Awake to Dawn Light.oh-dear-6327


Really Awake.

Barely Awake.


Sometimes Awake.


Oh, there you are.



Yesterday we were simply awake. Drifting through our day and tired at the end of it.

Daisy’s udder is showing considerable fullness. And she stood quietly for almost half an hour while I brushed her and talked to her calf about getting itself into the right position so when he presented it was with a nose and hooves facing down.  Later Sheila opted for a short walk. The snow was still too cold on her wee hooves. However we got right to the creek. It is melted. No longer solid ice, and moving with intent already. It will flow faster and faster as the ground melts and the fields begin to drain. Sheila got up to gallop all the way home. Ears flying. Tail out like a race horse.  She loves to run.

Ton came with us but was being torn back to Daisy. So he literally ran to and from the barn not sure who needed him most. He feels a real affinity with pregnant animals and hates to leave Daisy alone.

Good morning. I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy


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  1. Oh, I love the vision of Sheila at a gallop, ears and tail flying. And Ton, playing midwife with poor gravid Daisy. I hope her calf comes very soon, for everyone’s sake.

    • morning kate, she is showing signs of being close, but maybe she will go straight to her due date. nothing like keeping us waiting! c

  2. Poor Ton. Good Ton! Sounds like he is feeling better. I loved your morning pictures, but the “Shadow Selfie” was the winner for me this morning! Good morning, Celi!

    • That term selfie somehow sounds a little rude! (horrified laughter) Ton’s coat haas started to shine up again, though the lump refuses to budge.. c

      • I know, but it is the term used for self portraits these days, and has even made Oxford Dictionary status. GASP!

        Do you recall when ‘ain’t’ made it into the dictionary? Some non-words really don’t need to make it to dictionary acceptance, but there you are.

        I’m sorry to be rude, but not to worry, I will never be caught using ‘ain’t’ and will not use the ‘s’ word in your presence from here on out… (snicker)


        • Oooh, I don’t like that lump not budging. Yet, if Ton’s back to grooming and shining again, then at least he is feeling better. Yes?

          • yes he is feeling better.. though it is hard to tell with Ton if he is not.. he goes about his business as usual.. c

  3. Good morning, C. I am struggling with being “really awake” this morning. Hate this feeling! It is a glorious day, though. I am soon to revive. Enjoy your day!

  4. I think I need another cup of coffee in order to feel really awake today. Yawn. The snow is melting here. Hooray!

    • Here too, we are sploshing about.. i have changed to my waterproof gumboots.. morning beth ann c

  5. “Peep!!” Said one of our new baby chicks in the sunroom this morning, while we were ingesting caffeine and trying to wake up. “Peep!!! I’m awake and I’m alive!” We both chuckled and suddenly felt more alive too. Have a great day.

    • Oh how wonderful.. chicks in the sunroom! I must get to and order mine too.. thank you for the reminder.. c

  6. Is Daisy not showing signs of swelling at the rear yet?? Calf can’t be far surely…??

    • no swelling..she might be a little softer but nothing too obvious.. no.. no milk leaking. Last time she was four days late and her udder was HUGER compared to now and dripping milk every time she lay down.. calf not due till friday though..

  7. I was pleased to see that I hadn’t woken up as a duck today. We have had 10 consecutive days of drenching rain (sigh). Laura

  8. I’m glad so many of you are awake. You won’t miss the advent of real Spring if you keep your eyes open. Three days in a row here of warm sunshine, the patio doors are open and we’ll shortly be walking the length of our old village, to see what’s flowering. Hoping for even better news of Ton and Daisy tomorrow,

  9. Interesting to see the prep with a cow ready to calve. With the Salers, they are very secret about the whole thing. Often, Brent walks out to the field and says, “ah, we have another calf.” We know when they are about ready, but we are rarely there for the birth.

    • Wish I did not have frozen fields, last time she calved out in the field too. And quite easily. It was so much better. You have so many cows to calve, I only have two. The prep is mainly about getting ready to milk and sharing the milking with the calf. Most of what you see here is me including you all in the anticipation.

      • I hope to do a milk cow someday. It seems like too much to add to my day right now. But we go through A LOT of dairy.

        • If you can get a little milking machine it really does not take too long. The cleaning up takes longer but you get into the swing of it. I make fresh cheeses and yoghurt and ricotta and butter weekly and none of it takes long. If one of your good cows loses a calf, bring her in, they might not have high fat but it will be lovely raw grass fed milk.. Plus I hear it is hard to find butter and cream in france. Am I informed correctly?

  10. I’m waking up dancing and singing as it’s going to get to 75 degrees today!!! Just can’t believe it! Yahooooo!!! Finally!!! It’s a brief reprieve, and will get colder again, but not below freezing any more!!! I’ll be sending the warm weather your way! xoxoxo

  11. Could Ton be keeping watch for coyotes who are known to take that most opportune time for their meals?

    • Daisy sleeps in the barn so there is no worries about coyotes and calving. But he sure would set up a racket if they came close.. c

  12. Oh that Ton is so devoted. Does he sleep in the barn overnight with Daisy?

    Supposed to be 50 today in Chicago.

    • He tries to but I make him come inside due to the skunk problem.. also Daisy really does not want a dog there when she is giving birth.. so in case something happens in the night I keep him in so as not to agitate her.. c

  13. I love that first picture – it’s a real glimpse of spring awakening. I hope the sunshine continues to warm your world and welcome Daisy’s young calf.

    • She runs like a rocking horse on stilts, pulling her head up and down to get a gallop going. like a see saw. Hmm.. this is hard to describe, i shall take her for a run right this minute and watch carefully so i can put it into words. Whatever else, she is very fast!

  14. Oh that Ton, what a wonderful, devoted dog and companion he is! He tends the outdoor animals and Boo, the inside ones. Love it! I have another idea…take a little video of Shelia running in her little see saw manner and post on the blog. You will have a whole world of your Farmy Followers falling out of their chairs, Laughing! 🙂

  15. Your Ton is a wonder dog. Taking care of his charges so seriously. Hopefully Boo will learn his lessons well. Never saw a pig run,……that would be an interesting picture. Maybe they do fly? We had a nice soaking rain the past two days, but no snow on the mountains at all. It will be a dry hard summer for us.

  16. Hi!
    We were out this morning sloshing about but enjoying the warm sunshine! Summer is napping and then out we’ll go again! 🙂
    Feels like spring! Hope it’s a sign and we don’t get fooled!
    I love to read about your days with the animals! You bring it all to life for us and it feels like we are with you…waiting for the births!
    Have a great day! (((Hugs))) Mere

  17. Bucketing rain here, which is lovely, we had a very dry summer. It’s still hot enough for shorts and t’s though. Thanks for the visit yesterday, nice to see you wander by.

  18. And there’s a children’s book all ready for press. Just add Sheila running at the end!
    Molly has turned out to be one that wakes slowly in the morning – never had a dog like that before…but once she’s up, watch out. The German wakes quickly and I have to keep them apart until Molly has her eyes opened enough and isn’t grumpy – how like people they are.
    Listen to Celi calf, and cooperate, now.

  19. PS. I would give anything to have curly hair like Queenie does in her photo above peeking over the gate. Does she let you put your hand on her lovely forehead and give her a scratch in those lovely curls?

  20. Love the coupe ‘self-portrait’ [better? 🙂 ?] and would so like to see a 400 lbs Sheila at trot – you must hear her right across the farmy!!

  21. Boo’s a nanny and Ton’s a midwife. Big Dog must be wondering what’s going on. I think Chris is right. You need a video of you all taking a walk and Sheila running. Maybe I can help you with that. What a glorious day it was today! Just a glimpse of what’s to come, once we get passed Wednesday, that is. We’ll get there.
    Have a great evening, Celi.

  22. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here! Mac and I finally had our walk on our rural roads – sans hat and gloves and no yaktrax or bugboots – wonderful. Wed. they’re saying highs only in the teens, sigh.
    My potbelly pig would go into a fit the first few warm days of spring, bucking and jumping and spinning in circles, a truly hilarious sight but I knew exactly how he felt.
    Fingers crossed for smooth deliveries and healthy calves.

  23. Great shadow shot, love the lamp shade. It must be something to see when Sheila takes off to gallop. Does the earth shake? 😉 Everyone looks good.

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