud, silt and storm debris to clear it so the standing water in it can run away. I nearly overbalanced out of my boots a couple of times – I was seconds away from a muddy face-plant. I like knots too… years ago, when I learned to sail, they taught us to tie a bowline hitch one handed while we were in the water, as it might save our lives one day. It never came to that, but I can still tie a bowline with my eyes closed.

  4. Car chasing piggies… that is a funny vision. Fighting against the mud while soaking wet in the cold is not something I’d look forward to. Sounds like an awful day!
    Looks like we’re to get your weather today… a rain warning has been issued for today with winds gusting up to 70 km later this evening, and then a few centimeters of snow! Just when you’re thinking spring is really here, Mother Nature hits you with another dose of snow. Mind you, it won’t stay around cuz our temps are well above freezing but will certainly make doing anything outside perfectly miserable. Hope you can keep dry today ~ Mame 🙂

      • Yes, very mild here and tomorrow to go up to plus 4c., so not a problem. We have a massive 400 acre park in the city here and there is normally a grand showing of the cherry blossoms late-April/early-May, depending on temps… last year a late-April frost reduced the show dramatically so we’re crossing our fingers this year. And Saturday up to 11c and sunny — looking forward to that. 🙂

  5. There's a saying 'There is none so happy as a pig in sh**.And it seems that it is true….But for humans it doesn't seemsuch fun..squelchy boots and heavy rain, wet clothes and cold winds..not a good combination

    What happened to the piglets? Did they arrive yet?


    Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2017 at 2:44 PM

  6. Oh my – Pigs acting like dogs chasing cars….. That would be a sight to see. The 1st image in the post is such a lovely looking pig!!!!

    Mud – yuck…. I have fallen in mud one too many times. Dad always got our jeep stuck on mountain passes in Colorado – and I was the one to be in the mud pushing while he was spinning his wheels throwing mud up on me – the TEEN…. I always took several changes of clothes on those trips. Not great memories of “FAMILY” vacations back then.

  7. Oh Celi!! I’m visualizing and laughing so hard about the piggies chasing cars!!! Probably some of the best entertainment for the neighbors and UPS driver!!! Could we please share a video of this for OUR Fellowship entertainment??!! It might even win an Oscar!!! Put on long undies on tonite for the possible snow flurries!!! Have a great day!!

  8. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I can’t stand all the mud, cold and rain. I wish I could send you some of the Italian sun….I really do!

  9. Another good site is “The Internation Guild OF Knot Tyers”

  10. I remember having to tie knots for Brownies and Girl Guides badges a very long time ago 🙂 Pretty sure I would have demonstrated face and butt plant moving around in that horrible squelchy mud. Yuck. Laura

  11. Yuck… that all sounds sooo very nasty… Alex is sure a good sport! Question – do you think you could post a short video of the piggies running along the fence ‘trying to catch the cars’!! As for me, the barn and side shed are pretty much done… meaning cleaned out. I’ve given sooo much away but it’s all gone to people who drove by and picked out what they wanted… which makes me happy. I can’t keep all the things my husband collected from his travels, so I’m giving some of his things to a quirky male friend. It all works out in the end, doesn’t it? ; o )

  12. Lesson # __ for Alex: “It’s funny how being soaked standing up and walking is just wet. . . [but] soaked and sitting down is much nastier.” A city boy, I never learned that one. But I can imagine. Ugh.

  13. I hate getting wet, so your jobs yesterday would of been hell for me, and I bet i would of fallen flat on my face in the mud! Your description of being stuck in the mud did make me chuckle though. laurel and Hardy in their concrete boots. 😂

    • I fell the other day, my feet went right out from under me and i fell into the water trough, just as my face was about to hit the water my hands grabbed the edges of the trough. So, simply put, if I was being observed it would look as though I was doing a push up with my legs way way out behind. . Which is what I did do (no-one was watching) – I very slowly pushed up raising my face back away from the water and slowly wriggled my feet back up under me. It actually was harder than it sounds. And I could not stop giggling – all alone!! c

  14. You sent you wet and wind on to us. Tonight is going to freezing and snow flurries tomorrow. We are under a high wind advisory right now and east of the mountains is under tornado watch. The temperature has fallen 6 degrees in the past couple of hours, our high was early this morning. The Boy Scout leader in me loves knots, which one do you use for tensioning. Sorry you got soaked, that is a miserable feeling and your mud fun sounds like anything but fun.

  15. We are cold here also…below freezing for two nights straight. BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>they say we are heading for a warm up! YAY!

  16. I second the motion of a video of the piggies chasing the cars. Your piggies really are such characters!

  17. Pigs chasing cars like dogs, oh my!!!. I’ll third that video.
    I’ve dealt with that kind of sticky, sucking mud, mixed with manure (horse) when I worked a summer at a livery stable. It rained for days and going out to feed and check the water trough was a balancing act at best and, no, you really didn’t want to lose your boots. The dog yard at the house would get pretty muddy too when it rained or thawed, but never that bad.
    I’m not all that good with knots, but the spouse is. Seems that I end up using surgeon’s knots most of all.
    Warmer weather coming, if the forecast is to be believed.

  18. I need that knot, I’m forever extending the electric fences and end up with slack when adding wire, time to follow that link 🙂

      • I know what you mean, mine are invariably turned off, I even found the goats chewing it the other day, and still they wont cross the line 🙂

  19. Big Man is the knotter in our house, lashing things together and tying things to the roof racks of cars. Unfortunately he also does this with supermarket shopping bag handles and I can never get them undone!

  20. Oh I know that kind of mud, had it at my first house. I often felt like one of those wobbly punching clowns with the weighted bottoms except they always come back upright! Here the mud doesn’t tend to get as deep, lots of sand and gravel. It does, however, tend to get slimy and I’ve done some interesting dance steps complete with wild arm movements trying to keep my feet under me!

    The weather report is: High Wind Warning
    Central Siskiyou County, California
    3 hours ago – National Weather Service
    remains in effect until 11 … Winds: south 40 to 50 with gusts to 65 mph …
    Sustained wind speeds of at least 40 mph or gusts of 58 mph or more can lead to property damage …
    May your days be calmer and less muddy!

  22. Getting stuck in the mud one foot either side of an electric fence is tricky. In less extreme circumstances I have learnt to take my foot out of the stuck boot and balance it on my other leg whilst bending down and pulling the other boot out of the mud. I can only do this on one side though, if I tried on the other side/foot I would fall over for sure. Im pretty sure I would not be attempting this in your temps though, if I fall over here i just get wet, not wet and chilled to the bone. Molly’s udder has not filled out much, do you think she might have a bit longer to go or is she one of those whose milk rushes in at the last minute?

  23. Huh. I hadn’t considered that the modern navy has very little need for knots. A private boat has more need for knots. Particularly a sailboat. My dad taught me knots on our sailboat, and somehow I always thought it was his time in the navy that taught him, but probably not. Destroyers don’t really need them either.

  24. My dad taught me knots too, and I’ve always been grateful for that.

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