Miles in a Day

I have a new phone – this in itself is not particularly interesting unless we need to go into the kicking and fighting I did trying not to have to succumb to another phone.  I liked my old phone. However now I have a proper fancy phone and it has this very interesting button that you press and it tells you how many miles you have walked that day with your phone in your pocket. sunflowers

Yesterday I walked 7.01 miles (11.28k) before dinner.   Not bad really. Most of this walking was aimless wandering trying to remember why I was walking where I was walking in the first place.

It also has a very nice camera which I am trying to learn how to use. piglets-042

Look at the sweetcorn, we might be eating it by next week!  I hope our new Volunteer (who arrives later today) likes sweetcorn.

But first a piglet shot.


This is the most achingly beautiful shot. I wish the wee girl had been in focus but still it portrays the fragility of life  and the guileless confidence that we use to navigate it. It is still very dim in the nursery but this dimness (though not good for the images we crave)  is working to the babies advantage. Poppy (so far) is very calm, she sleeps and feeds a lot gently grunting and the babies are quickly learning to hug the walls when she is up. If I see that she has risen and is eating I quickly give her the prepared eggs and milk and fill her feed bowl and water bowl back to the top, I  have never let these run out so she is never hungry.   And I never fill them at the usual feed times or if she is lying down. She barks loudly at the babies when she is about to get up. And like Charlotte she lies down away from them then calls them over to feed. With her pen totally boxed in, meaning she cannot see out at all,  there is none of that jumping up and down. Flailing those hooves like knives like Charlotte  did. The floor is covered in shavings bot straw. All the big doors are shut.  All is quiet.


I am going to keep her locked down like this for a number of days yet. Not only does she need to  learn to move with babies underfoot but they need to learn to get out of the way.  And if it is working there is no need to change it, they have a huge pen. So far so good.

Did I tell you that one of the chicks that hatched on the 4th is pure white. Another Godot.

white peacock

Dear raggedy Godot. Almost time to change the guard. I will get Amanda our new girl to help me release Godot and bring Mr Flowers into the Peacock Palace for a break.

pig in mud

Sheila my favourite pig in mud!

The new boar is still in his small pen, but is waiting quietly, he seems a very content lad.  When I am sure he will come when I call he can come out into the field to graze a bit each day.

The peachicks are under their Table Mother.  Yesterday Lady Astor was bred by the Lady Vet we will know in three weeks if this took. In August she will come back and breed Aunty Del. Things just keep moving along. And  I actually got to sleep last night.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,






58 Comments on “Miles in a Day

  1. Would you look at those teeny tiny little piggies! So darn cute! Can’t believe how strong they are from birth. Precious little things.
    Have a beautiful day C and no wonder you are so skinny covering so many km in a day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. So glad things are plodding along at an even pace now. We all need these moments of peace and routine to balance us. Love the pictures of the little ones – so precious! We have had nothing but rain here for the past few days so things are piling up outside that I cant get to. Pinched nerve in neck is taking a long time to heal too – oh well I am getting lots of reading done (which is normally my winter past time). Will just have to work that little bit harder once everything calms down.

  3. Lovely sturdy, glossy, lively piglets with their adorable bubblegum pink noses, and how great to hear that Poppy is doing a good job. Of course, you have everything set up to achieve the best possible result, but even so, it’s great to hear she’s a good mum so far.

  4. Yeah sympathies about old phone, I’m still kicking 🙂 Those piglets look really tiny under Poppy. Wish I could walk 11k’s in a day, definitely need a Farmy visit. Laura

  5. all the animals are beautiful and fun to watch…it is sad when some pass from this life but it is joy when others are brought into this this..O Happy Day! Poppy will make a good Mom and look after her babies..the chicks will hatch a chirrup here there and everywhere…..BUT of all these things one is unique and that is pig has ever been like this , she is one in a million and I love her to bits
    have a busy day Miss C ( when do you have anything else?)

  6. fancy phone …. so will you be instagramming now? 🙂 Careful, it can be addicting.

  7. Simply love that first photo! Belongs in a photo comp!!! Talk about coincidences – would you believe I have lived with just land line and computer until now [yes, well some of us may reside in the Dark Ages !]. Have given up as many of the companies I deal with refuse anything bar a mobile [sorry, you say ‘cell’]] number and saved up and bargained like mad and bought my first ever smartphone, a Samsung 6, which should arrive in about a fortnight 🙂 ! It’s supposed to have a brilliant camera and I DO hope it has one of these little buttons too ’cause I know I am getting around too little with my long work days!

    • Eha, both you and Celi will love your new Smartphones! It’s amazing all the things you can do with them! Get someone ‘in the know’ to give you a tutorial, or watch some on the internet and you’ll be having fun with it in no time at all! 🙂

        • @dianeandjack: Thank you so much for your supportive comment!: appreciated 🙂 ! Am afraid I am a ‘dull gal”: my phone was bought with a 95% work commitment: I do both fulltime paid and i’national volunteer work on the computer, badly need apps from the universities at which I study, enter a myriad of competitions and seem to have a wee bit of a ‘talent’ there and besides a lot of committees/panels am part of the ‘Tryit/Rate it’ team at our Paid TV [cable] organization: they send you stuff to try, you write a critique and get to keep hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of goods!! Have a slim pocketbook: every such ‘luxury’ penny helps 😀 !!

          • Goodness Eha, no doubt you are very much ‘in the know’! With all your work on the computer you are no doubt very ‘tech savy’! ! I think your new smartphone will be a cinch for you to use! Have some fun with it too!!! xo

        • Gosh, I know what you mean Celi! I keep wanting to further explore “Pininterest, and Pandora, and other apps and programs on the computer, but just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and do it! Spring/Summer/Fall, as you know, are always so busy! Just sitting down to read a book would be wonderful!!! 🙂

  8. I need a button like that too! Such beautiful photos and it really does make you think about the irony that the only babies born so utterly helpless are us humans. Do hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  9. How absolutely wonderful, Celi – I too have a new phone which actually works from inside the house! Love the little piglets and admire you so much for everything you are and do – Juliexxx

  10. Those piggies are adorable. So adorable. What a lovely post today and what fun that you have a phone that does all those wonderful things as well.

  11. Thank you for your images of the newborn, the living and dare I say the middle aged and the old? That is life, isn’t it? I’ve been preoccupied with death lately and it is so heartening to see such fragile but robust new life.. My life in the city is so devoid of this perspective and clarity, I really appreciate the opportunity to see it vicariously through yours. Have been following your blog for a number of years now but only just got the courage to comment. M from Sydney

  12. You must be breathing great sighs of relief at Poppy’s ability to mother her piglets without all of Charlotte’s hysterics. I cannot imagine the terror you felt each time you went to the barn when Charlotte was there with her little ones.
    Are piglet ears as soft as they look?

  13. 7 miles in just a normal day? Holy cow! We’re on vacation in Philly, averaging 6 miles a day and I’m crippled, I’m limping and putting arnica on twice a day. No wonder you’re in such good shape.
    Those babies are so adorable and I love their little tails.
    You will love your phone, you’re tech savvy so will do better than most right away. Glad you got some rest, have a wonderful day!

  14. So glad the piggery is going along well! Congrats to the new Mama!

  15. Me again. Be aware that the thing in your phone that tracks your walking is taking up a lot of your battery life. There were all sorts of things in my new phone that were “on” that I didn’t know about. It took my 16 year old son no time at all to turn off all the extra things that I would never use that were eating my battery behind my back.

    • Great words Carla. Hidden things suck the life away, as do adding all those ‘helpful’ apps. I have a nice phone, but keep almost nothing extra on it just because I want my battery to last more than 12 hours 😉

  16. The piglets are so sweet! And so tiny. Ha you have a built in pedometer. I’m reading Paying guests by E. F. Benson at the mo and Colonel Chase has a pedometer on his bike and carries one with him all the time. His clicks when he walks, I presume yours doesn’t !😀 Have a fab day x

  17. So much wonderfulness! And you got some sleep! 7 miles in a day. I loved seeing the babies, all of them. Enjoy the phone. I don’t know what I’d do without mine helping me find my way everywhere. Have a wonderful day.

  18. That first picture should be gracing a book of fairy tales.
    Love the way you say Poppy “barks loudly at the babies when she is about to get up.” Could be the old woman who live in the shoe with so many children…
    A peaceful quiet start to life is such a gift.
    Hope the day goes well.

  19. That’s her!! The little one in the slightly blurred image….the one I won as the prize for guessing 5 on the 4th!! You can overnight her…I’ll be waiting! 🙂

  20. Sigh- such absolutely wonderful images- we are all so relieved to read how well things are going- give yourself a big pat on the back for setting up such a calm place for the piggies.

  21. Such wonderful photos, especially the tiny piglet under her Mama and the sunflowersplus the sunflowers amid the corn. Just lovely. Miss C., I don’t know how you are able to keep from scooping up those little dolls and holding them to your heart. It takes such forbearance. I love how Poppy grunts softly while they nurse then let’s them know when she’s going to get up. Amazing nature.
    Any idea what kind of bird that is in the first photo?
    Here’s how stupid I am: I was expecting pink piglets and was surprised they look just like Poppy! DUH!
    Seven miles! WOW.

  22. Oh, oh – the sunflowers bloom! Already! Mine on my balcony are so small and so behind in their development, because our June was all so bloody cold (between 50 and 60F). Now that we have several days in a row between 90 and 100°F my poor little ones maybe get a heat shock. I have 80°F right now in my living room and it’s 10 p.m.! Thanks god it will be a little bit cooler towards the end of the week (they say between 60 and 65). What a terrible wheather we have all over the world.
    Your telephone idea is great! 11,28k – like a long distance runner. So you’ve earned your dinner indeed very well yesterday!
    And that: “trying to remember whyI was walking where I was walking in the first place” is a very well known phenomenon to me, too. 🙂
    Oh, and that tiny little piglets! They seem so small in relation to their mom… a handful of a piggy only. – And a beautiful white pea-chick. Love it.
    So many things are going on at your farm……. Thank you for your lovely post.
    Have a nice afternoon and evening, too, Celi.

  23. By the look of Godot’s tail he is ready for a rest! 😆 I join in the chorus of how cute the piglets are, Glad to hear that poppy is calm and eating well to provide nourishment for her babies. Welcome to the Smart Phone club. Mine is almost two years old now and I would not be without it. I like the colouring of the barn swallow. Hope you sleep well again tonight, Celi.

  24. Smartphones take great photos (except the one I currently have), that and the Kindle app is their redeeming features in my opinion. All these pics are excellent but the detail of the textures in Sheila’s pic is amazing. Good times at the Farmy = happy 🙂

  25. So good to hear that things are going well with Poppy and her piglets, cute little critters. I don’t have a smartphone, can’t say I really want one either. I’ve got enough maps in my head I don’t get lost. Have a wonderful day.

  26. Sweet tiny babies. I had no idea piglets were so small. I kicked and screamed into the smartphone world and now I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone.

  27. Yup 7 miles sounds about right. I need that app! I’ve been going since 7 am. Finally dinner at 9:30 pm! Not particularly proud of that, but there’s so much to do, not enough hands and so little time. These late night summer evenings working in the garden until darkthirty are not conducive to a balanced life, but whoever said that clearly hasn’t met a farmer in July…

      • My smartphone is a tool that helps me do business. I look up planting spacing, and other arcane farming facts. I use it to communicate with customers. I wouldn’t want to be without it. Technology can be frustrating but brings us such benefits too!

  28. I was forced into a new, smarter phone a few months ago; now I love it, have gotten used to taken photographs, navigation, and especially enjoying checking my steps. I’ve been known to run up and down the stairs to roll over into the next 1,000, and find I walk much more since I’ve had the app.

    LOVE the sunflowers, especially that first shot -and looking forward to the first of the sweet corn from our little local farm stand.

  29. It’s about time you got some sleep! LOL Piglets are adorable.

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